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  1. Also, don't want to make a whole thread, but speaking of Mazara, (who's stats were damn good in AAA btw) I saw that Steele Walker was tearing the cover off the ball and called up for the Rangers yesterday. Who knows if he pans out ... but damn. In a vacuum i think you do that trade still, but hindsight not looking great
  2. If Cano is willing to accept a AAA assignment in Charlotte I'd 100% give him a shot. And yes, I understand there's a crunch down there already. Don't care.
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    Roster Crunch: Burger, Sheets, Mendick, Harrison, Garcia

    I can't believe its 2022 and during our "window" and I just typed multiple paragraphs about sheets, mendick, harrison and leury ... and at the end of it ... support mendick being on the team. fuck.
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    Roster Crunch: Burger, Sheets, Mendick, Harrison, Garcia

    Sheets to me is the no brainer. As you mentioned he hasn't done anything well and can be optioned. Playing lefty/righty is nice in theory ... that said when he's not producing regardless of matchups who cares? You can put a scarecrow up there and its the same results. when you have a full lineup its some sort of mix of Eloy at DH/LF, Vaughn in RF/LF/DH/1B, Pollock in LF/RF, Engel as your backup OF. 1B is already crowded enough between Abreu and hopefully Yaz/Vaughn for the other days. Sheets isn't good and doesn't have a home. He's AAAA player. Second choice to me is easy as well ... barring some sort of amazing week or two, Harrison is a mid thirties guy on a one year deal. seems like a decent guy and all and wish him well, but his track record is what it is. he's probably due for a hot streak, but at this point he's had his chance and if he doesn't get hot when the crunch comes? cut bait. If he is hot? then mendick gets the squeeze. Listen, I hate Leury as much as many, but if you look at some of his underlying hard hit data + if you look at his track record in the field? Plus take into consideration his contract? He's on this team no matter what and actually does have value when properly deployed ... aka 2-3 games a week bouncing around and HITTING 7TH-9TH in the lineup. Burger is what he is right now ... a spark, but one with many holes in his game still. It's easy to forget sometimes that the kid was out of baseball for like 2+ years. i think he's doing an admirable job and I'd love to see him in lineups at 3b, dh, and 2b as much as it's realistic. I'd also like to see Moncada shift around to 2b a bit. 3b is still his and should be, but with the way he's playing he has to be a team player and bounce to 2b at least through Burgers hot streak or until Anderson is back. All hands on deck.
  5. he gone.

    Eloy rehab starts again 6/21

    i looked at sheets. it was never him haha. who cares if you have a lefty if the lefty can't hit .200? if a bear shits in the woods ...
  6. he gone.

    Eloy rehab starts again 6/21

    yah, it's gotta be sheets 100% when eloy is back.
  7. Worth a shot - i know this thread generally gets zero views, but have my season tickets. Section 125, Row 9 (4th from dugout), 4 seats on Aisle. Also have a parking pass and stadium club with that. Looking just to recoup most of face value. All in $375. Rather do it here than stubhub to save on fees so everybody wins. I think that equals like $70 per ticket on stubhub or around there after fees and adding parking pass, etc.
  8. $330 last call. I paid just under $400 as part of season tix prices. Pulling them tonight from stubhub and will end up going.
  9. he gone.

    6/1 Games

    Correct. Unfortunately in the same camp as Adolfo. They have maybe 80% of the profile to being a great ballplayer. But 80% is a AAAA player who may have a cup of coffee or two.
  10. he gone.

    6/1 Games

    It all seems to line up so easily that I think that's likely the case. My guess is that they'll finish off this road trip and barring some Harrison magic of batting .500 over the next few games that he'll but cut loose on Monday. Romy/Yolbert make too much sense, especially with Anderson out. I think then either of those guys probably get until Anderson get back to prove their worth more than Leury, Mendick, and/or trade candidate.
  11. he gone.

    What The Actual F# Is Wrong With This Team?

    i'm guessing that despite the stats on quintana that his price is still quite low. thinking somehwere along the lines of conor pilkington ... isn't that the guy who we traded for ceasar hernandez and is getting some starts this year? I think you need a controllable, quasi AAAA majors guy. Gavin Sheets? Honestly, just thought of that out loud ... but that's the perfect type of guy to go acquire someone like a Quintana or Brubaker in my opinion. You squint and can see the upside, but likely he bounces around like a Vogelbach type guy who has an up year or two, but is mostly bench fodder. Just too bad Sheets didn't raise his trade value this year... kinda messed it up more than anything.
  12. Is It? Gavin Newsome has entered the chat. It's a nuanced subject and we've tried for 2 years to have a civil one that and they all ultimately go off the rails. It's hard enough to have a civil conversation about Leury Garcia, let's not try out Covid again. It always ends in the same outcome. close the thread.
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    What The Actual F# Is Wrong With This Team?

