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  1. HeHatesShe

    Eloy going on IL

    Two words: Mendick!
  2. HeHatesShe

    7/12 Games

    How long is he expected to be out?!
  3. HeHatesShe


    If Rodon was a free agent this offseason, what kind of offers do you think he'd get? What's the market for a 27 year old who has only pitched over 140 innings once in his career, coming off TJ surgery, who has pitched 220 innings total over the last 3 seasons with an ERA north of 4.30 during that time? I wouldn't guarantee him 20 million. Maybe 3 for 15 with incentives. 150 innings, 25 games started, all star. 1 million extra each year for each one achieved. Would bring the total to 3 for 24, but we'd obviously take that for an all star.
  4. HeHatesShe

    7/9 Games

    Vaughn says it's worldwind. I'm not going to disagree with the 21 year old 6 ft 215lb future 3 hole hitter for the Chicago White Sox, and you shouldn't either.
  5. Am I too late to make the first Casey Gillaspie comment?
  6. Maybe not the most popular answer, but could it end up being Leury in center and Robert in right?
  7. HeHatesShe

    7/5 Games

    I saw that too, it was hard to spot on a quick glance in the box score as there were a few HBP. I wondered if it was retaliation for Robert taking 3 minutes to round the bases on his home run.
  8. HeHatesShe

    Nick Madrigal promoted to Birmingham

    Right now ther only reason not to bring him to AAA is because they don't really want to touch Mendick right now. Maybe they don't know what to do with Mendick. They could bring him up for Rondon but there's no certainty you wouldn't get the same results. Same with Sanchez. But what we can all agree on is that Madrigal is going to be better than all three of them, and most likely already is. That would lead one to believe that service time is really the only thing keeping him from MLB, and not knowing what to do with the 3 in front of him is why he's still in AA.
  9. Soon it won't matter. Madrigal will be the second baseman. But you can't have a backup infielder making that much. That's why we should all take a good, hard, long look at Mendick. I like Mendick in that position.
  10. HeHatesShe

    Nick Madrigal promoted to Birmingham

    I don't think, given his speed and bat to ball skills, that anyone would be able to successfully shift against him. The holes in the infield are just too big in a shift, and he'd be able to but the bat on the ball and guide the ball where he wants it to go. His current hit chart would dissuade that notion also, as there are quite a few balls that go right where the shortstop would normally be.
  11. HeHatesShe

    2019 MLB Draft and Signing Tracker

    Anymore word on the 4 high schoolers?
  12. HeHatesShe

    Ian Hamilton - Broken Face

    Whenever I feel like life is out to get me, I'll remember the ballad of Hamilton the Cursed.
  13. HeHatesShe

    Yonder DFA'd

    I believe there was an extended rain delay.
  14. HeHatesShe

    Yonder DFA'd

    Though I never used to think about it, I've recently developed a rather unsettling fascination with Mendick. The prospect of watching Mendick hanging around multiple positions is intriguing.
  15. HeHatesShe

    6/27 Games #CeaseDay

    Carpe diem. Let us Cease the day.