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  1. HeHatesShe

    Kopech has a torn UCL, TJS recommended

    You. Gotta. Be. Bleeping. Me.
  2. HeHatesShe

    Cease has made final start in '18

    Well, he was scratched on Tuesday for the Wednesday playoff game, so that's twice you've been misinformed. Shoulder soreness after more than doubling your career high in innings sounds like good reason to shut someone down.
  3. HeHatesShe

    Cease has made final start in '18

    Sure sounds like a shut down to me. Guy was still killing it. And has been injury free for a while now, yes?
  4. HeHatesShe

    Cease has made final start in '18

    Still doesn't explain why you responded to someone who said he hadn't had an injury in a long time with a non issue like shoulder fatigue.
  5. HeHatesShe

    Cease has made final start in '18

    His last two games last year shows stats of 12 innings, 8 hits, 2 walks, 3 earned runs and 13 ks. That's my kind of shoulder issues! He had reached his innings ceiling last year. "Shoulder soreness precautions" is not something to worry about with a 21 year old who had pitched 50 more innings thanthe previous year. Certainly doesn't bear mentioning in this thread. And YOU didn't say he had a shoulder injury, but your response was an attempt to counter the person you quoted, who said he has had no injury problems in a long time.
  6. HeHatesShe


    I went with Burdi. It's 10 votes each for Burdi, Hamilton and TJ. Hamilton and Burdi should clearly be in Chicago next year, and that could make a huge difference by itself.
  7. HeHatesShe

    Dane Dunning heading to AZ

    Substitute Cease for either Lopez or Gio and I think it looks better.
  8. HeHatesShe

    **2018 Opening Day Game Thread**

    PLEASE RETIRE (clap clap clapclapclap) PLEASE RETIRE (clap clap clapclapclap)
  9. HeHatesShe

    Future Pensmen Aplenty in deep White Sox system - Part 1

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Feb 14, 2018 -> 10:58 AM) Yup, it sure does. Wow, upon reading I completely missed the historical context. I thought something had happened between these two that I didn't know of.
  10. HeHatesShe

    John Sickels White Sox T20 Prospect list

    Burdi will be up at the start of 2019. Don't like the B- on Blake, but everyone seems to be down on the 20 year old who is all of 3 months older than Robert.
  11. HeHatesShe

    Hansen to AA

    2. Fernando Tatis Jr., SS, Padres Tatis looked like a promising-but-young shortstop in the first month or two of the Midwest League season. He'd show flashes of greatness, but a pitcher with a plan could generally figure out a way to send him back to the dugout. But the great ones catch on fast, and Tatis has caught up and passed those pitchers who could toy with him in April. Now he's showing plus power, athleticism and most importantly a solid plan at the plate, which has made him one of the toughest outs in the league. He's now been promoted to Double-A San Antonio to end the season. Not all of Padres general manager A.J. Preller's trades have worked out, but getting Tatis in a deal that sent well-past-his-prime righthander James Shields to the White Sox last year might end up as one of the heists of the decade. The White Sox will pay Shields $10 million to pitch for them next year on the heels of his 6-16, 6.44 record in 35 starts with them so far. In return the Padres got one of the better prospects in baseball and the best hitter in the minors in the second half of the season." Yeah, that's pretty hard to take.
  12. HeHatesShe

    8/24 Games

    Burger his a 2 run shot as I'm checking out the scoreboard after Rutherford's RBI single.
  13. HeHatesShe

    08/23 Games

    Hoping for a solid 6 inning game from Dunning as he builds up that arm.
  14. HeHatesShe

    Zack Collins/Eloy Jimenez promoted

    QUOTE (bmags @ Aug 15, 2017 -> 01:48 PM) True, they should have demoted him. That'd be silly. I was simply pointing out the coincidence.
  15. HeHatesShe

    Zack Collins/Eloy Jimenez promoted

    Eloy realized mashing 1.100 OPS wasn't getting him promoted. 0-10 the last two games? Promotion!