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  1. palehose1

    RIP Dick Allen

    Very sad, only 78. I first started watching White Sox baseball in the early 1970's and loved that team with Allen, Melton, May, Wood, etc. The A's were just a little better. I met him at the 2012 Ceremony honoring his 1972 season at the Stadium Club in 2012. 2020 has been extra tough on baseball players with all of the greats that have passed on....
  2. palehose1

    2021 Ticket Prices Increasing?

    Our Rep also stated that Season ticket holders will get first priority in a limited capacity scenario
  3. palehose1

    2021 Ticket Prices Increasing?

    We have 4 seats behind the visitor on deck circle, took a couple of decades to move there so we will always hold on to them. Earlier in the year the Sox offered a 2020 payment refund or 5% more if you roll over your deposits. Since we knew we would renew we rolled our 2020 payments over. A couple a weeks ago I received an invoice for about $1500 and asked my rep why when we had 105% paid in. He stated that our seats went up 10-11%. That's the largest increase I ever remember but I think 2006 was close to that. I agree with previous posters that you can usually make some money back on the Cubs/ Yanks / Red Sox. Any summer weekend games, esp. Saturday, you usually can can your money back or make a little. Its the April and September weekday games against division opponents or weak teams that you take a bath on. The one nice thing is when the Sox are in contention September can be decent too.
  4. Wow- I would never want to cross Balta! Seriously -good work here, this is the one way that Jerry might understand the arrogance of his ways.
  5. I agree this is how this turns out. Jerrys arrogance underestimated the blowback considerably
  6. Bochy was my first choice. Sandy Alomar is worth a look. Sam Fuld is a rising talent. The other ironic thing is I received my season ticket invoices a few days ago with a 10% increase??? Really? After the 2005 series I think they raised prices 7%. Ballsy move.
  7. I truly believe Tony will step down either through his own volition or from pressure from the organization. I have no sources other that common sense has to prevail. This hire has been a PR disaster from the very start. The hiring has made the organization look out of touch on multiple levels, its time to admit it and recover. There is no other way out.
  8. palehose1

    Rick Hahn is Sporting News Executive of the Year

    Its interesting that the award is based on fellow executives votes (not media)
  9. palehose1

    Jose Abreu is Sporting News Player of the Year

    I think this award means something since the players themselves make the votes. Congrats Jose, even though 2020 ended in frustration, this was a fun season led by Jose & TA.
  10. palehose1

    Don Cooper appreciation thread

    I don't think we would have won in 2005 without Cooper, I will always appreciate what he did for this franchise. I do think its time for a change and the game has passed Cooper on. I used to like to listen to him at Cork & Kerry on Western in Beverly at his Sunday night shows. He was lots fun on commercial breaks where he would be more open with his comments. The man would drain a full Miller Lite bottle in one swallow during a commercial break, now that is talent!!
  11. palehose1

    Sox @ A’s - Wildcard Game 3 - 2:10

    Poor bullpen management buried Ricky earlier. Should have not started Dunning if the leash was that short. Walking a bench player to load the bases for Foster was a ridiculously stupid move
  12. palehose1

    9-23 Game Thread: Sox @ Cleveland (5:10 PM)

    I don't thinks its a lack of caring, I think a lot of guys are pressing like Robert, EE and TA. Even though its "Justin" Bieber on the mound for Cleveland I truly believe we will win tonight
  13. palehose1

    Sox vs Twins 9/17 1:10

    2020 has been a shit year UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B
  14. palehose1

    Tim Anderson's Don't Come Along Often

    The tangibles (statistics) are obvious, Tim is one of the best all around shortstops in baseball. I love the intangibles just as much. He is energetic and displays strong leadership skills. He inspires his teammates. We have some of the best leadership examples on the South Side than I have seen in a long time- Anderson, Abreu and McCAnn. Hard to measure but you know it when you see it.
  15. palehose1

    Time to pull out the Ray Rayner White Sox/Cubs Helmet

    i rooted for the Indians in 2016 vs cubs as there was no direct impact on the Sox. Tonight I will root for the Indians to lose because it helps the Sox. I, like most Sox fans, know a few knowledgeable Cub fans and we trade friendly barbs... but growing up on the SW side of Chicago, living in the SW burbs but working up North I have had my fill of most Cub fans. They will will not get past the Padres or Dodgers this year and then its time for another rebuild or another retool for them.