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  1. Rooftop Shots

    MLB Network 30 Clubs in 30 Days Schedule Sox on March 20th

    If this incorrect then please delete. On the link is an article about the Blue Jays in 2020 and yet at the bottom of the page is a date of 2021
  2. https://www.mlb.com/network/shows/30-clubs-in-30-days White Sox on March 20th On another link it was stated that the scheduled team for each day will be featured on Hot Stove High Heat and MLB Tonight
  3. my bad didn't see topic was already started before I posted this
  4. https://www.12up.com/posts/yoan-moncada-white-sox-reportedly-nearing-record-setting-extension-01e1wrthtpw0/partners/36534?fbclid=IwAR16lhfhLJ_4PwjbftwqsLzz6EQYpZMLfve0n8hGCb2szfiPPYnuTk43_N0 Not sure how viable this source is. But hoping it comes to fruition
  5. One thing that crossed my mind with Keuchel is that....don't forget...……last year he had no spring training to get prepared for the season. I don't care how much you train, prepare, or pitch simulated games....IT'S Not like the REAL thing. So with this year, him getting a full year of prep that is needed, and the pressure that is taken off of him for finally getting the contract that he wanted, I am hoping that it will be that much more of a positive effect on him as well as for us this year. (I am sure that The Cubs are hoping the same with Kimbrel). Plus a lefty soft tosser that gives a different look than everyone else on our roster. Plus a ground ball specialist that is needed in a home run friendly park. There are a LOT of possible Positives . Only time will tell...…………..but it least it leaves us all with numerous optimisms to look for ward to
  6. Rooftop Shots

    Ryu to Jays - 4 yr/80 mil

    and if its not us, then we got taken for a buggy ride with THE MONEY WILL BE SPENT quote. Instead of Jerry opening the wallet and signing Hyun-Jin Ryu, it will more like us saying to our free agent starting pitching hopes of signing "Hu - Slung Dung"!!!! answer. Jerry!!!! He buys a team for 155 mil. currently worth 1.8 BIL. raises ticket and concessions prices....and still No money dished out for a quality starter. OOPs my bad we got Detwiler. His WAR should be plus 20 right?. BUTTTTTTT The money WILL BE SPENT! Sling some more dung Jerry...…..as long as you don't have to let the cobwebs out of your wallet.
  7. Rooftop Shots

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    This wasn't the clip that I saw. The clip that I saw that showed his swing and parallel to Harold was when Verducci was sitting on the high stools in the MLB Studio with 2 other guys. Sorry... don't have a link. It was on yesterday Friday December 13th
  8. Rooftop Shots

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    I don't have a link, but I did see it also. The piece was done by Verducci. He also showed clips as to WHY Nomar was better in the second half because he was cutting down on a lot of unnecessary movable mechanics. He says if he could get them cut down even more so as to improve his timing , and get it more consistent, that we may REALLY HAVE SOMETHING. He said that he REALLY likes this move for The Sox. He also said that he has what would be called "stupid power" and showed the 500 footer that he hit against us this year. Even Joey Gallo said in an interview that in batting practice, that he was putting balls on the roof. WHO KNOWS? If they can cut down his mechanics, shorten his swing and harness his power, we may have something. Certainly worth a shot when only giving up a AA player when we already have 4 other minor league outfielders that are ahead of Walker in their progressions
  9. Rooftop Shots

    Best/worst heckles

    I also was at that game. I was about 3 rows behind the scout seats. I remember Cameron putting a 5th one on the warning track. Him and Boone also went back to back jacks in the 1st inning and then also went back to back jacks AGAIN in the same inning . Don't think that has ever been done before or since
  10. Rooftop Shots

    Signing Luke Heimlich: Acceptable or Quit being a fan worthy?

    Haven't read every page so sorry of this was already posted, but signing Heimlich is not a good maneuver
  11. Rooftop Shots

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    couldn't have said it any better
  12. Rooftop Shots

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    The Astros have also had success with player development as to why they were able to accomplish that. As someone else once mentioned on the board, ..........besides starting pitching, what track record do The Sox have in positional / hitting players besides Thomas, Crede, Vetura, (just o name a few) within the past 25 years that have turned into bonafide STARS?? Even now,,, sure we have a boatload of talent.....................but we still haven't PROVEN to ANYBODY that we can mold them into being success full MLB threats. Example... Astros...Bregman INSTANT star. Braves,,Ocunia Instant start. ( I could go on to many more) That's only to name a couple . All we heard about is Moncada.......#1 prospect..........STILL WAITING................and KEEP hearing on things that STILL need to be worked on. How it flusters me of how we hear other organizations that have big names coming up...and they become Just that . BIG names that live up to the hype. Then we look at our track record history. UGHHHHH. Until this organization can PROVE to everyone that what we have waiting in the wings is LEGIT.......then who the heck would want to sign with us when we have a history of not being able to PROVE anything?? Seems our organization either cant scout or develop into MLB stars.......without some new excuse of being too young or STILL having to work on something and develop. Because of what i mentioned above....I REALLY do believe that is we get Harp or Mach, it;s only because we are the fallout plan because of where they originally were HOPING to go....fell through and didn't pan out as they had hoped.
  13. Rooftop Shots

    Machado: Update - Manny, do you officially like us?

    LOL LOVE the way that the wording was put together in this response
  14. Rooftop Shots

    Board Rules - A refresher

    Thanks for the post. I am a long member, but not much of a poster. I practically read everyday for new info on Sox updates whether pro or minor leagues. But I gotta tell ya, if all of the bashing, animosity, name calling, threatening, and vulgarity continues, then WHY would anyone new want to come to this site? Why would even long time members want to continue? There is so much hate in the world, and this is a place where you SHOULD be able to come for some enjoyment of our baseball team that we enjoy and wish to someday take real pride in when all of the rebuilding and retooling is finished. Are we allowed to disagree?? ABSOLUTELY. Not saying that we should't. That's part of the fun of discussion. But there is absolutely NO CAUSE for much of the stuff that i have been reading (particularly in the Machado thread.) (by the way which i am glad you closed). Think about it.................If a new person found this site, and saw that it may be an avenue to learn and discuss more about the baseball team that they root for and enjoy, why in the world would they continue to come back on here when most of the discussion looks like you are reading a baseball version of Joyce Behar and The View against Donald Trump? Who needs more of that garbage in their lives ......and yet to have to find it on here?, Especially when we get it plastered in our faces on a daily basis, from different venues in the local media in politics and other sources? Glad to see that a lot of that "uncalled for" rant raving behavior type of stuff is starting to be addressed on this site and taking the bull by the horns. Thanks to all the MODS for all that you do on this site. I DO like coming here for much of my baseball and White Sox info and updates.