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Eloy on the who the new clubhouse leader is: "I don't know. I don't have the answer to that."


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25 minutes ago, Quin said:

Eloy's defense comments frustrate me because he always throws in that he adamantly does wants to DH. I just want the dude to read the room. He can just say he'll do both.

The leader comment is whatever, because like, they haven't even been in the locker room together. Of course he doesn't know.

Well, I just remember Jose doing the same thing, so I'm sure that's what Eloy is looking at and still holding out hope. Front office just needs a backbone though, they just need to imagine Eloy is a white sox fan so they can berate him for not being as smart as them.

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4 hours ago, SoxAce said:

In my opinion, this is Tim Anderson's team. Now, whether the Latin players choose to listen to him or if he actually steps up and not do "other" activities  is another story. But I think he would and can be the man in that department. 

Best of luck with that.

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Something that stuck out a soxfest a few years (was probably 2020) was a fan asked TA how he like hung out with the guys or something to that effect and he pretty briskly said that when the games over or practices are over he leaves and if they need him for somethin they can always call.

Which is like, you know a normal job but kinda sticks out in baseball considering I'm sure the fan wanted to hear a 2005 story like singing Journey at the bar.

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