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  1. Maybe he should always pitch with the flu. Or atleast get an IV before every game.
  2. Yeah but he knows basketball and has basketball stories. He seemed to know about as much about baseball as my wife.
  3. The craziest thing Bill Walton said tonight was "Give Ricky a contract extension"
  4. Can someone put together a top 10 or top 50 Bill Walton quotes from this game?
  5. I hope so cause it sounds like the ramblings of insane man
  6. A Will Farrell Bill Walton broadcast would be a must see
  7. After listening to a couple innings of Bill Walton I was going to make a joke but the more he went on the more I think he needs some help. Seriously. Either rehab or a mental institution or some medication. Hes losing it/lost it.
  8. NotHahn

    8/15- Sox at Angels, 9:07, NBCSC

    I think Mercedes is a better defensive catcher at this point.
  9. NotHahn

    Gerrit Cole - The Rebuild’s Fulcrum

    Hopefully it would be Cole & Wood
  10. NotHahn

    Midseason Top 30 at Baseball America

    I am definitely not saying he is by any means a great or even ok catcher defensively but if the guy can hit then you have to find him a spot. Problem with that quote is that now he is beating up AAA pitching. Your list should come with an * saying 26 and older not included.
  11. NotHahn

    Midseason Top 30 at Baseball America

    Can't base how good a catcher is on just pb stats. Some of that's on the pitcher. Someone has got to catch. Whether it be Collins, Mercedes or Zavala. Even if Mercedes is the backup catcher or DH he should probably be on the list. Burger is most likely a DH. Or is it the fact that at 26 he is too old to be on a prospect list?
  12. NotHahn

    Midseason Top 30 at Baseball America

    How do you know or where did you read that he can't play catcher? Hes 5'11 225. Very compareable to some good mlb catchers. He has thrown out a decent amount of runners.
  13. NotHahn

    Midseason Top 30 at Baseball America

    Just an org guy who is crushing AAA. Seriously? 1.028 OPS. 7 hr 26 RBI in 21 games at AAA. At this point he might be the best catching prospect we have in the org.