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I AM THE SOXMAN!!!!!!!!!!!


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SOXMAN will refer to SOXMAN in third person. SOXMAN is Sultin Pimp of Soxtalk. SOXMAN is the reason this site is good. The Steve Bartman avatar IS SOXMAN'S!

SOXMAN has the best name! SOXMAN likes to eat turkey on thanksgiving! SOXMAN is THE SOXMAN! Jason is snowball and SOXMAN is Napolean. SOXMAN will replace Jason as legend of Soxtalk! SOXMAN says all of us will be equal but some of us will be more equal than others! SOXMAN says that we shall no longer refer to DBAHO as DBAHO we shall now refer to him as man who cannot spell Daubach! Heather Lee will now be known as Heather Takatsu! There shall no longer be Wizard of Oz it will be Wizard of SOXMAN! Steff can have .01% of SOXMAN LAND and WILL mow the lawn. Any one who objects to the new rules shall contact the salvation army and ask for RICO at the back of the repair shop. Any one who wishes to send SOXMAN a personal Message is not permitted to do so! SOXMAN IS NAPOLEAN AND YOU ARE SOXMAN'S WORKERS! Every night instead of reciting the National Anthem we shall recite go dog go By P.D Eastman and replace the word dog with SOXMAN! RICO will be glad to step outside with you. Please turn your avatars in by 6! That is all!!!!! :drink

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