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    Sox Fire Mark Parent

    QUOTE (flavum @ Oct 2, 2015 -> 02:46 PM) Baines quit. I don't feel like starting another thread. I feel your malaise, Flav. The Ventura return has me committed to disinvesting my interest - if they're firing Parent, it means he hasn't given RV the proper help on the bench - which means they know he still needs help...heading into his 5th season. And yet, somehow, they're convinced he's still the right man for the gig? IT JUST DOESN'T WASH. We're in that long wait period that I've been dreading. The kind and wealthy owner wants the sports ownership part of his life to be less cutthroat than the business dealings that made him rich in the first place, so he cultivates a family atmosphere, which is great, but now, as he ages and naturally becomes more sentimental, it overrides everything, and necessary tough decisions can't be made. There's pressure, but it's not the same, because none of the inner circle can possibly get canned. This will be a LONG wait, that parallels the Blackhawks in the mid '90's, except for the owner being kind part. We can only hope to come out of it half as well. I've always been an optimist, but it's waning. The Cubs are irrelevant in my mind, but their popularity will be a convenient excuse if we lose our beloved to another city due to horrific management. That would kill my sports fandom entirely, and it's possible given that JR has no timetable for retirement - but make no mistake, THAT's what we're all waiting for. You won't see my surly a$$ around here again until RV's firing or resignation day. At least then, I'll know that SOMEone in the org has finally admitted the most obvious of mistakes. Until then, enjoy the respite. On that happy note, I bid you adieu. Peace, bros.
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    Well, it's that time of year again....2015 edition

    Go Royals, Mariners, Pads and Tigers. This is going to be fun to see who's doing the most obvious tanking.
  3. QUOTE (AustinIllini @ Sep 11, 2015 -> 04:41 PM) Agreed. It takes a special organization to keep Robin after being this bad. It seems like the tea leaves are leaning towards his returning... and that frosts my @ss no end. He's actually lucky that the Nats have underachieved more glaringly. Otherwise, our great former 3B is #31 in a field of 30 as a mgr. His return, if it happens, is the result of years of a cancerous lack of accountability. The bar of acceptance has become incredibly low.
  4. bahnsen

    Matt Davidson named Best Defensive 3B

    If he were even a AAAA hitter, sure whu not? He's cozy again with Mendoza in his 3rd go around in hitters' paradises. Earlier, I'd compared him to the Kub's Olt. He's not even that. Huge scouting failure, and symptomatic of the love affair with BP power displays. Sure hope that's been purged. (can JR purge anything?) We probably would have given up our farm for Gallo, who's going to be a bust. Yeah, I'm surly.
  5. bahnsen

    8.17 Games

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Aug 17, 2015 -> 03:38 PM) Micah is on the AZL roster for rehab, might play today. This is good. I want to see him evaluated again in the bigs Asap. And EJohnson needed to be here yesterday. Mid August is time to find out what we have for 2016. September ain't long enough, and ST is illusory. I fully expect them to botch this.
  6. bahnsen

    Bonifacio DFA

    QUOTE (bmags @ Aug 17, 2015 -> 03:11 PM) So, I feel happier about that. Me too, but we will see how it plays out. Trayce has a big league role, which Im glad about. I hope he can hit LHP well enough
  7. bahnsen

    Bonifacio DFA

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Aug 17, 2015 -> 02:20 PM) That's all fine and dandy, but if a catcher gets hurt, you lose a DH, so Flowers can't get hurt and can't be pinch hit or pinch run for. and I am sure Soto has caught vs. LHP, so the DH alternative would be Flowers. Not to mention you would be stuck with Soto if they relieved with a RHP because you can't risk not having a catcher available. So, for the once every few years likelihood of giving up the DH, which can be backfilled with PHers anyway, you think it makes sense to give up 300+ OPS points in a 100 to 150ABs during a season??? Such is the logic that got us into this mess.
  8. bahnsen

    Bonifacio DFA

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Aug 17, 2015 -> 01:11 PM) What is obvious? I gave you the alternatives. For some reason, I don't think Beckham or Shuck DHing instead of LaRoche vs. LHP puts this team in the playoff, and as I pointed out, Bonifacio was even worse. So to say Adam LaRoche has sucked would be very accurate. To say Adam LaRoche playing vs. LHP vs. the alternate choices is a big reason this team hasn't played up to expectations, is not. I was referring to the comparison of Eaton to LaRoche in regards to the logic and need for platooning them. My suggestion for ALaR, going back to ST, had always been Soto, if no further moves were made.
  9. bahnsen

    Bonifacio DFA

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Aug 17, 2015 -> 11:27 AM) .561 is still needs to be platooned-worthy. And the alternatives were Bonifacio, Beckham, Shuck and either Soto or Flowers. Bonifacio was supposed to hit LHP, but in 35 PA .176..176/.235 with 16 strikeouts. These situations are so non-comparable for so many reasons that should be obvious.
  10. bahnsen

    Bonifacio DFA

    It was obvious in April that Emilio wasn't going to be utilized, and this happens on Aug 17 - gotta love this org. I can't imagine RH & RV are on the same page here, so that, at least, is encouraging.
  11. bahnsen

    8/13 Games

    QUOTE (SCCWS @ Aug 13, 2015 -> 06:38 PM) Wish he was auditioning in the majors instead. A major gaffe not trading Shark, and this is a by-product. We'll now be relying on spring training, almost entirely, to determine whether EJ belongs in the 2016 rotation. This is lunacy. Clown shoes, and fitting for this season of stupidity. Bringing back Robin will be the final straw for this fan.
  12. bahnsen

