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  1. Rooftop Shots

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    QUOTE (SCCWS @ Feb 28, 2018 -> 09:24 PM) Carlton Fisk who had a few good years but he also was heading downhill But he was also brought in for the sake of having an established veteran catcher to wean an INCREDIBLY talented and YOUNG pitchers. Hoyt, Burns, Dotson, Bannister. Many people don't realize how valuable that he was in the development and success of those guys. Granted....his physical skills weren't at his PEAK UPSIDE, BUT his knowledge and experience WAS. So in THAT case, for what he meant to that pitching staff, we did get him at his prime.
  2. Rooftop Shots

    Is it April Yet?

  3. Rooftop Shots

    Our Next Manager?

    QUOTE (ptatc @ Oct 26, 2017 -> 05:58 PM) Baker is fluent in spanish. hmmmm interesting. I didn't know that. Either way, I REALLY do believe that Renteria is here for the long haul especially with the way he is building comaraderie with the players, as well as doing what the front office want which NEVER quit and run out and play every play HARD
  4. Rooftop Shots

    Our Next Manager?

    With all of the latino players that we have, Renteria isnt going anywhere.One big reason they got him ia not only just to help develope young players but it is easier to manage when you can speak the language fluently. Girardi or Dusty baker cannot. Another factor, Jerrys "loyalty" kicks that he always has. He Is NOT going to put Renteria out to dry like The Cubs did. Relax everyone Ricky is here to stay even if Joe Torre or Tony LaRussa wants to come back and manage
  5. Rooftop Shots

    Red Sox Just Blew Bases Loaded 0 out opportunity

    QUOTE (GreatScott82 @ Oct 9, 2017 -> 09:26 PM) Speaking of Berman. How about game 2 when that ball went between Grafanino's legs? His call was so pathetic... "Oh NOOOOOOO and everybody is safe" lol oops sorry I posted the same thing. Didn't see yours.
  6. Rooftop Shots

    Red Sox Just Blew Bases Loaded 0 out opportunity

    QUOTE (Leonard Zelig @ Oct 9, 2017 -> 01:50 PM) Berman sounded disappointed when Damon struck out. He he even went to another level when the ball was hit in the ALDS vs Boston....through (I Believe it was through the wickets of Tony Graffanino) (forgot which game) and he yelled out OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. That pretty much gave it away as to he was OBVIOUSLY rooting for.
  7. Rooftop Shots

    Ghengis Hahn

    QUOTE (Latilleon @ Jul 14, 2017 -> 07:14 AM) At what point does "Ghengis Hahn" become "Genius Hahn?" Ever gonna be "Goldie Hahn?' Hoping someday that when Kenny is totally out of the picture and Rick runs the show completely himself that we can call him "Hahn Solo"
  8. Rooftop Shots

    Luis Robert signing official

    The other added bonus is when all of these guys are MLB ready to seriously contend, our payroll will be "dink" to the point where we'll have a ton to spend on whatever holes there are.
  9. Rooftop Shots

    How drunk would Harry get?

    QUOTE (Al Lopez's Ghost @ Apr 1, 2017 -> 08:39 PM) One thing about Harry. Nobody could sell baseball better than he could. He would compare Kevin Bell and Bucky Dent to Robert Redford and Paul Newman. He'd be doing the same thing with our young prospects. Of course that was before he came to despise Reinsdorf and Einhorn, and vice-versa. Man all of you guys with your posts are bringing back a lot of memories that I forgot about. A far as the prospects issues and their descriptions, one time I laughed my head off and at the same time felt real bad for someone. It was a certain relief pitchers major league debut. I am sure all of his family and friends were watching. He had a real rough outing, not hitting the zone, walking guys etc. Then Harry (half in the bag says out loud in UTTER DISGUST about him) "PABLO TORREALBA....WHERE DO THEY GET THESE GUYS????"
  10. Rooftop Shots

    How drunk would Harry get?

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Apr 1, 2017 -> 10:24 PM) Harry would actually read your name if you gave the guard a note with your name on it, acting like he knew you. he did not do that when broadcasting Cub games, just the Sox years. Hey ... Billy Jones and his buddies are here from Naperville; Kendrick Thomas and his friend Tim Miller are here from McCutty's bar. Pretty cool he'd say you were at the game on the air. Wow did you ever bring back a memory. TOTALLY forgot about that. That was soooo cool that he did that
  11. Rooftop Shots

    How drunk would Harry get?

