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Indians @ Sox - 4/2 Game Thread


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QUOTE(Jordan4life_2006 @ Apr 3, 2006 -> 12:25 AM)
And who takes his place?

what? bmac would be replacing contreras, and if we traded contreras which we wont we would most likely get a pitcher possibly bullpen but lets not worry about this

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QUOTE(jphat007 @ Apr 2, 2006 -> 11:25 PM)
It is definitely this year. He's wouldn't be  going anywhere anyway. He could be our best pitcher this year. No reason to break up the depth this year, especially if Bmac can be a good bullpen option. I think it's safe to say somebody will get traded next year, but I bet it's not Contreras. I think after this eyar we will say that 9 mil a year is a BARGAIN.


I think C.C. Sabathia just showed us how important pitching depth is.

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QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Apr 2, 2006 -> 11:26 PM)
Like I've said...even if Sweeney turns out to be dynamite...that cheap option on Dye makes him a good trading option.  (Dye + Garcia for, oh, I dunno, who does Arizona have left?)


Yah, but I'm not sure we want to trade him if he can give us such good production at a cheap price. Especailly with all of the big money in pitchers.

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QUOTE(iWiN4PreP @ Apr 2, 2006 -> 11:43 PM)
damit politte not looking great.

come on politte lets get a double play :)


STuff looks good. Just not locating.


Cmon Cliff. No walks.

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