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  1. QUOTE (midway @ Feb 13, 2016 -> 10:21 AM) Totally agree with you here!!! After hearing what Nightengale said yesterday about the White Sox having no cash left I wanted to puke and turn off the MLB channel, but am so glad that I kept watching and getting a chance to listen to the debate between Chris Russo and Brian Kenney....that was priceless!!! The interview by Nightengale is something sox fans need to get through their head. It's on MLB.com to hear it for yourself. When he says "the white sox say they are out of cash" it is a complete lie that is being spun by the sox brass and the media just goes with it. It's not Nightingale who is lying, it is Reinsdorf. Reinsdorf is swimming in cash and chooses not to spend it. It should not be our role as fans to be fiscal watchdogs....well, maybe we should be watchdogs in the sense that we demand that Reinsdorf SPEND not save money on this team. This has been proclaimed as the small window of opportunity to go for it before JR dies and so far it is a half-arse attempt. When the half-arse attempt fails, yes, sox can go cheap and blow it up.
  2. QUOTE (HickoryHuskers @ Dec 16, 2015 -> 03:08 PM) Holy f*** I thought this topic had finally died off. NOBODY IS TRADING FOR LAROCHE!!! To paraphrase the LaRoche commercial from April "I'll see you in July....at the trade deadline" At best, he gets traded in July for a $1M to line JR's wallet. Until then, NOBODY IS TRADING FOR LADUNN!!!!!
  3. Soxtalk Stretch Armstrong Sale "Sale" 2 for 1 for tonight's game. 2 tickets for $5 or 4 tickets for $10. email me at abnden@hotmail.com if interested. QUOTE (Julius @ Sep 8, 2015 -> 12:17 PM) Sorry to have missed your post. I go through Craigslist more times when selling tix, but you can send me a PM if you want a future game. For the rest of Sept/Oct, tickets are $5 each. Sunday September 13 and Sunday October 4th are not available. Halfway to St. Pats (Saturday) are not available.
  4. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Sep 14, 2015 -> 12:41 PM) I'm not going to wager a guess about the ceiling this time after being appropriately chastised for guessing incorrectly last year, but if they pick up Alexei's option and offer arbitration to Garcia and Flowers, they'll already have committed close to $115 million to the 2016 roster, which is comparable to what they spent in total over 2015 without any additional signings. If they spend more than about $5 million it would be the highest payroll the White Sox have ever had. Season Ticket renewal notices haven't gone out yet have they? The org itself might not know their 2016 budget yet too. They will be down one season ticket holder as I will not renew. The sox won't get another $2400 from me for 4 upper deck seats. Since I do firmly believe in the rebuild/overhaul path, I will re-up if they trade Chris Sale...or if Reinsdorf sells the team.
  5. QUOTE (Knuckles @ Sep 3, 2015 -> 01:19 PM) These still aviailable? Looking for 3 or 4 tix to Mondays game. Sorry to have missed your post. I go through Craigslist more times when selling tix, but you can send me a PM if you want a future game. For the rest of Sept/Oct, tickets are $5 each. Sunday September 13 and Sunday October 4th are not available. Halfway to St. Pats (Saturday) are not available.
