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    The Republican Thread

    QUOTE (Controlled Chaos @ Oct 23, 2008 -> 08:27 AM) Will MSM Report on Obama Membership in Socialist New Party? Proof of Obama's membership in the New Party was discovered by the Politically Drunk On Power blog [4]: I read this post several times, and although it spoke of this party's endorsement of Obama, and Obama's attendance at a party function as Alice Palmer's chief of staff, I didn't see any evidence of Obama's actual membership in this party. What "proof" did I miss?
  2. clyons

    Rod Blagojevich

    QUOTE (lostfan @ Oct 23, 2008 -> 03:27 PM) Oh if he really wanted to piss everyone in the state off, he could appoint himself to Obama's position. That'd be awesome. Actually, I have heard talk about this for awhile. Not only could he appoint himself Senator, but as a Senator, traditional "senatorial courtesy" would dictate that he could influence the appointment of the new U.S. attorney charged with his potential prosecution. Although I wouldn't put an attempt at such a scheme past Blago, I really can't see Durbin or Obama allowing that to happen.
  3. clyons

    The Democrat Thread

    QUOTE (Athomeboy_2000 @ Oct 23, 2008 -> 06:51 PM) The Bushie defections continue: Former Press Secretary Scott McClellan Endorses Obama I think McClellan defected awhile ago, back when his book was published.
  4. clyons

    The Democrat Thread

    QUOTE (Athomeboy_2000 @ Oct 22, 2008 -> 06:47 AM) McCain Low on Cash? Oh, man. This might meant Gov. Palin's new clothes will have to come from Kohl's instead of Saks. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/20...wait-until.html ps. Hope she knows that the $150,000 wardrobe is taxable!
  5. clyons

    Halloween Costumes

    QUOTE (kjshoe04 @ Oct 21, 2008 -> 11:55 AM) My friends all want to dress up as a different kind of Mario. Which one should I be? The one from Saved by the Bell who was also on Dancing with the Stars. You'll score for sure. All the chicks seem to dig him.
  6. clyons

    The Democrat Thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Oct 21, 2008 -> 02:21 PM) Of course, dude. Yeah, I got it as soon as I read it again. Brain's working slow today.
  7. I love the Fall and especially the Fall Classic. Every year, following a weekend afternoon outside raking leaves, I make a big pot of chili that I start in on during the late football games and nosh on throughout the Series. Keeping with tradition, I'll be rooting for the AL team with my windows open. Rays in six.
  8. clyons

    The Democrat Thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Oct 21, 2008 -> 12:22 PM) So what I gather from your post is you hate women who are with politicians? Yo, Steve. Was this meant as a joke? (About politicos' wives, I mean).
  9. clyons

    The Democrat Thread

    I'm kind of embarassed to admit this--and it wouldn't make a difference in how I voted in the least--but something about Cindy McCain really makes my skin crawl. Maybe I can't get past an unfounded, rich/Barbie-doll/trophy-second wife stereotype, and that's unfair. I wasn't much of a fan of Nancy Reagan or Tipper Gore either, and Michelle Obama's "proud of her country for the first time" remark was classically stupid, but I really can't wait for this woman to go away. Maybe its the way the McCain camp has cast her as a hypocritical, media-attack dog that is unfair. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/...ia-viciousness/
  10. clyons

    Alpha Dog Appeal Turned Down

    FWIW, that was a pretty good movie as well as an interesting case.
  11. clyons

    The Republican Thread

    QUOTE (Alpha Dog @ Oct 19, 2008 -> 08:21 PM) With all the talk on the fringes of the left about McCain's medical records and such, has anyone looked at Biden's records? he had near-fatal aneurysms in 1988. And he has also not released HIS medical records. Maybe a few MSM papers can remove somebody fro the Joe the Plumber beat and look into it. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1008/14700.html Biden's medical records were released today. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5h3STB5J...pRbWQAD93UC5VG0 They say he's in good health.
  12. clyons

    Official 2008-2009 NFL Thread

    Geez, I just saw that tonight's primetime game is Tampa Bay v. Seattle. I'll bet NBC is ecstatic about that. Looks like my remote will get a rest after the workout I gave it last night switching between the ALCS, the Blackhawks, and college football.
  13. clyons

    The Democrat Thread

    QUOTE (Athomeboy_2000 @ Oct 19, 2008 -> 08:30 AM) Colin Powell just endorsed Obama for President Perhaps not a big surprise, but huge nevertheless. Warren Buffet from economics/finance; Colin Powell from foreign affairs/defense. Possibly the two names most well known on main street in those respective areas. I think this will help sway a lot of undecideds. Also, I heard Powell did this on Meet the Press, but I always thought that aired live. I guess I'm wrong?
  14. This is unbelievable. Off with Ted Turner's head!!!
  15. clyons

    Mark Wahlberg and the Donkey bunch

    QUOTE (LosMediasBlancas @ Oct 18, 2008 -> 04:01 AM) Um, I'm pretty sure Wahlberg was joking. Maybe, but if so, he was less funny than the sketch.
  16. clyons

    Caption this pic

    "It was yay big and made me gag like this." * This caption, despite its obvious "bad-taste," was made for attempted comedic purposes only, and was not meant to impugn John McCain, Barack Obama, or any of their respective supporters, or to imply that any of the foregoing are necessarily homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that). Please don't ban me.
  17. clyons

