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  1. So at least one of Wetherholt, Condon and Caglianone will be available for the Sox to attempt to develop
  2. Also, for newbies, please use a spoiler tag if possible if it's a leaked pick. Some people like suspense!
  3. The Sox are certainly not going to pay for anyone with that profile in free agency anytime soon, might as well draft it.
  4. I’ll never understand Pedro’s bullpen usage
  5. It's a sad commentary on the Sox that his is one of the better FA signings with all that s%*# he went through
  6. get ready to get sad https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ad_3vgcIwN2W7P-f3DllmoAu4YqbXIew2vvUxCtR2o8/edit?gid=1428273551#gid=1428273551
  7. that growl for robert after your team just blew the game in amazing fashion shows why people aren't a big fan of schriffen. still can't read the room
  8. Especially after Yoan gets back he needs to be playing second
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