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  1. I am just not ready to jettison the team’s veteran leader based on a couple months of ABs. The track record is there and Abreu has always been a slow starter. I love Vaughn but I really don’t think he is ready for those big shoes.
  2. Abreu is far more valuable to this franchise than you realize.
  3. soxfaninfl

    TLR 2022 Thread

    This… and if not, someone needs to be whispering in his ear. Year 2 was always going to be more difficult.
  4. soxfaninfl

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    Mistype. Was going to edit but ah…
  5. soxfaninfl

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    All this griping about Dallas and Kimbrel. Yaz is back and showed up big time and Eloy with three walks???? Only good things can come from that. We have Lance in the hill tomorrow with Kopech, Tempura, and Hendricks ready to go in the pen. We will be fine. Relax and enjoy a win and a great comeback.
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    I don’t necessarily disagree with you. But I wasn’t comparing the teams. The landscape could look a lot different a month from now and what matters most is not how the Sox play now but then. I just know I feel about the same now as I did in September 2005. We have a chance but can we really beat (that team) when it matters? and you didn’t wake up a September morning in 2005 and think the Sox were going to blow a 15-game lead? Honestly, the thought crossed my mind more than I care to admit.
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    Been following game threads for a very long time and thought maybe we should put these games of late into some perspective. On August 2, 2005, Sox fans woke up to a 69-36 record and a whopping 15 game lead. By Sept. 23, that lead shrunk to a game and a half with a record of 91-61. The Sox finished the season winning 8 of their last 10 and the postseason was well, fantastic. Two points: One, do not get overly comfortable thinking the Central is decided even though this year's version of the Indians is probably not near as good as the 2005 team. The 2005 Indians won 93 games and I think it is a stretch that they will win even 90 games this year. Secondly, however, and more importantly, like all sports, how the team plays in September and beyond is so much more important than these games in August. I don't agree with Tony's decisions all the time but I do think he knows what lies ahead. We have a luxury no one else in our league has right now, especially the teams we have been playing the past couple of weeks. We have time to settle our bullpen, get Kimbrel accustom to his new role, get players rested and ready because we do have a September and probably an October this year. I would like to win more games too and have been frustrated with some of the results lately but I also believe this team may just be a different beast come Sept. 23. Every other team in the league would love to be in our position.
  8. Not putting too much into this game. Loss of concentration after Madrigal went down. It’s been happening all year. Get them tomorrow.
  9. Not going to disagree though I do really like Burnes, especially with some of the veterans on our staff... but I just think we need to get over this idea Vaughn is untouchable, I agree with the other poster. He is the one chip we could use in a possible trade.
  10. At some point we do need to realistic about Vaughn. I like Vaughn and, like many, I was really excited about him last spring but is there really a place for him on this team? I guess the vision is to use him as a DH and part-time fill for Abreu and he is a RH power bat in a lineup full of them. Abreu has shown no sign of decline and, yes, six years is a long time but if you can use him as a chip to bring in a pitcher like Burnes, you have to consider it, don't you??? I guess I just look at the market even now. Much easier to get a DH/1B than a starting pitcher.
  11. Honestly, if I was a Ranger fan, I would be upset with this trade and I could only imagine this board if the trade was in reverse. Sox just got a work horse and I refuse to believe trading for Lynn is not taking advantage of overselling Dunning. I liked Dane but seriously... doesn't anybody remember the hand-wringing of who was going to start game 3??? Lance Lynn is a stud.
  12. soxfaninfl

    AJ Hinch: does it matter to you that he cheated?

    This team does not need that distraction and that’s exactly what his hire would be.
  13. soxfaninfl

    Sox should replace Renteria with Ozzie Guillen

    It was just an amusing thought, not to be taken seriously. I am just not sure how I feel about Ozzie, honestly. He has a lot of baggage.
  14. soxfaninfl

    Sox should replace Renteria with Ozzie Guillen

    I do wonder how TA would respond to Ozzie as manager. Just a side thought....
  15. soxfaninfl

    Offseason Targets

    Just feel re-signing Colome is a must. I don't think the Sox want to play around with the backend of the bullpen and its hierarchy given how the season ended. Plus, Colome deserves it, Otherwise, try for Bauer and let that dictate the rest of the offseason?