    Denis Savard fired

    QUOTE (MurcieOne @ Oct 17, 2008 -> 06:22 PM) Firing Savvy makes Kaner Cry. http://blogs.chicagosports.chicagotribune....onal-times.html I feel bad for the kid, which is still what Kaner is. Plus, its refreshing in this era when most pro-jocks are jaded, self-important assholes to have seen a reaction like this. That said, I'd give him hell for being a wussy if I was a fan of another team, even though he plays like anything but.
  18. clyons

    (Color)-Out Games

    Illinois has done "Paint the [Assembly] Hall Orange" nights for hoops and its been awesome. FWIW, I think this should be reserved for playoff games, or at least hugely important divisional/conference games, or else it loses its luster. The Bears doing it in October against the Vikings doesn't get me too excited.
  19. clyons

    Palin's Other Man Revealed

    QUOTE (Texsox @ Oct 16, 2008 -> 10:03 AM) We tell politicians that it is ok to be less than trustworthy and honest in some areas, but not others. We deserve what we get when the lines blur and they are dishonest. Not to further hijack this thread, but I think that this is a problem that is inherent with a republican system of government, in which our leaders are elected from among us. "We the people" are human and therefore flawed. Not all of us are outright criminals, of course, but most are "less than trustworthy and honest in some areas", whether it be with respect to disobeying speed limits, surfing the internet at work, taking creative liberties with our tax returns, or keeping the incorrect change handed over by some clueless cashier. Its sort of a Catch-22 of democracy that we want our leaders to be "one of us," and yet better than us at the same time. To a degree, some dishonesty in politics will always be inevitable because "power corrupts," and the faithful and the sober are not immune from its effects, even if the cheaters and carousers are more vulnerable. Nevertheless, it should NEVER be tolerated, accepted or condoned. That's not what I'm saying at all. IMO, we "deserve what we get" only when we fail to provide proper oversight and accountability, and therefore create an environment where shenanagins can go unnoticed or be ignored or excused; not by sending flawed, imperfect people to Washington who then act imperfectly once there. Sadly, that's probably always going to happen despite our best efforts to screen it by voting only "honest" people in. Therefore, imo, we should focus our most intense scrutinty on our officials' present behavior, rather than their pasts (especially with respect to unrelated, personal indiscretions like adultery), as past behavior is not always indicative of future performance, and, in any event, everyone has warts and skeletons to some degree.
  20. clyons

    Obama vs. McCain Debate III

    QUOTE (lostfan @ Oct 16, 2008 -> 08:27 AM) Rock Star Obama Thanks. Sadly, I am old and not hip to all the cool lingo.
  21. clyons

    Obama vs. McCain Debate III

    QUOTE (kapkomet @ Oct 16, 2008 -> 06:53 AM) The difference between anytime before now and now is RSO is openly campaigning, flat out saying, I am giving money to poor people from the rich - flat out - there's no mistaking it. I certainly haven't heard this said "flat out," but then I haven't been paying as much attention lately. Maybe you meant it as hyberpole, but to me a "flat out" statement means a direct, unambiguous quote. Do you have one? I'm not saying he hasn't said this, I'm just curious to hear/read it myself. Does this relate to what McCain said last night about Obama wanting to spread the wealth? Also, I get that "RSO" is Obama, but what is that supposed to stand for?
  22. clyons

    Obama vs. McCain Debate III

    I haven't paid super close attention, but it seems to me that McCain has done a much better job in this one than the others.
  23. clyons

    Palin's Other Man Revealed

    QUOTE (Alpha Dog @ Oct 15, 2008 -> 05:02 PM) You also have to figure in the attitude of society at the time. When W was drinkin and stuff, there wasn't the social stigma that there is today. A lot of people excused drinking and driving, and even drug use up until some time in the 80's. That doesn't excuse it, just explains it. If he were dwi today, that would be pretty bad (unless he was in LA, since they seem to let every famous person go scott free). However, he did those things when he was younger, and not when he was in office, with the possability that someone could use that information or activity as leverage to get him to act a certan way. Doing that crap while in office is a sure way to get blackmailed, or maybe recruited by a spy as an asset. Now all that said, I just have a question. If W's younger activities turn you off, why doesn't Obama's admitted drug use do the same? I disagree with the first part of this post big time. To me, that's a cop out. In my eyes, what makes people most admirable ("role models," if you will) is a willingness to stand up and do what's right (and not do what's wrong) regardless of what is currently popular or "the attitude of society at the time." When I think of a good example of a role model, I think of attorney Atticus Finch from "To Kill a Mockingbird," who, at great risk to himself and his family, went against societal stigmas to do what he believed was right. DUI is and always has been illegal; "everybody does it" or "its not a big deal" doesn't lessen the offense. It, like adultery, is wrong; period. But at least adultery is not against the law (10 commandments aside) or a direct threat to the public safety (STD's aside). That said, I don't think adulterers, drunk drivers, or drug abusers make good role models, and I am equally turned off by W's dui, Obama's drugs, and Bubba's cheating. Which is to say even though I don't like it, none of that would, by itself, keep me from voting for any of them. Again, I stopped looking to politicians (and athletes, and celebrities) as role models a long time ago. I vote for a chief executive, not the Kiwanis Man of the Year. All real human beings are imperfect, and most have done something they're not proud of. Maybe that's why I've had to resort to works of fiction to find a decent "role model."