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  1. SkokieSox

    AJ Hinch: does it matter to you that he cheated?

    Abreu and other seasoned vets were provided an opportunity to discuss the team and their needs prior to the trade deadline... I’m sure they may have some say in who they’d like the next manager to be. For all we know, their voice led to RR being let go in the first place. They aren’t driving to boat, but I’m sure there is some synergy between the players and FO.
  2. SkokieSox

    Offseason Targets

    That’s totally fair, and I’m good with it if it shakes out that way.
  3. SkokieSox

    Offseason Targets

  4. SkokieSox

    Offseason Targets

    Bauer could be a TOR starter that positively influences the young starters. I think we have the depth, we need to make sure we don’t discount who is working with them. For all the criticism Coop gets, he does work well with our pitchers in building confidence. If we can mesh that with an analytics type of approach, it may be the best of both worlds. Could be a disaster, I realize... but winning cures all woes, and I’m onboard with this gamble.
  5. SkokieSox

    Are Dunning and/or Cease Slotted into the 2021 Starting Rotation?

    I hope that pitching coach is Bauer
  6. SkokieSox

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    At least he saw 3 batters
  7. SkokieSox

    Fire Ricky

    RR has lost the fan base, but I have to believe that he’s losing the clubhouse as well. They might like him, but they’re competitors first and foremost.
  8. Great point. Limping into the playoffs with a young team spells 1 and out. Momentum is absolutely key.
  9. I don’t disagree necessarily, but he doesn’t have that fire. Fulmer could still throw hard too. Maybe he has something left in the tank, but honestly, he just feels done. Seemed like that even before this latest injury.
  10. Not Rodon’s fault, nonetheless, he’s done
  11. SkokieSox

    AL MVP Race

    Remember when everyone was pissed that Abreu was extended?
  12. SkokieSox

    White Sox @ Pirates - 9/8/20 - 6:05 CT

    Love Madrigal! With that said... his base running last night may have cost the game. Both throw outs are in him.
  13. SkokieSox


    and just taking a walk in general with the bases loaded
  14. SkokieSox

    Trevor Bauer Breaks down Giolito's No-No

    Sign him, want him talking with our guys
  15. SkokieSox


    I liked the pick and like the call up. With that said, his attitude was poor when not breaking with the team. I get it, I want a competitor that’s confident. But he was not owed anything, should’ve been more gracious imo. That chip on his shoulder looks to be translating into pressing in his at bats. He’ll come around, but he lacks some of the maturity I had presumed was already part of his arsenal.