    Probably a shit storm combo of the below. Ask a different people and they'll assign a different weight to each category 1 - the obvious and simple answer is injuries. it's not the full answer, but I doubt we'd be having the conversation about the real underlying issues if we had a healthy Lynn, Eloy, Anderson, Robert, Moncada, etc. etc. 2 - hustle/accountability. I remember a month ago when Anderson didn't run out a ball to first base in a 1 run game in the 9th. Yesterday obviously is another example w/ McGuire jogging home. Or Mendick running there... or Boston sending Mendick? Or Boston sending Mendick, but not going over the consequences. Or TLR not setting a fire? Or maybe he is behind the scenes. But to me, there's some sort of cloud here. Whether that's batting approach, fielding approach, hustling, etc. And when it goes wrong? lack of accountability 3 - which then leads into my next one which may fit in #2 ... leadership. We don't see what goes on behind doors so I'm not going to assume, but at least whats going on outside closed door is uninspiring to say the least. I don't necessarily need a rah rah moment (we had one with the Anderson moment), but we do need some vocal leadership 4- If you look at the stats, BA is an indicator - generally the top teams are near the top, and bottom near the bottom. there are exceptions ... the nationals at the top, astros at the bottom. surprisingly we sit middle ... which is insane to me. We seem awful. OBP is a much better indicator with only the Rays being a top tier team while their OBP is in the bottom tier. Tigers, A's, Pirates, Orioles, Reds, Royals, DBacks, Rangers ... then go to slugging ... all of a sudden those bottom BA and OBP teams start disappearing from the bottom. The Astros all of a sudden are a top 1/3 team. Rays are closer to middle. We are not. If you look at defensive stats they aren't necessarily telling, but they do imply some things. For instance the Reds are tops in the leauge - least errors, best fielding percentage. They're not so great. Royals are top 5. Mariners top 7. That said you go to the bottom? It's the same crew over and over.. Rangers, Nats, DBacks, Rockies, Pirates ... White Sox. Finally if you do pitching ... the bottom teams? Reds, Nats, Royals, Rockies, Pirates, Cubs, Orioles, A's, etc We're about mid league again. The top teams are the Dodgers, Yanks, Houston, TB, Mil, SD, Min, etc. Put it all together? I think you have to say the slugging and OBP are probably the biggest issues alongside just average D and average Pitching. Teams like the Rays are overcoming bad offense and defense by having great pitching. Teams like Astros are overcoming poor contact with slugging, defense and pitching. Teams like Washington and Cinci are negating their offense with horrible pitching. We have terrible offensive stats and just meh everywhere and just eeking out a .500 record on pure talent. 5- coaching staff. i tend not to focus on this one. i do think it's a problem, i also think it's fools errand to think that JR will fire anybody midseason. He doesn't do it and he doesn't do it to friends like TLR - he's too loyal. So as much as I'd love to address this one, we all see it. maybe it's a hitting coach to shake it up ... i'd guess that's the most likely. everybody else is probably in due to loyalty. How'd I break it out? 60% injuries, 20% lack of accountability, 10% coaching, 10% roster (even when healthy) How I'd fix it? You need to send down Sheets. he's not good. now i've never been a fan of his so i'm tough on him, but he doesn't bring a bat, D, etc. Harrison needs to go. There was never any upside. Take the next 3 weeks while anderson is out and learn what you have in Yolbert. Romy, etc. If you don't find lightning in a bottle you need to acquire. And acquire a super talented guy. an overpay. You need consistency from the manager. That means stop with the off-days. Robert back from Covid? Play him. Play Pollock. set the tone. I don't care if you have a minor injury -- if it's not a hammy or groin? If it's something that's pain management they need to be out there. Assuming we're getting the full lineup back ... i.e. Pollock, Robert, Vaughn in OF, Eloy at DH and infield of Moncada, Anderson, --- and Abreu. Grandal at C? Assuming that? You then have Leury at IF utility (actually okay with that in UTIL role) and you have Engel in reserve OF role. rotation? in a perfect world you need Kopech for the postseason ... without a Kopech that can go 5ip every fourth game? you might as pack it up. You'll never survive the grind with Lynn, Gio and Cease only. So fine, let Cueto and VV go out every 6th day ... or ... acquire someone. Because at a time you're going to need to sit Kopech down for a month with a fake injury. You need a guy. So my needs: 2b, SP My options: Arizona - Rojas, Daulton Varsho (backup catcher and OF) Cubs: Madrigal (seriously, why not? haha), Simmons (Defense/2B/Backup SS), Wade Miley Cinci - Moustakas (his statcast are very poor though), Kyle Farmer, Nick Senzel, Luis Castillo, Tejay Antone Detroit: unlikely, but Schoop Miami: Brian Anderson, Jon Berti, Eleiser, Trevor Rogers Mets: Dom smith Oakland: Elvis Andrus, Ramon Laureano,, Frankie Pitt: Reynolds, Brubaker, Keller, Q Texas - Nick Solak Now, not all of these guys fit exactly. at this point I think it's all hands on deck ... aka, Moncada sliding over to 2b needs to be on the table this year. It's a team sport and he's capable. If the price or fit of finding a 3b is easier, then that needs to be a sacrifice made this year. I also don't think we need to make a big splash at pitcher ... i'd welcome it, but at the same time we just need innings. Keuchel with a 4.5era wouldve worked... and that's all we need. Someone like Brubaker is a perfect fit in my opinion. My overall choice would be Brubaker or Eleiser for an arm and then honestly proably someone like Brian Anderson/Berti/Senzel/Farmer/Rojas for IF help.
  14. Ah. The ol' vaccine thread in the main thread. Please lock this instead of throwing fuel on the fire as an admin. It's done. Everybody who has their stance has their stance and is not changing it. There is no healthy conversation to be had. close the thread.
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    Josh Donaldson suspended 1 game for comments toward TA

