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5 hours ago, ChiliIrishHammock24 said:

Picking up my Model Y on Thursday. 😍

Just sold my 2019 Model 3 today with 32,000 miles for $50K. 100% is pretty great resale value to me. ;)

Told myself that it I could get $50K for it that I would upgrade to the Enhanced Auto Pilot package. If I had to sell it to Carvana/Vroom/Driveway that I would wait on it. Well, since I got the full $50K today, ya boy is getting those little extra convenience features. Hopefully my wife and I can get pregnant soon and make use out of this extra room.

Nice - the y is real nice. 

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If anyone was considering a Tesla, now would be a great time to buy after they just reduced the prices of their cars up to $13,000 off some models! And when you factor in the new tax incentives, you are talking about up to $20,000+ off the price of a new Model Y. Sales are going to go through the roof. I'm so glad I sold my Model 3 a few months ago because the used market prices are about to drop off a cliff. 😲

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