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  1. You all know the pizza account has 5 tweets in its history? All in the last 24 hours right?
  2. Benintendi would have a connection with grifol from shared time in KC right?
  3. Say hypothetically he was the guy - Can they agree to a deal during MLB playoffs?
  4. Serious question. Can the white Sox get in on this and take hosmer? (For something else of value)
  5. Few fun takeaways from this game (I live and Tampa and was there with my 14 y/o son) 1) legit about 1/3 white Sox fans, mostly behind 3rd base dugout and in OF, made a ton of noise, lots of “let’s go white Sox” chants that then were drained out by booos. 2) the abreu error seemed like a pretty sharp hit ball, happened right in front of me. 3) Burger absolutely demolished that ball. 4) We were sitting 12th row right at 1B. Slow foul ball dribbler down to abreu in the bottom 8th. He grabs the ball, I’m the only person in our section (behind the rays dugout, I had rays employee tickets from a friend) wearing white Sox gear (my old Frank Thomas jersey from when I was a kid), he throws a perfect dime over the netting to my hands in the sense I don’t even have to move an inch from my seat. The skill to do that is pretty wild. For the record, I made the catch, bare hands. Go Sox! Much needed win.
  6. Anyone have one they’re not using? My 14 year old son is looking for one in XL…
  7. Not saying I agree with it, but it feel like salary wise, positional need wise, they’re going to do it…
  8. Kimbrel for pollock makes SO much sense (besides it’s RH bat, not LH), it also vibes with all the rumors. Trade sheets for whatever. I think that’s our move.
  9. Agree, but You don’t think we can get back bellinger or lux do you?
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