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  1. Per Buster Olney, The trade is completed http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=4353256 Cardinals get Holliday and Oakland gets Bret Wallace and 2 other minor league prospects.
  2. QUOTE (Athomeboy_2000 @ Jul 23, 2009 -> 03:24 PM) Hawk; no hell yes? I think they told him not to say it anymore. Last couple wins I have heard This Ball game is OvAr! OvAr!
  3. Wow. Reading this makes me depressed about how bad our team has drafted over the years. Are biggest steal was Matt Guerrier(10th round in 99). I don't remmember him being that good. Current Key players Fields, Getz, and Richard. Verdict is still out on all 3, but seems like Fields might be on his way out. Link http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writ...tml?eref=sihpT1
  4. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jun 8, 2009 -> 03:32 PM) Beckham or Nix would have had a better chance there than Wise....he's really, REALLY struggling. It's not struggling when you have been bad your entire career.
  5. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 4, 2009 -> 10:12 AM) OK, so lets get all of the Wise-cracks out of the way now... We should all listen to Ozzie. When Wise comes up, everyone in the stands should stand up and turn their backs to the field.
  6. Along with this 12 game homestand, the Sox don't leave the Midwest till August 10 when the fly to Sea. Away games against Milw, the north side team, Cinncy, Clev, KC, Minny, and Det
  7. QUOTE (fathom @ May 27, 2009 -> 04:19 PM) Not sure if this was accurate, but I heard Weaver's been tougher on the White Sox (1 ER in 4 career starts) than anyone in franchise history. In 4 games vs the Sox, he is 3-0 with a 0.34 era and 0.71 whip in 26 innings. Hopefully tonight will be the opposite where we hit a pitcher that has dominated us, unlike not hitting a pitcher which we raked against.
  8. QUOTE (TitoMB345 @ May 21, 2009 -> 03:01 PM) Soxtalk needs a text messaging service.. I have to leave, but I need my updates!!! The Penguin told him.
  9. And White Sox Nation rejoices!
  10. On Mike and Mike this morning, Jason Stark was talking about the Mets looking at Nick Johnson from Washington. But the Mets don't want to go over the luxury tax before the trade deadline, so they probably will stay put for a while. If we did trade PK, the sox would need to eat much of his salary, which I don't see KW doing that.
  11. Any news on Scotty Pods and how he is doing in the minors. He has to be a better option right?
  12. This is a pretty cool slideshow of Sox players and uniform numbers. My favorite number is 23. There have been a few players that have wore 23, Dye being current. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/chi-s...53.photogallery
  13. And what about the new hot dogs, anyone notice a difference?
  14. Um.....I thnik that would Jerry Owens title
  15. Yea, because the Sox always get who they want!
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