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Need into on the patio and.........


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QUOTE(chisoxdavid @ Mar 28, 2006 -> 01:49 PM)
I need some info on The Patio and Stadium Club at the Cell. How much is it, which one is better? I know the Patio is about an 1hr before the game and 1/2 during, and Stadium Club is during the game.

It depends on what you are looking for. If you're looking to stuff your face and chug beers for one set price, the patio is what you want. The Stadium Club is a little fancier and you will be ordering off a menu with a waitress, and what ultimately will be a decent sized tab.

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The downstairs of the Club has a buffett for $22.95 (price might have gone up from last year) and it's a huge spread with 4 different food stations (meat, mexican, pasta, salad bar, and a huge sweets table). Upstairs sandwiches are priced well ($6.95 for a turkey sammich - up to $12.95 for a soup/sammich/salad combo). The drinks are the rip. Bottled beer is $5, and mixed drinks are insane.


Downstairs this year will likely require advanced reservation. And maybe since they sold out membership there wont be any openings. Upstairs it's "if there is room.. come on in" with the only spots needing reservation are the seats along the glass - and they have a seating fee to watch the game there also (I think it's $5 per seat).

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QUOTE(chisoxdavid @ Mar 29, 2006 -> 11:53 AM)
Thanks guys, I guess Im leaning towards the patio. I want to stuff my face at a set price. I dont want to do the whole reservation thing.



You need to plan ahead for the patio also. They don't sell tickets to it day of game. It's sold as a group deal.

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