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Is it really that shameful to root for the Cubs?


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59 minutes ago, Harry Chappas said:

I wish the Canadian wildfires could go out as quickly as the cubs being on fire went out.  They are streaky as hell.

Hope they sweep the Indians.

Im having hard time wishing for the cubs to win anything but if sweeping the Indians helps us thats fine w me, then they can lose the remaining 70 some games

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On 4/18/2023 at 11:21 PM, ron883 said:

The Sox are a pathetic dog s%*# organization that does not care about the fans. In fact, they hate their fans. They f*** up over and over again and never learn from their mistakes. Jerry cares about loyalty and making money over winning. 

f*** this team. The Cubs are a young team with a brighter future than the Sox. Why bother rooting for a hopeless Sox organization when you can enjoy a different major league team in the city? I'm taking the Cubs as my alternate (or you could say main tbh) team this year. f*** the haters. You can root for whoever you want. If you want a better local team to root for, root for the Cubs. 

If continuing to follow one team makes your love or interest of a sport unenjoyable or miserable, what sense does it make to prolong such feelings because of manmade rules for a game.

Do you and don’t worry about manmade “fandom rules”, most of which are of meatball mentality.


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