    If you're white you're not allowed to have an opinion on if this was racist or not, that's up to Anderson. (he obviously was hurt and does) Unless you believe Donaldson is racist. Then you're allowed to have an opinion and tell others they can't have an opinion. That's how the world works. Even TLR knows this. He deemed this racist and as we all know from just a few years ago at his hiring "he doesn't have a racist bone in his body". Definitely didn't have any situations where he was accused of being racist. Or like ... maybe Donaldson is guilty of having many character issues with many people which may be because he's not happy with himself internally. A bit of projection if you may. FWIW - it's quite possible Donaldson does have prejudices against people who are not white. I do not think that this one occasion affirms this in whole. I do think there are enough other incidents that affirms he's not a very well liked person by most and is a dumbass.
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    TA7 Extension...how much?

    ask scottie pippen
  17. he gone.

    TA7 Extension...how much?

    No reason to even approach any of this until his contract is up. When the time comes you assess against current backdrop + current outlook. Doing anything ahead of time is foolish. i.e. look at how the Astros handled their situation. Hell, use them for all examples. With the talent and run room of these contracts the Sox should be rebooting their minors to fill in. This "our window is the next 2-4 years" stuff is nonsense. A window shouldn't be the the end goal. The goal should be to have rolling success and younger controllable guys that can supplement current guys and then making tough decisions about signing extensions or replacing internally for cheaper.
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    5/18 Sox @ Royals | 7:10PM CT

    Leury starting and vaughn in the 9 hole. inject it into my veins!
  19. he gone.

