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  1. Sheets has an option as well, so he can just be sent to Charlotte
  2. Gavin seems like a nice enough guy thats been played out of position in a situation that hasn't been conducive to development. He probably deserves a change of scenery but going to Charlotte is fine. Or if they find a move to fill a different spot. As fathom said, its also very believable that someone (Yoan) gets hurt at some point, possibly in Spring Training.
  3. In theory your random backup OF (Pillar for example) would be your first option, Eloy might be your second option (he's bad but if he has to cover some innings as your fifth outfielder, whatever, its not like we have to keep him healthy for a pennant chase) and Mendick's played the OF before too.
  4. They'd have to be in Charlotte for that. A bench of Stassi, Mendick, Moustakas and random outfielder is easy to imagine
  5. Gavin Sheets is probably a dude that should be concerned about this, especially since I believe he still has an option
  6. minor league deal with NRI per them let the obvious jokes and comments commence
  7. Heads22

    ST Thread

    This team likely will be terrible, but I'm not holding it against players put in a bad situation. Most of the new guys seem like decent individuals (it's worse to be bad and a fuckface) and some of the younger dudes could be mildly interesting. Mike Soroka has done nothing to earn my scorn. Either has Dominic Fletcher. Might as well give them a chance.....because even when a shitty baseball season is over, I miss it.
  8. As someone that lives far enough away that I don't need to figure out how to park, bring it on
  9. https://sodomojo.com/posts/mariners-prospect-16-prelander-berroa-01hejavgn7hp
  10. I would say that the acquisition of most of these veterans means they believe these youngsters will do f***-all
  11. Schriffen most definitely eats food on the air. I believe he was on screen multiple times with Skyline during a Kansas-Cincinnati game earlier this year.
  12. Based off of fifteen seconds of listening to Flemming, I'd rank my choices as him, then McKnight, then Schriffen. I'd be fine with McKnight, Schriffen is whatever.
  13. Well the Red Sox are advertising for a radio play by play guy
  14. https://theathletic.com/5197090/2024/01/12/max-stassi-son-premature-birth/ Pretty good insight on the hell he and his wife went through last spring
  15. What should we expect in 2024? "They're gonna be really bad."
  16. He's laying a lot of the blame at Jerry's feet
  17. Currently live discussing Getz at the moment.
  18. I was the one to add the Hawk and Tony reactions, and they're meant to mean whatever you want them to.
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