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  1. Kuechel started today for Arizona and turned it around -- NOT. 4.1 innings; 4 earned runs; 6 hits; 3 walks; and strangely 7 k's
  2. gogosox1959

    GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

    You know what frustration is: being a Toronto fan tonight. Blow a save in the 9th, 10th, and 11th!
  3. Don't set yourself up for disappointment. Going into this trip, everyone would have been good with 4-2. That's now the worst case.
  4. gogosox1959

    6/17 G/T White Sox v Houston 7:10 Chgo Time lift off

    Who's ahead now Cubs with madrigal Dodgers with Kimbrel Sox with pollock Long term it comes down to crochet as the Sox clearly have best 2022 player
  5. gogosox1959

    6/10 White Sox vs Texas Rangers, 7:10

    3 man bench. If you pinch run here you use up two of the three.
  6. gogosox1959

    6/10 White Sox vs Texas Rangers, 7:10

    A starting pitcher with only 4 innings and 3 hits and less than 80 pitches is always going to be left in. The five inning thing has nothing to do with it since he didn't start the first.
  7. gogosox1959


    Scored in 4 consecutive innings.
  8. gogosox1959

    Sox have outperformed run differential

    Sox are playing at a 100 win game pace in the month of May. The Sox have the 4th best record of any American league in the month of May 1. Houston 16-6, 727 2. Minn 14-7, 667 2. NYY 14-7 .667 4. SOX 13-8 .619 (a 619 win percent is exactly a 100 game tempo). Sox were 8-12 in April which was 11th place. On this page you can see standings and scores for any date back through 1871: https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/?month=4&day=30&year=2022
  9. gogosox1959

    GT 5/15: Yankees @ SOX,1:10 pm CT, NBCSC

    just to play devil's advocate: TLA would say that his approach on regular season line-ups and bench utilization equals 6 pennants and 3 WS championships
  10. gogosox1959

    Chicago vs Boston Game 3

    It's on the NBC network; not just local Chicago. I'm in NYC
  11. gogosox1959

    Chicago vs Boston Game 3

    It's Stone and Benetti, with Euclis, on NBC. It was just the pre-game that was only on Peacock.
  12. gogosox1959


    Reynaldo living the good life: 4-0
  13. gogosox1959

    Crosstown Series Game One--6:40 CT

    If they are sitting Robert to be cautious on slippery field, then I'm okay with it.
  14. gogosox1959

    4/29- White Sox vs Angels, 6:10

    general question: when a team makes a last minute change in its starting pitcher, can the other team change to a totally different starting line-up?
  15. gogosox1959


    If you want a #4.5 pitcher at the deadline, it's going to have to be Burger or Sheets going. If the guys who are supposed to hit are hitting then having no hit good defense at 2nd is fine. If they are not hitting, then it doesn't matter. Lefty bat is the greater need so Burger would have to go.