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    I could not possibly agree more.
  2. QUOTE (greg775 @ Dec 12, 2016 -> 07:52 AM) Not ripping you, but I'd be shocked if any lead announcer would be beloved. It seems to me most of them suck. They have announcer voices and not conversational like Hawk and Harry. I think Bennetti is good cause he's at least conversational. Hardly any do that. They have the nasal announcer voice. Keep Benneti forever. Hawk will quit soon enough. All road games for a team that is going to lose an unprecedented amount of road games the next 3-4 seasons. I mean a rebuilding team on the road? That can't be fun to announce a batch of 8-1 losses and 12-3 losses. Hawk will be gone very soon if we keep making rebuilding trades. Most of the modern day baseball announcers are painfully awful. Benetti has that cookie cutter "professional" announcer's voice although he is obviously bright and quick witted. However I found that schtick he had going with Stone to be very tiresome quite early on. As for Hawk, I think as long as JR owns the team he will have a job if he wants it. I have watched and listened to as much White Sox baseball as possible since early childhood but this year is going to be tough on every level I think.
  3. Moncada will not equal Trout, Kopech needs a lot of work and the other two guys look like filler at best to me. Wonderful.
  4. SI1020

    Price rising for Sale and Q

    QUOTE (gatnom @ Oct 10, 2016 -> 07:37 PM) He was a 4.9 WAR player last year (to Sale's 5.2) and is under control for 1 more year. I agree he's less valuable, but it's closer than you think. So I guess we should trade Sale for Bradley and any other player with 0.4 WAR and be ahead of the game. If the other player has a 2.0 WAR then it's a steal.
  5. SI1020

    Misc. Sox Quotes & Tweets

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 21, 2016 -> 02:24 AM) Try that attitude out here. https://twitter.com/CST_soxvan If you are reasonably well versed in history you will find yourself often wanting to bang your head against the wall. There are numerous errors put out there on various sites on a regular basis. They almost always go unchallenged because hardly anyone knows what information is factually correct and what is not. It is true that Jim Landis did not become a member of the White Sox until 1957 and a cursory look at his record shows he never had 19 outfield assists, although this old Sox fan will tell you he was a good defensive center fielder regardless of what his DWAR is listed. Minnie Minoso was perhaps the most exciting White Sox player ever and a definite fan favorite. It looks like 1955 is the year that both he and "Jungle" Jim Rivera had 19 outfield assists. I say this with no attitude towards you. The original tweeter should have been more careful.
  6. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Sep 30, 2016 -> 11:36 PM) The bandwagon filled up in 1984' Harry's 3rd season, and their attendance didn't top the Sox until 1985 after Sportvision was sold.. Besides the Sox exclusively on WGN wasn't going to happen. There would have been too many scheduling conflicts and WGN was owned by the same people who owned the Cubs. It is cute to say the Sox got rid of Harry but they did offer him a deal, and reports say more money than WGN. Not exactly a firing. And Harry has been dead over 18 years. Many of the people in the stands probably never remember him calling a game. Harry left because of SportsVision. He compared the number of viewers he would have there with the national power that WGN was. Don't forget that in the midst of the champagne soaked celebration when the Sox clinched in 1983. instead of just enjoying the euphoria of the moment Jerry Reinsdorf had to take time out to insult Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall. So believe it, the Sox did no hand wringing when Harry Caray declined their offer and signed with the Cubs.
  7. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 30, 2016 -> 05:29 PM) Except the White Sox leanest attendance years happened while Carry was still here. Harry wasn't broadcasting for the Sox from 1968-70. Compared to attendance before him and losing records the Sox had most seasons he was there, you could make the case that Harry was a definite plus as far as attendance goes. I remember the era well and I can tell you that Harry and later Harry and Jimmy Piersall kept interest in the team as high as possible, considering the ineptitude on the field.
  8. The 1962 Mets could have had TWTW in abundance and all it would have done for them is maybe added a couple of wins over the course of their epically bad season. Obviously you have to have talent to win, that is first and foremost. That being said the Sox far too often play as flat and passionless as their manager. Abrue is absolutely right and no Adam Eaton is not part of this problem.
  9. SI1020

    Season in Review: Charlotte Knights

    Thanks for the in depth recap. Too bad the Sox are still a little light on talent down on the farm.
  10. SI1020

    Thoughts out to KyYlE23

    Very sorry. Especially sorry that I didn't know how dire the situation was.
  11. SI1020

    Thoughts out to KyYlE23

    Tell Dad to be strong and I'm sure you and the family will be there for him. I'm wishing all the best.
  12. SI1020

    9/4 White Sox at Twins

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Sep 4, 2016 -> 09:48 PM) Why is it when the teams sucks, the manager gets blamed, the hitting coach gets blamed, and when it's good, they really don't get much credit. Yet, with Cooper it is exactly the opposite. He gets credit for all their success, no no blame for their failure. The bloom has been off the rose for Cooper a long time now. He gets lots of criticism for the failures of his pitchers and his carping about Sox fans and attendance.
  13. QUOTE (Deadpool @ Sep 2, 2016 -> 10:43 PM) Furious turning apathetic. Me too.
  14. SI1020

    Game Night Across America

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Sep 2, 2016 -> 02:36 AM) Of course. He's the best fan ever. Good to see Avi show some emotion. Avi isn't very good. He's a great fan. I feel guilty disagreeing with him. I can't have the attitude that he does but I respect him for it.
  15. SI1020

    Sox BP has been bad

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Sep 1, 2016 -> 07:30 PM) Blown saves does not tell you anything about how good or bad a bullpen is. It's a pretty useless stat for evaluation. Blown saves can occur late in games for a variety of reasons, and it treats all the same which makes it really noisy. The bullpen is bad, but the blown saves measure doesn't tell us that. Honestly in this day of age of stat deconstruction I don't know what stat or stats matter anymore. I look forward to the day when wins and losses no longer matter and titles are given based on Pythagorean wins or SRS because nothing real seems to carry weight. The bullpen is bad and blown saves helps us figure it all out. That and watching so many late inning nightmares. Another thing what is this deep love for FIP? You can go back years and find stat geeks who don't like FIP. To me the whole premise behind FIP is absurd. Some really good pitchers are going to come across not so good and others not so good are going to look better. It is a very selective and flawed stat.