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  1. G&T

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    A lot of places have moratoriums on foreclosures and evictions. And given that courts are mostly closed, there isn't much landlords can do.
  2. G&T

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    This is all to keep one conservative judge on the state Supreme Court.
  3. G&T

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I am only shopping where I can use Apple Pay.
  4. G&T

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Local governments look to the feds on national health issues. Local health departments deal with food licensing and hoarders etc. Not pandemics. The response falls to the feds. Did the states decline the WHO tests? No.
  5. G&T

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    You base this on what?
  6. G&T

    Nest vs Ring

    What other technology ecosystems are you in? How will each work with that?
  7. G&T

    Law/Legal Thread

    I guess the big question is do you think there has been anything about your time there that could give rise to a claim? What are the circumstances of the last off? You don’t have to answer but those are things to consider. What are the chances you are going to sue them? What are the chances you’d get more out of a lawsuit than the severance amount? Also I’m sorry that you have to go through this. That sucks.
  8. G&T

    Law/Legal Thread

    A release of what and for what?
  9. G&T

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    If that was true, then why trade him for Steele Walker? I like the trade a lot, but there has to be more to the story. If changes the Rangers made were working, then trading him seems dumb.
  10. G&T

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    I think it sounds like Moncada. Changing his hitting approach was an off season adjustment, and doing what he did in the minors wasn't enough. It makes me wonder if the Sox think having Mazara around guys who have made that jump will help.
  11. G&T

    STAR WARS Everything

    This image is from a CNN story on Rise of the Resistance. I think Mandalorian used red eyes because the theme park robots will have red eyes.
  12. G&T

    We're Back!

    If you request the desktop version in safari it works. Weird. You can do that in the menu on the left of the url address.
  13. G&T

    What does a McCann extension look like?

    Since May 12 his BABIP has .371 and he has posted a .782 OPS. Since June 1, he also has a .371 BABIP but an .842 OPS. I'm not sure how sustainable a .371 BABIP is for McCann, but he's been productive even at a level below .400.
  14. G&T

    Job Thread

    How are you going to advance when you always need someone to draw out the timelines of a project and set expectations with this amount of clarity? You can't be a manager with these needs, so how do you define "advancement"? And how do you take on projects that have never been tried before where progress cannot be so readily defined? What value are you bringing to the company? What you see as reasonable are the things that every employee wants, but eventually understands they won't always receive, so we all learn to work within that uncertainty and set our own timelines to accomplish goals based on experience. That's what managers expect. Failure is acceptable if you learn from it and correct it in the future. You don't seem capable of handling that. Career advancement is always subjective, and has as much to do with personality as experience and technical ability. You really need to find a way into a government position with civil service protections and position criteria so getting fired requires process, and advancement and raises are a little more defined.
  15. G&T

    Job Thread

    This is how my office works. With young kids, the flexibility is necessary. There's a lot of other crap we put up with, but micromanaging isn't one of them.