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Stephen Vogt...Guardians new manager


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1 hour ago, Chisoxfn said:

So if Sox hired him - would we be happy.  He doesn't have a ton of experience but obviously maximized his career given what I perceived as a more limited set of tools.  My one caveat is - I generally lean to the school of, catchers make the best managers.  

I think that most of us were in some version of "Wait and See" mode on Grifol through last offseason. I think most of us would be in "Wait and see" mode on a guy like Vogt. No experience doing this, but more than one team was willing to interview him this offseason and he definitely hung around the big leagues as a catcher for a while, so no reason to say "this is a great idea" or "This is a terrible idea". It took until sometime during the losing streak to start the year for people to start turning on Grifol, and things piled up during the year from there. 

The fact that he hasn't done this before in any way, shape, or form might lead him to having a limited margin for error, especially following up a Francona. 

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