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  1. They've outperformed expectations, actually.
  2. Someone's going to have to convince me Colson and Noah aren't our top two prospects
  3. No, I agree, he doesn't seem like a throwaway, that's for sure
  4. Funny thing is the guy I always wanted was in the opposite dugout tonight
  5. If that's what we value, fine. There's even less of a reason to have Grandal on this team past the trade deadline, so Seby isn't even the top catcher I want moved. And if we think Perez actually isn't any good, then yes, keep him in the minors I guess.
  6. Are there going to be new arms of any actual value that we will break in the rest of the year outside of relievers?
  7. Probably not, but my overarching argument is that Seby isn't a guy that should be someone standing in the way of anything
  8. Are we worried that there's not another Seby Zavala out there for $750,000? -0.8 bWAR and a 35 OPS+?
  9. I think finding out if Perez is worth a roster spot is of more value. Unless you think Zavala has a future with this team (I don't) then I'd rather see him catch for two months. Are we concerned we will lose Seby? That Touki might not pitch as well with Perez?
  10. Unless we think he's specifically going to teach Lee how to catch, I think he's a waste of a spot.
  11. Oscar using these last two months to be useful would be....nice
  12. I can see an argument for keeping him with how terrible the SS market is next year, but I also wouldn't say no and would like to give Lenyn at-bats.
  13. Also there's no reason for Zavala to be on this team at all either. The only rational reason for him to be rostered is that he's an outstanding defensive catcher, but that really doesn't matter when your team blows. DFA him and see if Perez can be backup when we bring up Lee to hopefully replace Grandal. If we lose him, um, good for him.
  14. Banks looking okay tonight too. There's no reason for Andrus, Grandal, Clevinger or Middleton to still be on this team in four days
  15. see, now that we've finally conceded, tonights game doesn't bother me much
  16. I now remember we have no relievers left. I assume Santos is our new closer
  17. Great start by Touki. I want him out there every five days the rest of the year ✌️🔑
  18. Isn't Shaw in Charlotte? Also, Touki has looked okay after the first
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