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  1. HeHatesShe

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    It would be exactly 1 year less of cheap mid 20s on a contending team Eloy. I don't believe new CBAs would affect current contracts.
  2. HeHatesShe

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    The Red Sox were World Series contenders. It makes sense to go for it when you can win. It doesn't make sense to do so during a rebuilding year.
  3. HeHatesShe

    Outfield Moves if No Harper

    It is still, unfortunately, misguided. But I voted for stand pat. Besides Joc, any other would be just another expensive stop-gap. And if the aking price for Joc was reasonable, it would have been done a month ago.
  4. HeHatesShe

    Outfield Moves if No Harper

  5. It's not just the fact that they were "whales," but that they were 26 year old top-tier talents who are and will be in the prime of their careers during the perceived window. Tell me, which signing do we have to show that hits on even 1 of those qualities? Which signing should we be happy about?
  6. HeHatesShe

    Will Yonder and Jay be gone by midseason?

    I've skimmed the thread and it appears we are all (obviously) in agreement that the 34 year old Jay and 32 year old Alonso will serve only one purpose this year. And they will be very successful at it: leaving a bad taste in my mouth every AB. Even if they both match their career highs, it is wasted on a tanking team praying that their traded for young guys turn out good enough to make a difference yet not good enough to command top dollar.
  7. HeHatesShe

    Hahn on 670 Tonight

    I agree completely with the opt out. If they indeed put forth an offer of 8 for $250m, then 10 for $300 was actually an 8 year discount. If he opts out after 5, you save money during the 5 years, you make your fanbase happy, you increase attendance for 5 years, you jumpstart the rebuild, you get a gold glove all star at a position where you don't have a lot of minor league prospects for 5 years, you don't even come close to having to pay him for years 9 and 10, and you don't even come close to the "$300 million level." Hard to see how that is "exclusively beneficial to the player."
  8. HeHatesShe

    Luis Basabe Broken Hand

    Sorry everyone, I was referring to how I punched a wall today because of reasons, and wondered aloud if Basabe had done the same hearing the Machado news.
  9. HeHatesShe

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    As Homer Simpson said, "stupid like a fox!"
  10. HeHatesShe

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    With no happy ending.
  11. HeHatesShe

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I was going to get the Show this year. Excited for the prospects and the idea of having Manny. Now I guess I'll just keep building my character in wwe 19 instead.
  12. HeHatesShe

    Luis Basabe Broken Hand

    He punch a wall too?
  13. HeHatesShe

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Do any of you know where I could sell a slightly used special ordered Machado white sox jersey? I might have jumped the gun a little bit... I mean, asking for a friend?