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  1. If he develops into a back end of the rotation starter, it will come out of his long man experience in the bigs. It worked pretty well for Mark Buerhle by following that method.
  2. At least Linebrink has a proven track record and has had success in the majors. I will feel a lot better seeing him come in the game than I EVER did when AAArdsma or Sisco Kid took the mound. Those two made you want to cover your eyes with your hands. Plus, it's highly unlikely that Linebrink could be anywhere near as bad as some of the guys who got lit up this season).
  3. Jay Moronatti is originally from Detroit - he doesn't give two sh!ts about any Chicago teams. He makes a living insulting people and stirring up fans' anger by stirring the pot. That's his whole "schtick," and sadly he makes a living by being a troublemaking troll. 99% of his articles aren't fit to line a filthy cat's litter box.
  4. The one thing that stuck out to me last night is that Garland was getting first-pitch strikes, and that is always HUGE. Those Twinkie hitters had no idea what was coming. P.S. I still hate Torii Hunter, and hope he's eaten by Bartolo Colon.
  5. Garcia's got a lot of nerve taking a shot at the offense, especially how they gave him a ton of run support the first 3 months of the season - without the offense, his record would look more like 6-12. I don't think he's hurt, and I don't think he was on steroids (unless you could grind them up and smoke 'em in a bong) - I just think he's an aging pitcher who has logged his fair share of innings and is gradually "losing it." But he needs to shut his fukking trap and start learning to fool hitters by pitching, instead of just throwing meatballs up to the plate. He'll be gone after the season, and I can't say that I'll miss him all that much. Smoke this, ragarm.
  6. I love Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Grand Funk Railroad, Steely Dan, The Doobie Brothers, U2, REM, Korn, Anthrax, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Oasis, The BeeGees, Bad Company, The Beatles, Coldplay, Tool, Rush, Deep Purple, Triumph, and tons of other progessive artists. The music nowadays can go f*** itself.
  7. I've been to that dump, and I mean DUMP, twice in the past 3 years, and it is a joke to MLB that it even exists. The food blows, the people there are jerks, the bathrooms are pathetic, that turf is a joke, the roof looks like a giant bedspread, and the air inside is stale and dry. It truly is a motel for buzzards, and should be imploded immediately.
  8. Cotts and Pollitte are good setup men, but they're just having their "normal" years right now. Last year, they had career years. That doesn't mean that they can't have BETTER years than they did, but you have to remember that things always find a way to reach their normal level. For NOW, they're doing what their history says they'll do. I hope both of them pick it up and start performing like they did in that magical year of 2005.
  9. According to the guys on the Sox radio broadcast, Buehrle is not getting his changeup over the plate, so the hitters are waiting for his other stuff, which isn't overpowering.
  10. One of the strangest games I've ever seen in my 35 years on Earth. That 1st inning was brutal to watch, but the Twinkies wore their arms out swinging and were pretty much done after that. Am I the only one who really, really hates and loathes Torii Hunter so much that I actually get aggravated just seeing him on the TV screen? Q: What's the difference between a dead Torii Hunter in the road and a dead deer in the road? A: There are skidmarks in front of the deer.
  11. Tony LaRussa and Dave Duncan are geniuses when it comes to pitchers - just ask them. Pffft. Just look at all the World Series rings they have won together with all that superior talent in Oakland and St. Louis.
  12. If Anderson can hit .260 for the season, with about 15 HR, 50 RBI, and solid CF defensive play, then we're okay as a team. He's struggling right now at the plate, but we have such a good team overall that we can live with it. It's not like we're depending on him to be a "key component" that takes us where we want to go. As for Juan Uribe, well, he's solid defensively, but his subpar average is starting to piss me off. Last year, he found some "hitch" in his swing, and his last 6 weeks were incredible at the plate. Hey Juan, you'd better find that "hitch" sometime soon, or I'd rather suffer with Alex Cintron playing while you rot on the bench. Wake up, jackass.
  13. Here, read this and then let out a deep "whew." Nathaniel Whalen, White Sox beat-writer(?) or staff writer for the Daily Southtown, has a White Sox blog. http://blogs.dailysouthtown.com/whalen/ A painful injury in more ways than one And now for the part of the Jose Contreras story that isn’t likely to get into many newspaper stories—mine included—because of space and how many facts we need to get in. Contreras could not walk down the steps straight on—he needed to go down sideways—because his leg was in so much pain on Tuesday. The part that hurt him more, though, is that he feels as though he’s letting the Sox down. This is a guy that has gone through more than any of us could ever imagine: escaping Cuba, constantly being worried about the safety of his family and getting booed by 50,000 people on a regular basis. What has helped him prevail is his work ethic and his love for teammates—I honestly believe that. That’s why his answer to the question, ‘Are you sad this happened right now?’ was, I thought, the most telling moment about Contreras as a man, teammate and competitor. Worried about the team: “It’s really bad I have to miss a start, especially when I’m pitching so well,” Contreras said through interpreter Ozzie Guillen Jr. Pride: “The part that upsets me the most is that I wish it would have been on the mound or during my workouts. It was just when I was throwing really soft with Freddy on the side and that’s when I felt the pain for the first time. Competitor wanting to fight through: "It turns out to be something bigger then, I thought I was tight or something.” This is a man who feels as though he’s let his team down. Fortunately for the Sox they have a nice little lead in the Central and have the best team in the Division and can live without their true ace for a while. So while some Sox fans get worried that Contreras is going on the DL, know that he’s a lot more upset and angry about it than any of you will ever be.
  14. If you want to see a huge jump in Cubs searches on Google, then just have everyone type in the word "LOSER." That will alter the numbers so fast it will make your head spin.
  15. Part of me still doesn't accept it, and I've heard a few talking heads saying that it's normal to feel that way when you are a fan of a team that has had a track record of futility. Either way, I'm still a fan of a World Champion, whether my pea-brain accepts it completely or not. If they shore up the bullpen, then we'll be having a hard time accepting another Championship. Rock on, White Sox.
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