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  1. I've heard before that a lot of outfielders think CF is the easiest to play
  2. yoan the secret weapon moncada with a big chance here
  3. they said on the chgo pregame show that he tried to shadow hamels
  4. As an administrator, I'm here to do whatever you need (In the bounds of good taste)...Just so you guys know...if you want your name changed or something else like that that only an admin can change that I can't think of at the moment, just leave us a message and we'll get to it.
  5. Heads22

    GT 8/2: You'll get nothing and like it

    left handed power!!!!
  6. Heads22

    GT 8/2: You'll get nothing and like it

    who needs shohei
  7. ground ball to short or third here?
  8. can't even get hit by a pitch correctly
  9. another non competitive at bat wonder what ozzie is saying on the spanish broadcast
  10. amazing in its own sad way
  11. Good thing we've picked up a left handed reliever to help this team out where it needs it the most
  12. in theory, these are the guys we want up in theory
  13. nice inning by jose
  14. winning run picked off of third on a walk
  15. Apparently the Twins just pulled a Leury, Colorado Style
  16. that fourth out really fucked us
  17. andrew.....can't miss that fastball down the middle man. jeez
  18. If I'm Coleman I don't throw anything below the numbers
  19. I have visions of TA hitting something low hard here. Could be gas, too.