    Flying in for a couple games, need info

    It's pretty simple. Be aware of your surroundings. Both sides are right - it's become worse and petty crime is much more prevalent. That said, it's generally also the same instances in the same locations at the same time over and over. Not justifying it, but basically avoid walking alone at like 1am and beyond. Poor guy is asking for advice about the sox game ... I think I'm pretty comfortable saying if you jump on the red line at 6pm and are on the train with a bunch of other sox fans you are pretty okay. Same on the return trip back up to the city after the game. It's worse than it used to be, but from 2009-2019 I took the red line to sox games consistently and it's never been a bed of roses. It's a $3 trip that is super convenient and drops you next to the park. In terms of hotels to stay at? we're talking a mid-week orioles series if i remember right. any hotel will be business travelers at that time. loop is going through some shit right now. its definitely not what it was just 3-5 years ago when it was booming, but it's not desolate. especially if just walking from state street or grand to your hotel or whatever. Chicago is not burning. It's not as good as it was during its top over the past decade, but this isn't the 70's and 80's downtown... Places to eat: River North and West Loop you can't go wrong. it's expensive, but you can google any Thrillist or Eater list and they'll give you every type of food you can imagine and they'll all be fantastic. Places to stay ... basically the same. I highly recommend https://www.publishinghousebnb.com/ It's a family run bed and breakfast in the west loop. super charming and great digs and breakfast. Also is probably a 10 minute drive down Halsted to get to the park. As someone else said and I said earlier -- Kimski, Marias Packaged Goods, and Fried Chicken Pizza Ice Cream are all basically connected and run the same. funky layout, but you can order a pizza and sit at Maria's or vice versa. multiple patios, has a liquor store in the middle, etc. The food is all amazing and beers are all great. Chicago still is great. It currently is getting a somewhat deserved bad wrap, but you'll be fine.
  20. he gone.

    Flying in for a couple games, need info

    The chicago crime is really starting to stoke fear fires ... sad to see. But I somewhat get it. Don't let people get you down on here. The city isn't perfect, but isn't falling apart completely. As someone who lived in the city I'd make these adjustments: Consider uber or taxi instead of red line. red line should be okay on a game day/night, but if you want to be extra careful, it may make sense. if you schedule your uber for pickup like 2-3 hours ahead of time you should cut down on costs. You'll be okay staying in any hotel downtown. again, it's just being aware of your surroundings. it sucks, but sadly its a reality nowadays. if you see groups of people, then you may want to be on guard. food wise? I think your best bet for a patio is fried chicken pizza ice cream. it's like a half mile from the park and has some damn good food. You can guess the menu. they have a nice patio and beer selection too. best food around the park.
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    5/16 Sox @ Royals 7:10PM CT

    Tell me I'm wrong ... a computer algorithm with captains serving as player managers is better than TLR.
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    It's time to put Jose out to pasture

    https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/jose-abreu-547989?stats=statcast-r-hitting-mlb Check out this page. He will get his, don't you worry Sox fans. I know it hasn't been an ideal start across the board for the Sox, but offense is not this team's problem, even if 2b is a hole. Bullpen is not an issue. SP depth is a problem and will continue to be a problem as they try and keep Kopech fresh for playoff run (if needed). I think the thought process was a) let's be cheap and b) we have a 4 man rotation that can win it all in Cease/Gio/Kopech/Lynn in the playoffs. Just gonna need a lot of luck to have that come true.
  23. he gone.

    Robinson Cano

    dont disagree, but two months ago romy was yolbert right? we change our minds a lot as sox fans. they're all "meh' options at the end of the day. maybe one day we'll get a RF or 2B. would be nice haha.
  24. he gone.

    Robinson Cano

    That's the simple version. The other version is they had a tougher decision to make from 28 to 26 and have a better roster/roster composition than us. They were making decisions on Dom Smith, JD Davis types. We were making decisions on Danny Mendick. They also have Jeff McNeil who can play 2b and has produced. They have Eduardo Escobar who can play 2b/3b too. Simply put we should not be as dismissive of Cano as the board seems to be at this juncture. That's not to say there aren't a ton of strikes against Cano -- age, limited position mobility, roids, etc. But take the Harrison contract out of it, or the Leury love by TLR. There's very little doubt that Cano could easily produce at the level of our bottom part of roster. For a league minimum? That's something you consider because the risk/reward is palatable.
  25. he gone.

    Yermin Mercedes off the IL

    If i remember correctly Miami was interested in him briefly even before his first run with the Sox. I still think they line up great for a trade whether that be Pablo Lopez, Trevor Rogers or Eleiser Hernandez. Obviously can't be inside the head of Ng, but would think they will trade someone from their rotation for some bats in near future. Before someone here gets way too upset, I am not saying Mercedes as a centerpiece, nor do I think we have any centerpieces to be able to land the former two, however Brian Anderson (their 3b) is in arb 2 this year. Next year is his final. Garrett Cooper is in the same position. Aguilar is in his last year. They basically have 4 solid pitchers who could conceivably be ready in AAA and a full rotation. Something has to break and have no real bats at the ready. If I'm Miami I'm not very impressed with Sheets/Burger -- kind of seem like Anderson/Cooper part deux with more control ... but you never know. Mercedes could be a throw-in? Think it's reasonable that lands Eleiser perhaps ...