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    Quietly so no one sees . . .

  2. OilCan

    Central Texas Wildfires this weekend

    welp....new fire being reported in Leander, TX, NW of Austin (hwy 183)
  3. OilCan

    Where you at this Labor Day?

    watching coverage of the texas wildfires.
  4. OilCan

    Central Texas Wildfires this weekend

    http://aviationweather.gov/adds/satellite/...g&itype=vis Radar image from space showing the smoke plume. Bastrop is the one in the middle/right part of Texas.
  5. OilCan

    Central Texas Wildfires this weekend

    Bastrop is about 20-30 miles east/northeast of Austin. Think from Bolingbrook to the Cell. There was also a fire in Pflugerville, just north of Austin. Steiner Ranch is a subdivision west of Austin. Bastrop, including it's gorgeous state park, is on fire to the east, as previously mentioned. Half of the State Park is already gone. Today there was a wildfire north of San Antonio in the Stone Oak area. Some apts are being evac. Twitter: follow #centraltxfires , #txfires, Facebook: follow Texas Storm Chasers Newspaper: www.statesman.com (Austin American Statesman)
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    Managerial Prospects for Next Year...

    Baseball Prospectus wrote an article last year about the top 10 managerial prospects. Here's the link: http://www.baseballprospectus.com/article....articleid=11334
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    Quietly so no one sees . . .

    Kindly close all the lights when you leave, this season's toast.
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    2011 Films Thread

    Marvel Comics did a one-shot, linking The Incredible Hulk to Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. See it here: http://www.slashfilm.com/watch-marvel-shor...vd/#more-110997 Scroll down.
  9. I could say "this is getting bad for business." But an HHH/Punk matchup has me intrigued.
  10. OilCan

    8/28 games

    Going to throw out some numbers here. Trayce Thompson. Hitting .274 this month. 25 RBI in 28 games. 31 hits for the month, 17 are extra base hits (10 2Bs, 7 HRs). However, only 7 walks for the month which hurts his OBP. OPS though has gone up. K rate: 35 out of 113, still a bit high. Currently, 61 extra base hits out of 494 ABs at Low A. Interesting year for T2.
  11. OilCan

    8/26 games

    Daniel Black has 62 extra base hits this year, and is 7 RBI away from 100 for the year. Impressive. Also hitting .355 for August, .311 since the All Star break. Wishing he was in W/S right now but since Kanny is chasing the 2nd half crown, understandable. But Black is 24 and will need to be challenged to High A/AA next year in order to stay a prospect.
  12. OilCan

    Quentin to the DL, Viciedo up

    http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/news/artic...ws&c_id=cws Oz is full of s***.
  13. OilCan

    Quentin to the DL, Viciedo up

    MDGonzales Mark Gonzales Guillen will talk to Viciedo about how comfortable he feels playing 1st. He has played 95 games in RF, 10 at 1st and 14 as the DH in 2011. 1 minute ago Favorite Undo Retweet Reply
  14. OilCan

    Quentin to the DL, Viciedo up

    JimMargalus Jim Margalus That's just insulting. MT @ChuckGarfien: Ozzie's sarcastic reaction to Viciedo? "Yay, we're in the pennant race!" twitpic.com/6bqa4u
  15. http://www.tsn.ca/nba/story/?id=374563&amp...rce=twitterfeed
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    2011 White Sox Catch-All Thread

    JimMargalus Jim Margalus That's just insulting. MT @ChuckGarfien: Ozzie's sarcastic reaction to Viciedo? "Yay, we're in the pennant race!" twitpic.com/6bqa4u Go away ozzie.
  17. OilCan

    2011 White Sox Catch-All Thread

    interesting that dayan was playing at 1b when he was called up.
  18. OilCan

    Quentin to the DL, Viciedo up

  19. OilCan

    AAP - Erik Johnson

    U of Cal Bio: http://www.calbears.com/sports/m-basebl/mt...son_erik00.html
  20. QUOTE (MHizzle85 @ Aug 15, 2011 -> 02:02 PM) However, I do hate how they continue to treat the world titles like trinkets rather than championships... my point exactly. My reference to last night was regarding Punk was going to lose it, somehow ADR was involved one way or another. Big Sexy tho....that was a surprise. And after 24 hrs later, a mighty good one, I'll admit.
  21. well, that sucked. and that wasn't much of a shocker. Seeing the way it ended tonight, not much of a shocker.
  22. OilCan

    Complete White Sox draft and signings list

    Just listened to Baseball America's podcast regarding unsigned draft picks for every team, and regarding the White Sox, they are convinced that Gardeck will go to college, as well as O'Shea (already mentioned in this thread). They did not mention anyone else than the two remaining unsigned in the top 10 because per their analysis, it would be "not like the White Sox" to spend on the draft. They also mention that JUCO guys are the toughest to figure out, and discuss briefly the lameness regarding MLB's "slot" payouts where the ballplayer is drafted. So.....IMHO the Sox are done signing any more draft picks, unless some late miracle happens for the remaining unsignees. If you want to listen to the podcast, go here and select the first one for 53 minutes. They start talking about the White Sox around the 24:30 mark. And they only discuss the White Sox for only two minutes.
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    Quietly so no one sees . . .

    Quit this jabberwocky mumbojumbo.
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    One I don't remember doing...

    I loved Millenium. Homicide. When Law and Order first started...not so much the current run. Hill Street Blues, definitely. What's Happening. Good Times. As a kid, it was the Transformers. Used to wake up to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons at about 6. Love the Superfriends back then. Got plenty of yelling at my dad for waking him up.