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  1. HeHatesShe

    8/28 White Sox vs Twins GT

    Ball hung up forever. Not a super difficult play, but exciting nonetheless. Way better than the alternative.
  2. HeHatesShe

    8/27 Games

    Swing and approach. Swing is shorter and faster by a tick, and he's swinging early in the count. Not walking at an insane 20%+ anymore, but 13-15% is still damn good.
  3. HeHatesShe

    And That's a Bill Walton/McCann Slam Deja Vu White Sox Winner !

    So close... what happens now???
  4. HeHatesShe

    Moncada to Charlotte for Rehab

    Don't forget the Yerminator!
  5. HeHatesShe


    Remember this? Man...
  6. HeHatesShe

    Lineup Optimization

    Then why did Frank Thomas always bat 3rd?
  7. HeHatesShe

    8/3 Games

    He knows there's absolutely nothing he can teach him.
  8. HeHatesShe

    7/31 Games

    I assume he means at AAA
  9. Reed, Sanchez, Engel Hmph
  10. HeHatesShe

    7/21 Games

    Injuries, as were discussed.
  11. HeHatesShe

    Eloy going on IL

    Two words: Mendick!
  12. HeHatesShe

    7/12 Games

    How long is he expected to be out?!
  13. HeHatesShe


    If Rodon was a free agent this offseason, what kind of offers do you think he'd get? What's the market for a 27 year old who has only pitched over 140 innings once in his career, coming off TJ surgery, who has pitched 220 innings total over the last 3 seasons with an ERA north of 4.30 during that time? I wouldn't guarantee him 20 million. Maybe 3 for 15 with incentives. 150 innings, 25 games started, all star. 1 million extra each year for each one achieved. Would bring the total to 3 for 24, but we'd obviously take that for an all star.
  14. HeHatesShe

    7/9 Games

    Vaughn says it's worldwind. I'm not going to disagree with the 21 year old 6 ft 215lb future 3 hole hitter for the Chicago White Sox, and you shouldn't either.
  15. Am I too late to make the first Casey Gillaspie comment?