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  1. Expected some would be suicidal in here about Vaughan not starting....and I'm not disappointed. Quite sure there is a good reason and a bit too early in the season to get on Grifol's back isn't it?
  2. They move to Vegas yet?
  3. Always a good feeling to start off the season with a win. Hate Cease didn't get the win, but what a performance from our best pitcher. Grandal totally redeemed himself and Vaughan was clutch also. Let's take care of business and win this series.
  4. We will set the new MLB record for streakers.
  5. Compete for AL Rookie of the Year. Yes, dead serious, I think he has that potential.
  6. That lineup!😍 Really thought the WS was ours that season.
  7. Appreciate his time here, but the last couple years he was here, was pretty awful let's be honest. Coming off as a grumpy old man here, let it go and live your life.
  8. I always give us a chance and will do the same with this team as I think we will be way better than people are thinking we will be.If all goes well on the injury front, I have us getting at least 90 wins and taking the division.
  9. Its a freaking preseason game. Sucks to lose to the Cubs at any point, but I don't think any point to get dramatic about it either.
  10. Haven't been there for a few years(Last time I went was for an education conference). However, we did eat at a place called Buckhorn Exchange which we thought was phenomenal.Pretty diverse menu,if I recall even rattlesnake was a choice lol.
  11. I got pissed on by my cat earlier today and then the bastard scratched me shortly thereafter, so this good news is very much needed. My 90 year half blind nan could give us more than this dude could/did.
  12. Concerned about everyone staying healthy tbh. If we do, we are the best team in the division. If not...will be a long, disappointing season.
  13. If we had to lose to someone, Japan would be the one I would have chosen tbh. Congrats to them.
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