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  1. Thats like saying Maggs is a "horrible" player because he's being overpaid 14 million this season. I don't know if u think he is or not. I do not agree with that method. Horrible players are players who get these big contracts and are also bad with the bat and glove. I would call green and konerko underachievers. But since i know u'll post something else to back up your arguement, i'll agree with you. Lets not worry about the dodgers and worry about our own team.
  2. Dude, I just said both he and konerko are both OVERPAID. I'm trying to get the point across that they are not "horrible" players. Shawn Green is a good player who's been putting up decent #'s the last 3 seasons. He's prob. around c. lee type money maybe alittle more. Like Rex, said that was dodger management who screwed up the contracts.
  3. Thx Rex. I didn't know that. looks like dodger fans won't be blaming Evans for almost everything.
  4. Shawn Green had a bad year just like Konerko. Yes, both are overpaid, but they are not "horrible" players. The dodgers management did not do a good job with ashby definitely. And Todd Hundley's been overpaid forever! (I'm still laughing how much the scrubs paid this guy ) What do teams see in hundley?
  5. Whoops! thanx for correcting my mistake
  6. There's also some guy named Gange (I don't know if you heard of him of not.. ) but they do not have too many "horrible" players. Their pitching looks great for the future (jackson,miller,hanrahan (sp?) and theyve got some good young hitters in the minors as well. The only guy I can think of who they REALLY overpaid for is Driffort but they could have done better with their team if it wasn't for Evans.
  7. I said something about my cousin on the other thread about pete rose in the sports bar. Just go back to the beginning and it'll say.
  8. Haven't watched Wrestling for like a couple years now. (every now and then) I remember that chokeslam two. Loved every minite of it I just wish Kane could of kicked his ass until he bleeds. Put me in on the list of hatred toward him :fyou Pete rose. (never forgave what you did to my cuz.)
  9. That might bring the fan base back to Wash. believing they can win again now with Gibbs. I see Spurrier quit last week. If he's still interested in coaching in the NFL, the bears would be a perfit fit for him. He's been the coach for Grossman since collage and has helped Grossy alot at quarterback. He is also an offensive coach so I would like to see him or Sabien there.
  10. Good point, but at least flash wasn't a complete rip off like Rick White as far as signings. Rick White= :dips***
  11. I will probably go to more sox games this year as well. I will try this year to meet those dudes from "Crede's Crew" since joe crede is my favorite major league player. I'm don't know for sure how many games will attend (10-20gms maybe) But If Jeremy Reed cracks the Roster, i'll try to go to half of the sox home games this year.(with alittle begging for extra $ of course )
  12. We just signed Cliff Politte. Were in very good shape now.
  13. Ponson would be nice but not likely since someone posted he has a lutual aggreemat with balt. I wouldn't mind villafuerte tho. You can never have enough talent in the bullpen.
  14. It makes our bullpen that much better now with him. Hopefully he can have a "rejuvinated" career with our sox.
  15. Well, Ponson would have been nice, but the sox should just move forward. I wonder now, If konerko gets traded, will the sox sign anyone with the additional money, or just work with what they have? we'll see what KW does.
  16. Yes, that is still the record. He also holds two other records in that same year I believe.
  17. Jose hasd more power, but Cabrera is better all around
  18. for minute, when I first looked, I thought It said Steven Bartman :fthecubs
  19. Couldn't have said it better myself big red
  20. Definitely Packers n Eagles. Just because I like both of the teams but really pulling for da pack this year! Eigher pack n colts or Panthers n titians(if packers are elimiated) in the super bowl. Did anyone notice that the Patriots always play better when it snows I forgot what their record is in the snow, but I heard it's very good. Titans better hope it dosen't snow
  21. Now thats a team that will be dangerous too. I truely think that next year will be their year. And how come noone's mention the twins yet? They are still as dangerous as they come (even with the departures of alot of FA's they can surprise people.) And Quickman since when is the Royals manager better than our manager? they are both practically the same as far as enthusiastic. Give ozzie a chance this year, then we'll see who's better. Yes the board is for posts good and bad, but I should think it's here to be thinking positive about our team. I would rather not let KW make a move that will hurt our team. He has actually learned that from the last 3 seasons(which he's made at least 1 bad move Ritchie, Wells, even though we only gave up siroka (sp?),Koch=if cotts dosent produce etc...) I still believe KW will improve our team somehow before spring training. You just gotta be patient.
  22. Fair line-up but I don't care less about Palmeiro. How about this lineup (assuming konerko is gone.. 1.Reed(LF) (for obvious reasons ) 2. Harris(2nd) table setters at the top. Can you sense a bunt and steal?! 3.Ordonez(RF) ozzie said it! and of course very consistant 4.Thomas(1st) he hit very well at when at 1st n it will keep him from whining 5.Lee(DH) Another good year from him probably 6.Rowand(CF) I think he'll have a good year 7.Valentin(SS) So we won't have 2 automatic outs at the bottom 8.Crede(3rd) He'll be even better (my favorite major league player) 9.Olivo/AlomarĀ© Olivo 1 step closer towards figuring it out Rotation: (It will be a RLRLR Rotation.) Loaiza Buehrle Ponson Washburn Garland You could even stick lee in the # two batting order good lineup and good rotation
  23. Eck did not deserve it?!?! Now that I am shocked of, even though it is your opinion. I question more of monitor. The guy had more than 1,000 hits at the DH position. (and mr. Eck still holds alot of records for closers [100 comp. gms and 100 svs] the only 1 to do it) But I think both of them really deserved it as both were very versitile. I think ryno might get in by 05 or 06. If he dosent get in by 06...he wont be getting in by 07. I guarantee that (gwinn, ripkin jr., mcwire (sp?) are definitely getting in.)
  24. How many weeks ago was it Ribbie? Cause in the trib., KW was actually saying he planned on talking to Konerko at spring training about the "trade rumors."
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