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dump bloom campaign


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the time has come to dump bloom, the gloom of doom. He should have kept bogie, and some of his other moves has tied cora's hands. The shortstop debacle is downright awful. Let's clamor for change b 4 it's too late. The jackie bradley experiment and so forth.

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Yoshida was a solid move...but the problem is that it's a win-now move, like Jansen as closer.  They clearly decided to prioritize Devers over Bogaerts, with Xander already at age 30 (and likely being unable to sign BOTH).  Jaren Duran's been on a tear.   Btw, Yoshida now well into the 900's for OPS.

Story has been a disastrous signing.  Sale's struggles and contract extension are well-documented.   


Red Sox fans got spoiled and came to expect a competitive team year in and year out...not so easy in the AL East, with Baltimore finally rising from the ashes like a Phoenix.

All that said, hard to expect much more than 17-14.

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6 hours ago, Texsox said:

Where did @georgego? 

As fans of other teams go, I liked him much more than that friendly Astros fan from the playoffs in '21. George did not overstay his welcome.

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