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  1. palehose1

    9-23 Game Thread: Sox @ Cleveland (5:10 PM)

    I don't thinks its a lack of caring, I think a lot of guys are pressing like Robert, EE and TA. Even though its "Justin" Bieber on the mound for Cleveland I truly believe we will win tonight
  2. palehose1

    Sox vs Twins 9/17 1:10

    2020 has been a shit year UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B
  3. palehose1

    Tim Anderson's Don't Come Along Often

    The tangibles (statistics) are obvious, Tim is one of the best all around shortstops in baseball. I love the intangibles just as much. He is energetic and displays strong leadership skills. He inspires his teammates. We have some of the best leadership examples on the South Side than I have seen in a long time- Anderson, Abreu and McCAnn. Hard to measure but you know it when you see it.
  4. palehose1

    Time to pull out the Ray Rayner White Sox/Cubs Helmet

    i rooted for the Indians in 2016 vs cubs as there was no direct impact on the Sox. Tonight I will root for the Indians to lose because it helps the Sox. I, like most Sox fans, know a few knowledgeable Cub fans and we trade friendly barbs... but growing up on the SW side of Chicago, living in the SW burbs but working up North I have had my fill of most Cub fans. They will will not get past the Padres or Dodgers this year and then its time for another rebuild or another retool for them.
  5. palehose1

    Do you keep playing EE or Mazara?

    lineups in for tonight McCann catching, Engel right field - Mazara and EE on bench. Yas is DH Good start
  6. palehose1

    Time to pull out the Ray Rayner White Sox/Cubs Helmet

    Been wearing it proudly since October 2016
  7. palehose1

    Do you keep playing EE or Mazara?

    Time to move on from Mazara who has had over 40 games to establish himself. I wish we had a viable lefty option for RF but I'll take a fundamentally sound player like Engel over what we have be watching. Mazara was walking toward the bench last night on a caught looking strikeout before the ball reached the catchers mitt.
  8. palehose1

    Sox playoff chances sit at 100%, 3rd in AL for WS odds

    I know its a small consideration but I wish the AL played in Texas and not CA. Less adjustment for the White Sox, better time zone for Sox fans, better history playing in Texas vs CA.
  9. palehose1

    8/12 Game Thread Sox@ Detroit finale noon start

    Moncada not in lineup- looked gimpy last night, hopefully nothing serious
  10. palehose1


    To me, it is more about getting Delmonico out of the line up and pushing Leury more to the outfield
  11. palehose1

    Anyone Remember Much about the 2000 White Sox?

    I remember the slogan for 1999 and into the 2000 season was "The Kids can Play". The 2000 season was a surprising, fun team to watch after the disappointing seasons of 1994 (strike) through 1999. All the young talent started to come together- Carlos Lee, Magglio, Chris Singleton, Konerko, Buehrle, etc. Some of that group would comprise the core of the 2005 Championship team Frank Thomas had an MVP season but was robbed of the award by steroid boy Giambi. I also remember Lou Pinella, Seattle Manager, absolutely schooling Jerry Manuel in the playoffs. It was like a man fighting a boy.
  12. palehose1

    Luis Aparicio

    Little Looie, turns 86 today, the last living starter from the 1959 World Series team. Only a few role players are left like Lou Skizas & J.C. Martin who both had a cup of coffee with the 59 Sox. Luis was the first baseball player I met, along with Pete Ward in the summer of 1969 when they showed up to sign autographs at the store behind my house on the Southwest Side. As a 7 year old that was when I became a White Sox fan for life. Best of health to you Luis, one of the Sox (and baseball's) best.
  13. palehose1

    Sox on YouTube

    That Tigers team was a pile of garbage both in talent as well as character. Robert Fick, Bobby Higginson, cheap shot Juan Samuel (coach). The only good thing was that we would consistently beat them.
  14. palehose1

    RIP Ed Farmer

    This is as good as it gets. The Sox are World Series Champions, and Chicago: Go crazy!" RIP Ed,
  15. palehose1

    RIP Ed Farmer

    He certainly fulfilled a dream- a kid from the South Side of Chicago pitching for the White Sox, making an All Star game and then being a Sox broadcaster for 30 years.