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    40 Man at 39, what do you do with the last spot?

    QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 08:39 PM) I find it humorous that every trade or potential free agent signing has now become a “flip” scenario I think it's the position the Sox are in that creates this mindset, as a rebuilding club the Sox are not a very attractive location for the top line free agents that are looking to sign with a contender. This forces Hahn & Co. to look for FAs that are either good value signings or someone that will sign a short-term contract to rebuild their value in hopes of getting moved to a contender or line up a bigger pay day next offseason. For the next couple of years the Sox are basically going to have to go dumpster diving during free agency, might as well target some players that Coop has a chance to work with and maybe catch lightning in a bottle.
  2. Bruce_Blixton

    40 Man at 39, what do you do with the last spot?

    I voted for a starting pitcher, I'm surprised Andrew Cashner hasn't been signed yet. Could make a pretty solid flip candidate to a contender at the deadline.
  3. Bruce_Blixton

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    Anyone else interested in Realmuto a little more than Yelich? I think he could be an anchor for our defense and lineup for years to come and could come at a cheaper price than Yelich. Maybe Cease+Collins+Dunning could work? Miami could sell it to fans as a couple of local (*Florida) kids coming back home in Collins and Dunning and it wouldn't deplete our system too much.
  4. Bruce_Blixton

    Yolmer Sanchez

    QUOTE (TheFutureIsNear @ Jul 20, 2017 -> 12:17 PM) What would you really expect in return for Yolmer? At best I think it would be a prayer on a "Coop'll fix 'em" type relief pitcher. Can't see it being anything significant in return. Sucks Luery got hurt for so long. He would have been the guy to cash in on in my opinion. I think trading Yolmer would be a great way of getting a couple of younger arms to replenish our bullpen (especially since Burdi went down), like other posters have mentioned the Angels would be a great fit for Yolmer to pair with Simmons up the middle. Their system is pretty weak but they do have some interesting names that could help us in the short and long term, Eduardo Paredes is a 22 year-old right hander that has put up some really strong numbers in the minors and is currently wasting away in the Angels bullpen. I think he could step in right away and eat up some of the innings that Swarzak and Beck have been eating up, plus some scouting reports on him indicate that he could eventually close down the line. In addition to Paredes, I'd also try to get another piece or two, maybe Conor Lillis-White who has been an impressive lefty so far out of the pen in their minors or maybe we can swing Jose Suarez an undersized, crafty 19 year old lefty with some projectability.
  5. Bruce_Blixton

    Which trio of SP's will have the highest career WAR?

    Accidentally misread the title as "highest career ERA" and voted for Giolito, Lopez and Fulmer, having actually read the title I'd switch my vote to Kopech, Stephens, etc.
  6. Bruce_Blixton

    7/14 Games (Fulmer, Kopech, Dunning)

    I know that DSL stats are practically meaningless but I've been taking notice of Kleyder Sanchez, only 17 years old but has been playing catcher and batting third or fourth in every game that he's appeared in. Definitely someone I'll be keeping an eye on next year.
  7. Bruce_Blixton

    6/26 games

    QUOTE (Sleepy Harold @ Jun 26, 2017 -> 10:38 AM) I'm very excited to get the chance to watch Alec Hanson and his marvelous pitch-face tonight. At least he doesn't have resting pitch-face.
  8. Bruce_Blixton

    6/25 games

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 26, 2017 -> 10:30 AM) Zach Collins isn't blocking anyone at this point. I hope so, but people do succumb to the sunken cost fallacy. Collins still has a chance to turn things around too.
  9. Bruce_Blixton

    6/25 games

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jun 25, 2017 -> 12:55 PM) Zavala vs. Collins, discuss...Collins all the way down to .210, Zavala with second homer of the weekend. Late starts for most games. The similarities between Yan Gomes and Seby are getting eerie, both were athletic players in college that played multiple positions but ended up being drafted as catchers. Both were drafted later in the draft and not considered top prospects and now both appear to be blocked within their respective systems by top catching prospects. (Gomes was blocked by Travis D'Arnaud in TOR and Zavala being blocked by Collins.) Now I'm not saying that Zavala is going to turn out to be Gomes but they do have a lot of similarities. Hopefully Hahn is smart enough to give Zavala time to develop and even surpass Collins rather than trade him away for peanuts like TOR did with Gomes.
  10. Bruce_Blixton

    Day Two Draft Discussion

    Would love Garrett Mitchell here.
  11. Bruce_Blixton

    Painful and Difficult situation

    QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Jun 10, 2017 -> 08:01 AM) Highly highly doubt he only falls to rounds 3 or 4 I'm pretty sure he was projected to go in the 3rd or 4th before this revelation, I think he's going to go way later in the draft if he gets drafted at all. I agree with other posters sentiments, people deserve second chances in life especially when they do something regrettable as a teenager. What he did was reprehensible but he should be allowed to show that he has reformed before being cast aside.
  12. Bruce_Blixton

    6/9 Games

    Spencer Adams with a Maddux, been very impressive this year.
  13. Bruce_Blixton

    2017 MLB DRAFT

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jun 1, 2017 -> 08:22 PM) It would be pretty funny if they took Peterson and he became the next Mark Buehrle....after spending all this time debating collegiate hitters. Then they used some of the cost savings to double down and find another potential stud in the second round. Obviously a much bigger pitcher with a better fastball, but certainly not a Sale/flamethrower type either. I think Peterson is a closer comp to Kyle Freeland, an unheralded college lefty that pitched himself into the top 10 with a dominant junior season. I don't think it would be a huge stretch to see Peterson go higher than has been projected and I wouldn't be overly disappointed with the Sox taking him either if Haseley, Smith, Addell and Beck are gone.
  14. Bruce_Blixton

    2017 MLB DRAFT

    QUOTE (beautox @ May 23, 2017 -> 03:02 AM) WARD: Mock Draft 3.0 After watching Faedo's last outing versus UK, I'm starting to sour on him. Don't really like his delivery and his stuff isn't that impressive. I'm starting to get intrigued with David Peterson, 6'6" lefty with excellent command. Also the more I read and see of Austin Beck, the more I like him even though I'm a little wary of our ability to develop position players.
  15. Bruce_Blixton

    5/8 games

    I'm not freaking out about Giolito yet, his recent struggles remind me a lot of Gavin Floyd when he was coming up. A highly touted high school pitcher and first round pick that seemingly lost his confidence once he hit AAA and the MLB resulting in Phillies fans throwing in the towel on him way too early. I've tempered my expectations with Giolito and don't see him as a top line starter anymore but I think the development staff can get a Floyd-type pitcher out of him, it's just going to take some time like it did with Floyd.