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  1. gogosox1959

    Expanded Playoff Proposal - 7 Teams from each League

    It's not just more revenue for a couple more weeks in October, it's keeping fans interested in more cities. When it was 1 team per league, there were only 8 teams in each league. Today there are 15 teams in each league. If only 1 team advanced, the season would be over for more than half the teams well before Labor Day...or sooner. With today's attention spans and competing outlets for casual fans' attention, that would be the end of baseball. .......and I am also old enough to remember going to games starting in about 1957.
  2. gogosox1959

    Scherzer to Mets for 3 yrs/$130m

    Insanity.....paying $64,000 per out 3 years at $130,000,000 1 year at $43,333,333 assume 32 starts per year: $1,354,167 per start assume 21.0 out per game, 7 innings per starts (that's 224 innings per year); $64,484 per out the above assumes 224 innings per year, at 200 innings, the cost per out goes to $72,222
  3. gogosox1959

    Expanded Playoff Proposal - 7 Teams from each League

    7 per league is reasonable compared to other leagues: NBA: 53% OF TEAMS IN PLAYOFFS: 16/30 NHL: 50% OF TEAMS IN PLAYOFF: 16/32 MLB PROPOSAL: 47% OF TEAMS IN PLAYOFFS: 14/30 NFL: 44% OF TEAMS IN PLAYOFFS: 14/32
  4. gogosox1959

    Marshall/Rodon info coming soon

    That actually makes sense. Keep Lynn out of Houston and then only have to keep Kopech out of game 1. Giolito 1&5; Rodon 2; Lynn 3; Cease 4
  5. gogosox1959

    10/3 Tigers @ Sox 2:10PM CT

    Cease has to work in. Days since his last start and game 3 is too out of sequence.
  6. gogosox1959

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Our half of the draw shouldn't be affected. Tampa might get game one against another teams #3 or #4 starter
  7. gogosox1959

    10/1 Tigers @ Sox 7:10PM CT

    Sox been playing Tigers and Indians since 1901. The two teams with the most recent division wins, Royals and Twins, have only been playing since the 1960's.
  8. gogosox1959

    10/1 Tigers @ Sox 7:10PM CT

    Wild Card team can never get home field advantage regardless of record
  9. gogosox1959

    9/29 Reds @ Sox 7:10PM CT

    Over the long haul the question is what to do with Sheets as he is only DH-1B (not a good look in the outfield). Whereas Vaughn is DH-1B-LF-RF and possibly 3B when necessary. If Sheets hits a couple of homers in the postseason and the NL adopts the DH, he becomes a very desired trading chip
  10. gogosox1959

    9/28 Reds @ Sox 7:10PM CT

    Starting line-up - not in batting order: These 6: TA, Robert, Abreu, Jimenez, Moncada, Grandal 3 of these 5: Engel, Garcia, Hernandez, Sheets, Vaughn 2 pure reserves: Collins, Billy
  11. gogosox1959

    Today is Clinch Day… Date Yourself

    In 1959 I was 12. "THROW IT LOOEY" (Jack Brickhouse's closing call)
  12. gogosox1959

    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    Does the CBA address situations like this where the team wants to manipulate innings to negate an option?
  13. gogosox1959

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    The only thing that they are realistically playing for is whom would host a game 5 vs. Houston. I'm totally good with resting players and lining up starters for post season
  14. Does the playoff roster go back down to 26?
  15. gogosox1959

    8/28 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 6:10 PM CDT

    Think ahead and be optimistic. Many more pinch hitting needs in the WS w/o DH.