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    Sox vs. Yankees - 6/13 7:10pm

    I feel like his delivery has a little Matt Thornton to it. Has he always had this delivery?
  2. SoxFanForever

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    That we can agree on!
  3. SoxFanForever

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    They are good enough to win half their games? Based on what?
  4. SoxFanForever

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Time to slip further into irrelevance.
  5. SoxFanForever

    Game of Thrones

    Anyone think that Cersei might go mad queen instead of Dany? Perhaps via her own craziness or through a Bran warging situation? Would be an interesting choice if she falls out of power through the same means she rose to power.
  6. SoxFanForever

    Sox @ Indians; 5:10pm CT 05/07

  7. SoxFanForever

    Sox @ Indians; 5:10pm CT 05/07

    Oh f*** off Rick.
  8. SoxFanForever

    Game of Thrones

    He was in a flashback learning about his 120 year old wheelchair probably!
  9. SoxFanForever

    Game of Thrones

    Maybe Bran is warged into thousands of birds and dive bombing the Iron Fleet.
  10. I think you mean Alex.
  11. SoxFanForever

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    So is everyone pumped for the Boylan extension or what?
  12. SoxFanForever

    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Was really hoping GB would get Hockenson. I think Savage will be good but Gary seems like more of an unsure thing. I just really hope they focus on OL and WR the rest of the draft.
  13. SoxFanForever

    Better Late Than Never Gamethread

    Mercifully were off tomorrow
  14. SoxFanForever

    What Now?

    Banuelos is 28 and Covey will be 28 this season. I don't really think they count as "youngsters" at this point. They are just placeholders.
  15. SoxFanForever

    Sox Win!

    Agreed. He's starting in high A so even at top speed it probably wouldn't be until September at the earliest.
  16. SoxFanForever


    It says in the article you linked 😂
  17. SoxFanForever

    March 31st 2019 White Sox vs. Royals

    Palka just looks lost.
  18. SoxFanForever

    March 31st 2019 White Sox vs. Royals

    Guy walks two previous batters, swing at first pitch. Ok!
  19. SoxFanForever

    White Sox Sign Alcides Escobar

    The money will be spent!
  20. SoxFanForever

    Who is your top 2019-20 free agent target

    You want to pay Verlander $37 million a year?
  21. SoxFanForever

    2019 fan engagement poll

    I voted for "I will attend less games or buy less merchandise" mainly because my friends and I were foolish enough to get opening day tickets when we thought there was hope for Manny/Bryce still. I am unlikely to attend any games after that or pay much attention to the team unless something changes significantly.
  22. SoxFanForever

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    He is definitely hearing about it from shack and others on how bs his tweet is.
  23. SoxFanForever

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

  24. SoxFanForever

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Just read that as well. The whole thing is one giant gut punch. One of the comments at the bottom is especially devastating... "5/$68 million is the largest ever given by the White Sox. 24 teams currently have at least 1 player with a larger contract (many are substantially larger), 17 teams have at least 2 players with larger contracts than has EVER been given by the White Sox once ever. Only 3 teams have stayed below the White Sox largest contract (CLE, OAK, PIT)."
  25. SoxFanForever


    I stopped reading when you compared Bryce to Adam F'ing Dunn.