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Danny Mendick


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Don't think he suddenly is a really good player at age 30 but still interesting he had those Homers early. Did he do driveline or something like that? Or was the sox approach of telling guys to slap the ball the other way hold him back?


Could of course also be a lucky streak where he faced a favorable combination of parks and wind.

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18 hours ago, Quin said:

I wish ReMVP was hitting better so you justify jettisoning Nicky Lopez, but unfortunately, he's putting up worse numbers than Naperville's Finest in Charlotte.

But we should rejoice, for the prodigal son is returning and Haseley isn't around to murder him.

If it weren't for SoxTalk, no one would know about Haseley's dumb-ass play 2 years ago.  Excep for Mendick, that is.

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