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  1. HE GOT.....JACKED UP!! Used to love that
  2. NotHahn

    4/18 Games

    Forgot thats the one they don't own
  3. NotHahn

    4/18 Games

    WS drew almost 300k last year. You better believe that Jerry cares about that $$
  4. NotHahn

    Time for a change ... Don Cooper needs to go

    Lopez & Giolito looked ok this time around. Not sure if it was just KC being awful or they are pitching better. Its pretty early to be judging pitching though. But at the end of the year they need to take a long look at the coaching staff.
  5. NotHahn

    Time for a change ... Don Cooper needs to go

    Lets see how it goes with Kopech and Cease. Instead of judging him by the garbage pitching staff we have now.
  6. Is it time to send Palka down? There are a couple outfielders in Tilson and Cordell who are hitting pretty well.
  7. Timmy!! Trade him
  8. NotHahn

    Happy Dylan Cease day - 4/9 game thread

    Early call up coming for Collins? He looks great and our catchers are just suck.
  9. Never claimed to be an Insider. Just know someone who works for the Sox and thats what they told me at that point. And it happened to be at a kids party.
  10. Wait didn't I say that it did not look good from that conversation? When everyone else was saying it was going to happen?
  11. The FO doesn't exactly know what its doing. Kenny & Hahn put on a great front but their decisions are starting to be questioned internally even by the most loyal.
  12. NotHahn

    Signing Luke Heimlich: Acceptable or Quit being a fan worthy?

    Do you think the Sox would even have a shot at signing Heimlich as a free agent. You know your front office is bad when you can't even sign a pedophile. He wouldn't sign here anyways cause theres no kids allowed in the clubhouse. Thanks alot LaRoche
  13. NotHahn

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Get a room you 2.
  14. NotHahn

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Jesse Rutherford?