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  1. The Big 12 starting next year is going to be a random event generator
  2. Before that HR, Sosa was hitting .250 with a .750 OPS over 11 games since his call up
  3. Kinda neat seeing a guy from the minors come up and hit dongs with steady playing time.
  4. If Benintendi wants to homer every few games now, I'd also accept that.
  5. I really only care about watching the bottom three in the lineup
  6. not on a cursory glance of his wikipedia page, which is all the more research we can trust the organization to do anyways
  7. Also, there's no way Grifol is actually safe. A new GM will be able to hire his own guy unless its someone like Getz.
  8. This organization only has a chance if they hire someone who realizes it's 2023 and not 2006.
  9. Leave Sosa on the roster the rest of the year and see if he can keep warming up
  10. Even though he's not very good at baseball, at least Gavin is likable
  11. man, if you need ground balls then we are your team
  12. Again, I like McKnight as a fill-in (more so on the radio)
  13. This sounds backwards, but I'm glad Remillards average is dropping - I like him, and I do hope he can stick around and be good for us. I just don't want this organization to sell him as a second base solution
  14. holy s%*#, a manufactured run also Probably should 60 day DL him
  15. No one lays down a bunt like Zach Remillard.
  16. Who needed Kelly, Middleton and Graveman when there's Honeywell, Ramsey and Shaw?
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