  6. So the Hahn thread turns into an Attendance thread....love it! I'm a sucker for it '83-'84 attendance was due to playoffs early 90's attendance was due to a new stadium 2006 - coming off a world series The sox aren't getting a new stadium and the sox are not going to the playoffs anytime soon. Front office/scouting are woefully inept and are incapable of finding 24 guys to complement Sale. Sale will never pitch in a playoff game for the white sox. Season ticket base will be at its 10K base and overall attendance will hover around 19K - 22K, which is good for being above the Indians, Rays and A's for MLB Attendance Standings, which is what we are all obsessed about (even though we deny it...) QUOTE (Lip Man 1 @ Sep 3, 2015 -> 11:28 AM) Well this rebuild while contending philosophy has led to a losing season (counting this year) in six of the past nine seasons, no consecutive winning seasons since 2003-2006, no playoffs (in an era of parity) since 2008, the lowest watched MLB franchise according to Fan Graphs and attendance that's generally ranked towards the bottom of MLB and that lost fans from the previous season for eight straight seasons. I submit that philosophy isn't working based on the historical facts. "It's Time" (sorry LOL) for a change in that philosophy and if that means a total complete rebuild...so be it. How much worse could it get if they did that given the facts I just presented? The REAL issue though is the same people who put this franchise in the position it's in and going to be charged with fixing it. Personally I don't think they can. Mark
  7. QUOTE (Soxfest @ Aug 9, 2015 -> 01:46 PM) Pods 0-3 maybe he will not be back Pods would be great as a golf announcer. "As he reads the green, he is looking at it dead red and hopes to turn on it…"
  8. In my opinion, the sox will not get Chris Sale into the playoffs during the remaining years of his contract. In other words the "3 year plan" will be an utter failure. Once his contract is up, they will let him walk. In turn, the sox brass will be let go and JR sells the team. The sox brass are at fault. People who think that it makes sense to go from Mark Kotsay->Adam Dunn->Adam LaRoche deserved to be canned.
  9. QUOTE (bmags @ Jul 30, 2015 -> 09:34 AM) I'll be there on Friday. Tix were expensive this weekend for sure. yes, the good seats are expensive when the yanks come to town, but whitesox.com had front row seats available in section 109 for $20. That's a great price for lower deck seating on a Saturday night. Yes, it's "obstructed view" but I don't consider the foul pole that much of an obstruction. It's worth the $20.
  10. QUOTE (fathom @ Jul 26, 2015 -> 02:14 PM) No chance anyone takes on that contract Just get LaDunn out of the lineup. Bench the dude. Schuck should be full time DH.
  11. Is there rain in the forecast in Cleveland? Replaying this game on Comcast as "Rain Delay Theater" would be way better than what will be on display tonight.
  12. QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jul 8, 2015 -> 07:08 PM) I can guarantee it. They are extremely aware of these sites. Does Kenny, probably not, but do people in the marketing department, etc, check in on what fans are saying on Soxtalk (and other sites) most certainly. Will they make changes because of what we said, not when it comes to roster decisions, but absolutely when it comes to product / ball park features, effectiveness of ad campaigns, etc. Not just because 1 person said it, but it is direct feedback that is readily available from a target demographic. That said, they also care about getting the non hard core fans in, but when hard core fans struggle to want to go, how are you going to pull anyone else. If the Marketing Department is reading this, then here is my Open Letter to Brooks Boyer…. "Brooks - at the end of the day, The Cell is in a terrible location relative to your fan base. Your challenge is to get people to show up on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday….and even Friday. Unfortunately, you couldn't give away enough tickets (heck, even enough t-shirts) to get people to suffer through Chicago traffic. My friends in Cary and Arlington Heights only go to games on Saturday and Sunday. Imagine the people that would show up if you had a ballpark in the burbs. The sox had that opportunity but JR failed to see the genius in moving to Addison. Relocation won't happen because JR has a sweetheart deal with the State of Illinois. What's the solution? Remove JR and his cronies and get people who know how to build a sustainable winner."
  13. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 25, 2015 -> 11:39 AM) I disagree and think they will have to start from scratch to fix this. Or at least something very close to doing so. Give me a tear down/blow up/fire sale immediately. And if the sox can't give me that, then at least have Ventura and Kenny Williams removed during the offseason.
  14. QUOTE (Julius @ Feb 20, 2015 -> 07:59 AM) I am now offering my season tickets for all June Home games. $5 per ticket. 4 tickets available for each June home game. Hard stock or PDF file are options for ticket delivery. Again, the tickets give you 100 level concourse access.
  15. With the season tickets now available to me (Section 508 Rows 4 and 5 Seats 1 and 2 for both rows), I wanted to offer them for sale to interested parties. Game availability is the same as in my original post (April, May and September games - no Opening Day, no Paulie Day). Prices are revised to the following listed below: 1. 4 tickets for $25 total 2. 3 tickets for $20 total 3. 2 tickets for $12.50 total Tickets can be sent to you via email (PDF file) or via mail, as I will have hard stock, too. Again, these tickets offer lower deck access.
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