    7/28 Games

    Another intriguing day in the Sox minors: http://www.milb.com/scoreboard/index.jsp?c...mp;ymd=20150728 Kanny leading 3-1 in the 9th already - somehow still winning without a whisper of a bat in the lineup. Pitching, YAlmonte today, very good again. Perhaps get Fish, Lassiter there soon? WS - Fulmer (the guy who can put the beloved over the top next year) B'Ham - TBD, perhaps Danish based on timing Charlotte - EJohnson....or will he be elsewhere? ...and the rest. A real chance to have all 4 full season squads finish above 500. When's the last time that happened?
  13. bahnsen

    Wild Card Watch 2015

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 09:45 PM) Signed as a FA out of South Korea, not a very expensive contract. It would have been a perfect move for the White Sox to sign him for 3B/SS, but they preferred Gillaspie/Beckham/Bonifacio. There sure were a lot of doubters who felt Kang wouldn't be able to hold his own offensively in the big leagues, and he's put himself into the Top 3-5 of the NL Rookie of the Year consideration. Yep, he would've been great. There may be another Korean 3B coming over, possibly - can't remember the name - hope we're scouting them.
  14. bahnsen


    QUOTE (greg775 @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 09:21 PM) Dick Allen has to be laughing at us Robin haters. If Sox avoid the usual tank job once this winning streak ends, they may finally be in the one-game WC race for good. Uh, nice try, but no.
  15. bahnsen


    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 08:19 PM) Jobu took fear from bats. A couple more punching bags to face in Boston, and we miss Pineda and Tanaka in the Yankees series. I'm starting to believe.
  16. bahnsen

    7/28 Games

    Micah on base twice and two SB already. Dash postponed, no Fulmer, bummer.
  17. bahnsen

    7/28 White Sox @ Red Sox 6:10 CT

    QUOTE (BigHurt3515 @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 05:42 PM) 4 runs in the first again!! Awesome job by this offense. And Alexei sucks, should have sat him in favor of Beckham tonight THAT would have been a good idea. Instead, he takes out the white-hot Sanchez.
  18. bahnsen

    7/28 White Sox @ Red Sox 6:10 CT

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 05:31 PM) A California Imdependent League is having balls and strikes called by a computer tonight. I'm with the Chambers Brothers on this one.
  19. bahnsen

    7/28 White Sox @ Red Sox 6:10 CT

    QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 03:39 PM) Because he is amember of the team and in a platoon role is giving someone a rest Well, I will say that he tends to play better when he plays seldomly - less exposed. Won't surprise me if he does something good. Now Boni, the ghost, has clearly not responded to wearing an endless butt groove into the bench, so his rare appearance tonight will likely be a black hole of suckage. Let's get Micah up here as part of the mix, and say adios to both of them in the next few weeks. Plenty of AB's to go around for the young IF crew. Time is now.
  20. bahnsen

    Your Mid-Season Top 30 Prospects

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 01:39 PM) bold face for bold choices. Thanks, I guess. I see Eddy's not in some folks' top 30's. I see a potential OBP machine and an advanced approach that might translate as he advances. Age obviously works against him, so don't hold the kid back. If he rakes the next couple weeks, would like to see him get a taste of B'Ham plus their playoffs, at 3B, or at 2B moving DeMichele to 3B. (SS, if they happen to promote Timmy) I want to set him up as much as possible for a mid-season 2016, or so, callup. Next year's Saladino?
  21. bahnsen

    7/28 White Sox @ Red Sox 6:10 CT

    QUOTE (Dunt @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 01:55 PM) Seriously. Why is Beckham playing? Platoon advantage, dontcha know, for managers that don't have access to statistics.
  22. bahnsen

    Samardzija Trade Packages

    If KW is still "in charge" of all the personnel decisions, this situation is truly f***ed up. Why would Hahn not know this would be the way it is with JR in charge, and KW still in the FO? Hahn's been courted by other teams and waited for his turn here, presumably. Ultimately, this again falls on JR's desire to keep everyone in the family happy, and letting much needed clear delineation of responsibilities go to s***. And should KW be involved with a trade to TOR if he's heading there in a few months? I don't like that conflict at all. KW needs to move on, for everyone's sake, but this clusterf*** is JR's fault, not KW's.
  23. bahnsen

    Your Mid-Season Top 30 Prospects

    QUOTE (staxx @ Jul 27, 2015 -> 05:35 PM) Surprised to see so many with Danish ahead of Adams. Anyone care to elaborate? Just curious. Splitting hairs for me. I could have easily put Adams or Trey ahead of the other two. I've been on the Danish wagon from Day 1, and I'm not abandoning the kid as he goes through some growing pains -confident he'll figure out a way to improve against lefties, and his command in general. He's probably working on a variety of things that aren't necessarily ideal for game performance. He and Adams both have time to figure things out. Adams certainly has the projectable frame, velocity etc. I have a very good feeling about Tyler Danish as a finished product - just hope it's as a starter.
  24. bahnsen

    Geovany Soto

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 01:20 AM) Makes sense again. I thought you all wanted Soto to take Flowers' at bats. I wouldn't be against him taking some of LaRoche's for sure. I despise LaRoche as a player. I still can't believe he hasn't shaved to try to see if that change would help switch his luck. He should take some of TFlow's AB's , and probably a few more than he has, but his health is definitely a limiter, and his defense is debatable. He's been very under-utilized as a DH, imo, and they gotta squeeze every run they can out of their lineups.
  25. bahnsen


    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jul 28, 2015 -> 06:50 AM) Cooper hit 93-95? Scout gun or stadium gun? Because I had him more 90-91, tocuhed 92, on scout guns in May. You also echo another report I got on Martinez, that his FB is legitimately now 93-94, T95, his command has improved dramatically, and the change is getting better. MiLB featured this game and said some similar things. Big leap for him. Great to hear about Martinez, thanks. Seems to be straightening things out.