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  1. gogosox1959

    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    Does the CBA address situations like this where the team wants to manipulate innings to negate an option?
  2. gogosox1959

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    The only thing that they are realistically playing for is whom would host a game 5 vs. Houston. I'm totally good with resting players and lining up starters for post season
  3. Does the playoff roster go back down to 26?
  4. gogosox1959

    8/28 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 6:10 PM CDT

    Think ahead and be optimistic. Many more pinch hitting needs in the WS w/o DH.
  5. What's rarely mentioned in evaluating the catchers is what we can't see: game planning and game plan execution. When Zavala was called up instead of Yermin, TLR specifically referenced Zavala's game planning. The game planning is important as it might explain pitch sequencing that doesn't always seem to make sense in real time. They game plan with very advanced statistics, (this is Katz on the computer - not TLR).
  6. gogosox1959

    8/26 Chicago White Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays 2:07 PM CDT

    kasper walk off call:
  7. gogosox1959

    8/26 Chicago White Sox @ Toronto Blue Jays 2:07 PM CDT

    AV is 1B by trade and most probably serviceable at 3B in an emergency I won't mention his one start at 2B.
  8. gogosox1959

    It's FutureSox Top 30 week!

    There is no longer a question about Goodwin in CF with Robert back and more so when Engel comes back. Then it would seem to be: when Grandal not catching: DH=YG, LF=EJ, RF=AV when Grandal catching: DH/LF=EJ+AV; In right: Engel/Goodwin
  9. gogosox1959

    September Call Ups

    It needs to be a 3rd catcher as they will be conservative with Grandal until close to playoff time. Hamilton will get one spot and the third catcher will get the second. I predict that Seby will get roster spot 28 after being sent down for 4 days when Grandal returns. I imagine that they will send Seby down for the 4 days as he's already used an option this year while Collins has not used an option this year and it would be crazy to blow an option year for 4 days.
  10. gogosox1959

    GT 8/22: SOX @ TB, 12:10

    games played Sox=124; Abreu=117; Moncada=112; Vaughn=107; Anderson=104
  11. gogosox1959

    GT 8/21: SOX @ TB, 12:10 NBCSN

    It's lIkely that we will never see the A line-up before mid-September unless we lose 3 in a row somewhere along the line As TLR said even before the start of the season, he manages for Sept-Oct. I also don't expect starters to go that "extra" inning...like there was no way that Giolito was going out for the 8th in mid-August.
  12. gogosox1959

    Vaughn's defense

    Vaughn is really only an outfielder or DH. His background is 1st, but he is generously listed as 6'0". A bigger target with more stretch range is needed. More typically: Abreu is 6'3"; Jimenez is 6'4"; Sheets is 6'5"; Lamb is 6'3"; even Grandal is 6'2". Anyone else think that Vaughn looks like a catcher? He also has the smarts for it, (Cal-Berkley).
  13. Zavala is not going down. Collins is gone unless they decide that they have an extra arm and go with 3 catchers until Billy or Engel get back
  14. Maximum allowed on rehab assignment is 20 days for position players, (no minimum)
  15. gogosox1959

    Is Vaughn turning into a legit ROY candidate?

    I don't think that he's ROY as his early, (initiation), numbers stop it from happening. I strongly believe that he's the team's MVP, (non-pitcher division). Where would the Sox have been if he couldn't play left after Eloy went down....and now RF with Eloy coming back? I agree that he should be the DH. It's a handicap not to have a big target at 1st to throw to. In fact I prefer him in the outfield to 1st when you compare the number of infield hits by short stretching as compared to balls that get by in the outfield. What would be fun to do is to read all of the initial posts about what was going to happen with him in left.