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  1. palehose1

    2005 Championship team and WAR....

    I loved that 2005 team but what a weak bench! Widger, Timo Perez, Geoff Blum, Willie Harris and Pablo Ozuna, I don't think you could win a championship now with such a weak bench. We did have a great bullpen with some career years- Cotts, Politte, Hermanson, etc.
  2. palehose1

    Top 5 Least Favorite White Sox

    Royce Clayton is a good call I cant believe I forgot him. He was an awful player with a surly attitude. I remember when he would come to bat the entire home crowd would jeer him with chants of "M-V-P!" Sox fans definitely have an edge. The only thing that was funnier was in the late 1970's some fans would hang out a huge bedsheet sign in left field that said "Washington Slept Here" to mock Claudell Washington's lack of interest in the game...
  3. palehose1

    Top 5 Least Favorite White Sox

    Sorry to be negative but this list came easy to me.. 1. Jamie Navarro (nothing is ever my fault) 2. Albert Belle (poor excuse for a human being) 3. Chic Ghandil (Black Sox Ringleader) 4. Eddie Fisher (As a young boy saw the 1972 White Sox deplane at Midway after a long successful road trip.. asked for his autograph and he told me to "get the f*ck away from my luggage" 5. Ron Santo (enough said)
  4. palehose1

    Top 5 Favorite White Sox of All-Time

    1. Mark Buerhle 2. Frank Thomas 3. Paul Konerko 4. Harold Baines 5. Billy Pierce (not old enough to have seen him pitch but he was one of the nicest gentlemen I ever met) 5a. Black Jack McDowell
  5. palehose1

    Harold Baines HOFer

    Some times good things happen to good people. I met Harold several times, watched him play hundreds of time, I am estatic and yes, surprised that he got in. DH's are minimized by the writers. And, as Hawk used to say "its not what you do its when you do it". You wanted HB up there in key situations, he was clutch. And I've been fortunate to meet Ron Kittle many times, he is a good man with a keen sense of humor.
  6. palehose1

    Dick Enberg...R.I.P.

    Dick Enberg announced the Bears Super Bowl XX victory over the Patrions in January 1986 (along with Merlin Olsen)
  7. palehose1

    20 Year Anniversary of the White Flag Trade

    sorry title should read anniversary
  8. "Anyone who thinks we can catch Cleveland is crazy" - Jerry Reinsdorf as the Palehose were 3.5 games behind at the trade deadline http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/colum...0729-story.html
  9. palehose1

    raBBit On the Score

    Great insightful discussion
  10. palehose1

    Buehrle jersey retirement

    Anybody here know if they are planning to unveil a Buehrle statue at the June 24th jersey retirement ceremony? It seems they usually separate the number retirement from the statue dedication but it would be great if they surprised us with the unveiling of a statue too. I have been watching Sox baseball for 45 years and MB is my all time White Sox favorite, really looking forward to the game in 2 weeks!
  11. palehose1

    Sox holding talks "daily" on Q

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Jan 13, 2017 -> 11:30 AM) Some punk blogger who lives in his mom's basement. I can state with absolute authority that's not true. (He has his own bedroom upstairs)
  12. palehose1

    2017 Season TicketPrice Increase

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Nov 12, 2016 -> 07:25 AM) I think they raised the prices on the cheapest of the cheap,a nod maybe some others but not all. Someone here already said his went down. Probably has something downstairs. I have upper deck reserved. This " increase" will cost me about $14 total for 2 seats with my discount. So about 25 cents a game. They also threw in 2 free games with patio party, and 2 other parties. The bastards. when you have seats go from a little over $50 per game per ticket to $54 that's significant. Our invoice went up like $1200. I don't mind paying that when they put out a good product but these last few years have been awful. If I cant make a game and have to sell n Stubhub I usually take a loss. I'm sure if someone did a study of the Cubs or other big market teams the resale value % is much higher, the Sox have to be near the bottom the league in resale value. Of course we could always cancel our plan but we wont, just too loyal to the team and its part of my summers for many years. It just doesn't seem like great timing to raise product prices 7% when you are having quality issues.
  13. I don't post very often but follow this site daily. I have been a season ticket holder since 1991 (I share my 4 full season diamond boxes with 5 other guys). I received my season ticket renewal package last night and the cover letter made no mention of a price increase but I just compared to last years invoice and the tickets went up 7%! This is the largest increase I remember in 25 years. Isnt that strange timing giving the lack of general interest in the team and the potential for a rebuild? We will renew because we have excellent seats by the vistors on deck circle and hey the Sox are a huge part of my life but Im feeling a bit taken advantage of... Did other areas see a large increase or are they just slamming the premium boxes?
  14. palehose1

    Renteria to Replace Ventura

    I think Darryl Boston needs to go -he is in charge of baserunning and the Sox have shown atrocious fundamentals running the bases. Boston is an old running buddy of KW though
  15. palehose1

    Adam LaRoche retires

    The issue that bothers me is that shouldn't the manager control his clubhouse? Why didn't Robin manage this? Whey didn't the players go to Robin? Seems like it went two levels too high in the organization.