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  1. 22+ years here, and none of the benches that my gym's have ever had, have had adjustable safety bars for any of their fixed bench stations
  2. Safe True, and if you are so fatigued that the bar is literally stuck on your chest, the safety bars aren't helping you at that point
  3. nathanbusch

    GT 5/31 G2: SOX @ INDIANS

    13 hits the entire year, Grandal may very well be the worst player I can remember over a 2 month period in a long long time, horrendous framing, constant catcher interferences 40+% strikeout ratio, just God awful, reminds me of Dunn's first year on the Whitesox
  4. nathanbusch

    Sox at Yanks 4/18

    Makes no sense, they take 10x as long on replays that actually look 100x more convincing
  5. nathanbusch

    White Sox vs. Seattle

    The fact that Duke is still pitching reinforces the fact that Ventura is a complete bottom of the barrel manager
  6. nathanbusch

    Sox (29-28) vs Nats (34-23)

    What a bum, looks like he's throwing batting practice out there, wild batting practice
  7. nathanbusch

    6/5 - White Sox @ Tigers Game Thread

    Don't worry - they'll score 1 or 2 late when the game is completely out of reach
  8. nathanbusch

    6/1/16 Game Thread - White Sox @ Mets

    QUOTE (pittshoganerkoff @ Jun 1, 2016 -> 02:02 PM) The Mets have left 17 runners on today. they haven't even had 17 runners on base...
  9. nathanbusch

    6/1/16 Game Thread - White Sox @ Mets

    I honestly would have rather watched gonzalez hit
  10. nathanbusch

    State of IL Sox License Plates

    Mine just showed up
  11. nathanbusch

    4/16 GT: Sox @ Indians, Buehrle v. Talbot

    QUOTE (gatnom @ Apr 16, 2010 -> 07:10 PM) Thanks. Thought it would be a bit higher, actually. It just seems like we only score via the home run. Thats because his math is off, its 46 runs according to his total, and 26 from the homerun, which equals 56.5 percent
  12. nathanbusch

    4/11 GT: Sox vs. Twins, Buehrle vs. Blackburn

    QUOTE (jphat007 @ Apr 11, 2010 -> 02:12 PM) The bottom five in our lineup all hitting under .200. To be fair, we only have 2 players hitting above .200
  13. nathanbusch

    4/11 GT: Sox vs. Twins, Buehrle vs. Blackburn

    QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Apr 11, 2010 -> 01:47 PM) Twins win 5 of 6 on the road against 2 possible playoff caliber teams to start the season. Not bad. They played the Angels 4 times, and then us, who's the other playoff caliber team you speak of?
  14. QUOTE (SoxFan1 @ Apr 10, 2010 -> 02:42 PM) We've hit like 7 home runs. More like 4.
  15. nathanbusch

    O's @ Sox 8-23 1:05 CSN

    It's too embarrassing to comment on