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  1. SkokieSox

    A Realistic Offseason

    Strasburg 5 years $200 mil
  2. SkokieSox

    Will the Sox be able to retain J Ben?

    Steve Stone and him seem to be really good friends.
  3. SkokieSox

    2020 RF options

    Didi Gregorius
  4. Benetti earning his money tonight, watching on mute
  5. SkokieSox

    Don Cooper’s Eventual Replacement

    Thanks! Didn’t realize, very promising! I’ll try finding that article.
  6. SkokieSox

    Don Cooper’s Eventual Replacement

    He’s a good story! I don’t know much about his capability to be a great pitching coach. Is there some background that suggests he’s the guy?
  7. SkokieSox

    Rutherford vs. Walker

    Regarding Rutherford’s power concerns, this was a quote from last year. Does anyone know if Rutherford still trains with Yelich in the offseason? If so, I’m willing to be patient and let him continue learning his swing. "He's always been known as a line-drive hitter, gap to gap. Hits the ball hard," Rutherford said of Yelich. "He said it's always easier to be a good hitter and be able to hit the ball hard to both fields. "As I get stronger and I learn my swing and approach better, those line drives will take off and become homers. He tells me to work on being a gap-to-gap hitter and being an all-around hitter, and then let the power come when it comes."
  8. SkokieSox

    We need Ozzie right now more than ever

    I doubt Vizquel is managing in the minors because he’s bored. Promotion to AA looks like the plan is to stay with the future core.
  9. SkokieSox

    ***Day 1 MLB Draft Thread***

    Vaughn sounded like a no bullshit, cool dude
  10. SkokieSox

    Eloy's Camp Unhappy: Grievance Possible

    There’s 25 guys on the roster, why does he have a right to a spot that will be taken away from one of them? These are players that are developing and essentially showcasing for a future role. I’m excited about Eloy, don’t mind that he’s pushing to come up. With that said, he isn’t entitled to anything. That’s the price of being an employee.
  11. SkokieSox

    Once Again, Fire Ricky Renteria

    I admittedly do not follow the minor leagues very closely, but I have to think excessive bunting has more to do with development than anything else. I could very well be wrong, it would seemingly also fit Omar's style of play.
  12. SkokieSox

    Once Again, Fire Ricky Renteria

    I am a big fan, but I'm sure Ozzie had something to do with it. They went the opposite.
  13. SkokieSox

    2018-2019 J2 Intl Signing Period - White Sox Preview

    Miguel Tejada Jr is interesting. It was mentioned he’s not in the top 50 of international prospects, but he’s 15 years old. If he takes $300,000 put him in the system.
  14. SkokieSox

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Blake Swihart still a catcher, or relegated to utility? Looks like the BoSox are ready to deal him.