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  1. In 2008 I was 27 and single and likely fighting with fathom every day. Haha. At least I think we were still arguing at that point. I'm now 40, married with a kid and if you had told me UVA would have a bball natty by the time of our next division I'd have said you were the craziest person in the entire world!
  2. QUOTE (fathom @ May 20, 2017 -> 04:07 PM) You're still alive? I am indeed! Got married, kid on the way. Life moves fast. But I've never stopped following.
  3. QUOTE (SouthSide2004 @ May 20, 2017 -> 03:55 PM) Honestly, I think it probably makes sense to keep Abreu and make him our DH. I think there would be teams willing to trade for him, but I think what he brings to the clubhouse and on the field would be more valuable than those prospects. So with that said, here's my projected 2020 lineup: 1B: Pavin Smith (2017 1st round pick) 2B: Yoan Moncada SS: Tim Anderson 3B: Josh Donaldson (2018-19 free agent) LF: Juan Soto (Robertson trade) CF: Luis Robert RF: Clint Frazier (Quintana trade) DH: Jose Abreu C: Zack Collins Yeah for Pavin Smith! Need a Wahoo on this team for sure!
  4. http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/CH...200005130.shtml Jeff Abbott hit a 2 run walk off HR with 2 outs in the 9th against Bob Wells. This is one of the most distinctly familiar games that I can remember. It's weird. http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/CH...200307020.shtml Love this game. From 03 when Paulie and Frank got Guardado. Hawk's HR call was awesome. I think it was Robbie Alomar's first game.
  5. QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Apr 9, 2016 -> 02:36 PM) He has 2 home runs in 5 games. That's not enough!
  6. There is no Ethier, I don't believe. You have to give up something to get something. I think this is fair.
  7. I'm so old, but I miss arguing with fathom.
  8. I actually find myself getting a little more emotional than I thought I would. It almost feels like the closing of a chapter in my life. I've watched or followed most every White Sox game since 97, so I've been watching PK his entire career with the Sox. I'm sad that the end of his career kind of goes out on a low note team-wise. He was such a great guy. A class act. 2005 was the best year of my life and needless to say, he was a big part of that.
  9. I mean Drew Smyly is a pretty good pitcher. I wonder if they sign Price long term.
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