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    Sox won 72 games last year. Wild Card Teams won 97 and 96 games. You think the Sox are going to improve 25 games? Have you seen this pitching staff or lack thereof?
  2. NotHahn

    Time to rebuild the rebuild?

    Your looking for a significant over pay to even consider something like that. Maybe 3 top 100 prospects +. I would say that Moncada would be pretty close to untouchable. Its so unlikely that its not worth discussing.
  3. NotHahn

    On to Plan B

    All I saw was Hookers & Blow. You stop reading when you hear what you want to hear
  4. NotHahn

    On to Plan B

    Hahn might have gotten Muchado, Harper and Wheeler if Hookers & Blow would have been the sales pitch instead of signing family. Worked for Louisville and the Cowboys.
  5. NotHahn

    On to Plan B

    Time for a Plan C Thread
  6. NotHahn

    Sox considering a trade, per Chuck.

    You mean doing 140 on a motorcycle while carrying two loaded handguns and a loaded shotgun in a guitar case
  7. NotHahn

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Kenny always gets his guy
  8. NotHahn

    A Realistic Offseason

    What if JD Martinez was included with Price?
  9. NotHahn

    Cole to the Yankees: 9 years, $324 million.

    Yeah I saw some sort of interview with Rendon and the reporter asked him where he sees himself playing at 35 and he smirked and said retired hopefully. The reporter didn't get that he was joking. Anthony is kind of a quite guy who doesn't like to do interviews so it was a little awkward. I'm trying to find the clip but can't find it. Mabye he has discussed this before and I'm wrong.
  10. NotHahn

    Cole to the Yankees: 9 years, $324 million.

    I don't have the athletic but I saw an actual video clip of the interview. I thought he was obviously joking. Besides, who is going to turn down $30+ mil a year to play baseball?
  11. NotHahn

    Cole to the Yankees: 9 years, $324 million.

    I saw a clip of Rendon saying this and he was joking about this. It was not a serious quote. Washington Post Guy took it the wrong way. Sarcasm
  12. NotHahn

    Cole to the Yankees: 9 years, $324 million.

    This has Philly written all over it
  13. NotHahn

    On to Plan B

    Lots of moving parts for sure. Joc can absolutely not bat against lefties either way. Casellanos is atleast serviceable against righties.
  14. NotHahn

    On to Plan B

    Would love to have both. Castellanos vs LHP .370 .425 .713 1.138 Pederson vs RHP .252 .349 .571 .920