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Dodgers odds to win WS over Houston/White Sox increase post deadline

Chick Mercedes

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MLB 2021 World Series Odds

1. Los Angeles Dodgers: +300

2. Houston Astros: +480

3. Chicago White Sox: +550

4. San Francisco Giants: +950

5. New York Mets: +1200

6. Boston Red Sox: +1200

7. Milwaukee Brewers: +1300

8. San Diego Padres: +1300

9. Tampa Bay Rays: +1500

10. New York Yankees: +2000

11. Toronto Blue Jays: +3000

12. Oakland Athletics: +3500

13. Atlanta Braves: +4500

14. Philadelphia Phillies: +6000

15. Cincinnati Reds: +10000




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The Dodgers just lost to the last place Diamondbacks a couple nights ago in extras. Using Sox fan logic from last night’s game thread, the Dodgers won’t win a playoff game against a good opponent. Lol


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I’m really surprised the Dodgers didn’t acquire more relievers at the deadline. Their bullpen has been mediocre, and Jansen has been hit or miss.

Even if they didn’t prioritize a Kimbrel, surprised they didn’t acquire guys like Rodriguez or 7th/8th inning guys. They have been aggressive in the past sticking up on relievers at the deadline.

Danny Duffy was their lone bullpen piece, but he is more of a 1-2 bridge guy after a starter goes 3-5. Still did great replacing Bauer, and Turner may work out at 2B, his bat a solid addition.

Houston did well fortifying their bullpen with Graveman and Garcia, though Toro will help Seattle. Beane in his final year in Oakland was aggressive as well.

Milwaukee at +1300 provides the best value on the current board.

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