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  1. I don't want to derail the thread, but wasn't he found no guilty or whatever? I think the MLB just has beef with him over him consistently shitting on the league over the years.
  2. Left out he gave up the go ahead run!
  3. I agree 100%. It will wipe out some people's debt, but those people have been paying for years to get to that point. I know people who are 100K+ in debt. 10K is nice but it's not life changing. Next time some tax break for the rich comes up, we all should riot and file a lawsuit.
  4. Sounds legit to me. The amount of haters and people complaining about this is amazing though. They act like 10-20K is a lot of money. The people over the course of their loan probably pay that in interest alone. So the government is just giving back the profit's made on the loans.
  5. You guys can have your 600 million, I want my 2.04B 😃 You invest most of it if I'm correct. Holding f*** you money like that in a bank is dumb as it won't make any money at all.
  6. Yeah you take the 20 mil a year and build generational wealth every time. Do you want 100K now or a penny doubled every day for 30 days? I'm sure I'm butchering it but yall get the point.
  7. Kinda have to score to win a game though lol
  8. Also I just realized the Phillies were the last team in the postseason and are taking on the best team in the AL. Simply amazing!
  9. I could be out of line and I sorta mean this in jest but isn't that what Elmhurst practically is?
  10. Astros about to get x3 L'ed by the NL East 😃
  11. Wow this is accurate, Nationals, Braves, and potential Phillies. That's kind of crazy.
  12. The Yankees have to be lesser of two evils here, right?
  13. If they do that, you'll have riots. 1000%
  14. Just applied for debt relief, and requested a refund for payments made during COVID. It will be a nice influx of cash coming!
  15. Eminor should be in the Sox FO.
  16. This! I love Jose, but unfortunately the roster construction doesn't allow him to be here. If they trade Vaughn for some mlb talent, that could work too, but then Abreu is going to be 37 next year.
  17. I'd take that. Grandal is on his last legs, no pun intended. Might as well lock up a younger stud.
  18. Naylor is extremely unlikable, holy s%*#.
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