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  1. G&T

    Manny: Enter the Panic Room

    Dude, oldest trick in the book. The old breach of contract. Tip your cap is all you can do.
  2. G&T

    Amazon HQ2

    Please stop. Amazon doesn't care what people think. This was a business decision. I haven't negotiated a deal of that size, but I have negotiated financial packages for job creation, and I have yet to see a company that didn't cut the jobs guarantee during negotiations. Everyone involved knows these deals are political fiascos, and are ready to fight for them. I will guess that this deal died because Amazon didn't think the creation would be there to get the full incentives.
  3. G&T

    Manny: Enter the Panic Room

    This is what I started thinking. Problem with that logic is that Manny is better than most players, so if a team had the money to sign him, then they would sign him and kick their current option to the curb.
  4. G&T

    Tax Refunds

    First, this is literally how a tax refund works. Second, your tax bracket is linked to your adjusted gross income based on deductions. If your local taxes and mortgage are capped, and you can't itemize deductions, then you might have a higher taxable income this year. So it may not be that your tax bracket is higher, it's that where you are being taxed on more money at the same rate.
  5. G&T

    Tax Refunds

    I think what happened is everyone’s take home pay went up last year and it is being reflected in the refund. Tax liability didn’t change, but since people expected a “tax cut” they assume there would be more take home and the same refund. Other people understand this better than I do, but I don’t think there was a way to avoid a reduced refund if you already don’t take withholdings. My wife’s w-2 got screwed up so I haven’t been able to file. I’m hoping the hit isn’t too hard.
  6. G&T

    Manny: Enter the Panic Room

    Baseball writers are terrible at understanding contract negotiations. They live in a world where years and dollars are the only substantive terms, and they talk about negotiations as though that's the case. These deals are getting more complicated, and the meaning of "beating any offer" becomes unclear. If the Phillies are in win-now mode, then their deal is going to be based on short term certainty and limiting long term risk. The Sox will want long term certainty but may want to mitigate short term risk if the rebuild fails. Each has their benefits and risks for the player, and the final dollars for each, if the whole contract is played, may be the same. But the path to the end of the contract will differ. How does someone say the Phillies will beat the Sox offer? The offers are different, and the teams are in a different situation. I am of the opinion that teams use the inability to understand the negotiation as a way of distracting writers. If you don't understand the topic enough to ask the right questions, then you can never piece together the truth.
  7. G&T

    Elizabeth Warren

    It’s not remotely similar to Dolezal.
  8. G&T

    Elizabeth Warren

    The answer is Rachel Dolezal. But I certainly think you're making an assertion that lacks evidence. I'm not sure what benefits Warren stole.
  9. G&T

    Ricketts racist emails

    He is the reason his son owns the Cubs. I think it also interesting that they are planning a partnership with Sinclair Broadcasting.
  10. G&T

    Job Thread

    You can write off the amount actually used for work. So you’d have to pro rate those expenses. It’s probably not going to move the needle on taxes.
  11. G&T

    Manny: Enter the Panic Room

    If you go to the website, there are two versions of the jersey: one from Fanatics, and one labeled "Manufacturer Direct item". The MDI are fully available, so I'm pretty sure the theory is bogus. Anyway, the Sox wouldn't buy them blank and stitch them for sale to the public. They buy them blank so they can be stitched for a player if a jersey rips during the season. I don't think the Sox are doing bulk sewing for fans.
  12. I don't think that's true. Buerhle games are what fans want. What they get are long at bats while the pitcher wanders around the mound. People want balls in play and faster ABs regardless of outcomes. I'm just not sure guys throwing 100 mph can get it and throw it like MB did. And everyone throws hard now.
  13. This is a good recap of what’s going on and why. Sports Talk Philly
  14. G&T

    ChiBeria 2019

    Schools closed last night anticipating a foot of snow here. We got 5 inches.
  15. G&T

    Manny: Enter the Panic Room

    Better yet, why bother with a burner account if you’re asking permission anyway?