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  1. It was a little sobering and you are correct in the assumption that we need Eloy to be a superstar but his monotone deliver has something to do with that, lol. I disagree with all this Madrigal and lack of power crap. I don't care how many homers he hits as long as he is a 280 plus hitter with a 360 plus OBP his homer total is irrelevant imo. The one concern with our system ( besides the injuries) is that it seems like we have a lot of AAA good players and not many close to the majors. Again that is why Machado is soooo important. Yet with all that said we will only go as far as our pitching takes us so we need Dunning, Cease, Kopech, Lopez, to be very good or it is a moot point anyway.
  2. Maybe he doesn’t want to play in the mausoleums and boring no fan cities like the ones in our division. Admit it going to play in front of no fans in Detroit , Minnesota, KC and Cleveland. That has to be the worst division for fans in baseball. Then you add Tampa, Oakland , Baltimore , Seattle ( rebuilding) and the small crowds those teams get it is not that exciting. I guarantee that has crossed Harpers mind. I’m a SOX fan and am hoping we get Machado ( no chance for Harper imo) but if the money is equal that might cross my mind. Just saying
  3. the two catchers we got rid of were terrible defensive catchers that couldn't frame or throw out a runner and had no pop in their bats. Alonso is a step up from Davidson in terms of OBP and defense at ist base. who give a shit how much money he is he is making. Also a left handed power bat in a lineup full of righties. And a great Clubhouse guy from all accounts. Jay is much better in terms on OBP than Engle and that is exactly what this lineup needs. None of those moves are game changers but the lineup and relief pitching is a big step up from last year imo. And yes do whatever you have to do to get Machado!!!!!!
  4. we will probably have Sale, Moncada, kopech next year so will that make you happy? it would me
  5. I did say another piece didn't I ? Again we have a ton of holes and a pitcher or pitchers are some of them but with Machado and being in that horseshit division its not crazy to think 15-20 games isn't a stretch. Machado is the key ( Harper is a pipe dream imo)
  6. I'm not saying the Sox will be a playoff team in 2019 but its not out of the realm to think they can't be competitive if we sign Machado and another decent piece. All you have to do is look at the Phillies and the Braves in 2017- 2018 (and the Brewers from 2016-2017) and see how both of there win totals went up in a lot tougher division than ours. Our division is by far the worst in baseball and not going to get any better soon especially is Cleveland Starts a rebuild in 2019. A Machado and Eloy make that lineup a whole hell of a lot better and combined with the defense Machado supplies with better catching defense its not out the realm to see surprising improvement in our record.
  7. SoxSteve

    Sox reach new TV deal with NBC Sports

    if the Sox don't get a good free agent I hope they sign with a national league team not named the Cubs. Every Sox fan should think like that IMO.
  8. SoxSteve

    White Sox Sign C James McCann

    Don't forget the top 3-4 prospects this year in the MLB draft 2 of them are catchers so the odds are if we want one of them we have a good chance to grab one.
  9. SoxSteve

    White Sox looking at Grandal

    Grandal would be a great move. Just like getting rid of Garcia, Davidson, Narvaez, Smith were great moves with improving the defense in mind. Having bad defense and bad defensive catchers are " death" to a young pitching staff. Anything we can do to shore up the defense I'm 100% behind. A Grandal- Castillo combo can only help out the young staff we are looking to have this year, Starters and relievers.
  10. SoxSteve

    Harold Baines HOFer

    lets not forget the HUGE ballparks he had to hit in during his time with White Sox. Old Comiskey and Detroit were the biggest ballparks and Cleveland wasn't far behind. I think you can add a lot more homers to his total and without the strike years I agree 3000 hits would have been in the bag.
  11. I understand but there is no starter out market that is even close to those to in ability and marketability. Not even close. Also next year you might be able to attract a decent pitcher(Sale) or 2 for less than normal pay with those guys on your team.
  12. I don't post much and this is going to sound stupid and off base but I believe we have a decent shot at signing both with opt outs and front loaded contracts. Our payroll next year will still be ridiculously low in 2020 and beyond and we can make up a lot of that money in the TV deal. I know I know its sound ridiculous but I truly believe they are looking at that option. I think jerry and Hahn realize this opportunity to sign 2 young players like this will never happen again. Its a perfect storm with no money on books for 2020 and TV deal coming up and some of the big boys like Red sox, Cubs, Dodgers and maybe Yankees not being as aggressive as usual. Oh well have a good laugh. I can dream but Timing wise it makes perfect sense.
  13. SoxSteve

    New TV deal? Machado/Harper

    What is the latest on a new TV deal? Doesn't it go in effect after the 19 season and has anyone here heard anything new in regards to how much it might be worth? And I think signing of a Harper and or Machado would generate more money and offset the ridiculous salaries they are going to make. Thanx
  14. Machado might get lazy signing a 300 million dollar deal. Don’t think Harper would. Dont know for sure just my opinion. Could be wrong.