    My brother once told me that he sat in the bleachers not far from Harry on a double header. He told me that the first game wasn't even over with yet and he saw some kid who was hauling up another case to him.
  12. Rooftop Shots

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    Anyone know if this thread is the one with the all time most pages and replies ever? Was just curious what the all time winners are and their lengths as far as pages and replies?
  13. Rooftop Shots

    Rick Hahn on ESPN 1000

    THX for the post.
  14. Rooftop Shots

    Yeas and Nays Everywhere

    In total agreement with everyone this thread and others. I think what we are getting back now, and with whoever we trade off in upcoming weeks CAN be a great asset. I didnlt mean for this to be a doom and gloom thread. My whole things was, that its pretty sad when ownership puts us in this position to have to sell everyone off, and then most of the same ones that are running the helm, are the same ones that caused the issue in the 1st place. Am HOPING as others have mentioned elsewhere that as all the players that we obtain become major league ready, that when that time comes, that MAYBE just MAYBE we will have new ownership, and the likes of KW and Buddy Bell will be long gone. JR's loyalty to KW Buddy and RV, has been KILLING us. PLUS when the kids are ready to make an impact, we may have a ton of extra money to spend on the holes that may be there at that time. I "DO" believe the future can be REAL bright. I just believe that we have to weather it out the next 2 years and then see what plays out. LASTLY, nice to see Hahn is playing hard ball and making sure we get a haul before pulling triggers.
  15. Rooftop Shots

    Yeas and Nays Everywhere

    Well guys, sorry this is rather long. I don't post often, so bear with me. There have been a lot of threads yea and nay as to what The Sox are doing and who they are letting go and who they are obtaining. Here's my take on the whole thing. Unfortunately, all of the arguing could be avoided if it wasn't for the front office. In the last "unpteen years" we have developed from our system only a few players that became something, Ventura, Crede, Thomas, and possibly Anderson just to name a few. What has REALLY HURT everybody here is not that Sale, Eaton and "more upcomings" are leaving. It's the fact that JR's loyalties have put us in the position that we are in. We have proven that we can't develop players, and yet Buddy Bell and so forth were still at the helm of player development. Hasn't produced SQUAT, so we get dumpster dive free agents to try and help to mold our young kids since the farm Failed at it. Plus, if we had great scouting and player development, we would not have had to get these old washed up has beens. We woud have had MULTIPLE position players already in place, and not wasted our time and effort with guys that we could maybe SQUEEZE another year out of. (Another of KW's failed brilliancies) Granted we did go after some big names at that time Frazier, Cabrera etc, but since that didn't work, we are FORCED to trade all of our elite players away to build up a farm that development has failed miserably at. And yet Kenny and everyone under him still have their jobs. Plus the loyalty to Ventura. He should have been canned years ago. Not only that, but at the start, we could have signed Francona instead of Ventura. Once again JR's loyalty to Kenny, Ventura, Buddy Bell trumps winning. The bottom line, if Reinsdorf's "drive" to win Trumped loyalty, Kenny would have been CANNED eons ago, We could have have a manager with 2 rings, and player developement and scouting would have been shaken up years ago. WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO KEEP SALE, Q, ABREU. EATON etc etc, IFFFFFF we had the farm to build around them. So in essence, JR cuts our throats by failing to address PROPERLY all the things and people that have brought us to the point that we are now in. And that is ……having to unload elite franchise players, in order to build up a system in what his hired hands have failed to do. Because of his lackadaisical attitude, we as the fans suffer by arguing and watching a once in a lifetime player like Sale, and a duo of Sale Q go down the drain. Closing: this is what we are dealt with, and we can only hope for some kind of miracle after its all done. It just so HURTS to not see a Trio of Sale, Q.and Rodon to never get a run in October together. YES I know tha cartoon is sarcastic, but in essence……I DO HAVE hope that what we will get in our returns will benefit us greatly. It's just so sad to be put in this position in the first place because of poor front office people that suck at their jobs and make the fans suffer and pay for it. I am a Sox fan for life and will support and watch them, even when there are people under the leadership helm making decisions that I have no control over.