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  1. SkokieSox

    2022 MLB Draft Thread

  2. SkokieSox

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    It’s cool because athletes can’t spread the Rona
  3. .279/.341/.400 This is not bad
  4. Got to get there first and he’s an asset in that process
  5. All the hate makes me love the move even more… dude’s a winner
  6. SkokieSox

    Predict a Settlement Date

    March 15… 2023
  7. SkokieSox

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    Dr. Fauci?
  8. SkokieSox

    Nitengale: La Russa "definitely" returning to the Sox

    I’m glad he’s coming back 🖕😎🖕
  9. SkokieSox

    2021 White Sox draft selections and signings thread

    They get married young in Indiana
  10. Love Lynn’s passion out there
  11. SkokieSox

    1998 Albert Belle

    I heard him in a interview credit a bellman or somebody recommending he choke up on the bat a half inch. I don’t recall all the details, but essentially said he got hot after that.
  12. Vax doesn’t prevent infection, it’s primary endpoint was hospitalization rate.
  13. SkokieSox

    Mariners president and CEO Kevin Mather's Zoom Call

    Executives need to learn that Zoom calls aren’t just between you, your attendees, China, and the NSA anymore... it’s an open forum with delayed release.