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    Sox vs Twins. 9/14 - 7:10

    Bottom of the ninth?
  2. NotHahn

    Nick Madrigal

    Cool story bro
  3. NotHahn

    Which Sox player has your vote for MVP so far?

    Thought you mean't team MVP. Probably Jose
  4. NotHahn

    Which Sox player has your vote for MVP so far?

  5. OPS is just 1 stat category. Not the end all be all. Even Trout had a .821 OPS in A+(The following year he was in the majors). Not comparing him to Trout. But saying that its not unheard of to go from A+ one year and move quickly through AA/AAA to the majors the next. This year would have been Vaughns AA/AAA year. Development doesn't stop just because a player does not play games for minor league affiliates (I'm sure it doesn't help). If the org think hes ready then give him a shot earlier rather than later. Hopefully he can play RF. If not EE isn't hitting well. Hes got to get atbats if he comes up. I'm with you on batting him 3rd is ridiculous. Hes probably going to take sometime to get acclimated to the MLB.
  6. Wouldn't it be helpful for Kopech to get to Schaumburg to continue working out and developing?
  7. There are some teams (SD & TB) who desperately need an upgrade at catcher. McCann could be a valuable trade piece. Maybe a top 100 prospect if they are desperate enough. Then bring up Mercedes to see if he what he can do. If it doesn't work out you can always resign McCann in the offseason.
  8. I thought his stuff looked great but Dunning is probably going to be left out of the bubble like Brandon McCarthy in the 05 playoff run. If you can get a solid starter that can help you win now you probably should pull the trigger.
  9. Degrom, Giolito, Keuchel, Cease, Lopez. Maybe give Rodon or Gio Gonzales a prove it deal as a 6th starter/long relief. I agree trading all 3 would be tough. But Degrom is a true ace who seems to be peaking and has very little injury concern. Kind of feels like when the Astros traded for Verlander and won it in 17.
  10. I think it would put the Sox in a position to be the favorites to win it all the next couple years and still keep Vaughn and Madrigal with Crochett, Thompson & Kelley as our pitching depth.
  11. Package Degrom & Nimmo for Kopech, Dunning, Stiever, Dalquist & Adolfo. That would reload the Mets with some high end pitching prospects they lack in their system.
  12. Agreed. Degrom, Giolito, Keuchel, Cease, Dunning would probably be the top rotation in baseball? Mets are sinking fast
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    Hes like a baby Giraffe