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  1. SoxSteve

    Kimbrel traded for AJ Pollock

    How is pollack defensively ? I know he used to be a good runner but wasn’t sure now. Thanks
  2. SoxSteve

    Will the whining never end?

    We should blame Bummer, Marshal, Foster and Heuer for the Madrigal trade. If they were doing their fu$%$#ing jobs we wouldn’t have had the need to trade for Kimbrel.
  3. And please don’t waste your time bringing up Conforto. He hit 232 last year and is a 255 career hitter. I’ll take my chances with Vaughn and sheets.
  4. This years free agent debacle? What was wrong It? I thought we did pretty good seeing we didn’t much.
  5. SoxSteve

    Sox Sign Vince Velasquez

    Kenny always get his guy and Coop will straighten him out, lol
  6. Dick Allen Allen not making the hall is afucking joke. Didn’t he have the highest ops from 1964 to1974 of any player? . And for the racial crap he had to put up with he should be a lock.
  7. SoxSteve

    Would you rather trade Eloy or Vaughn?

    Jesus not this shit again. Please no
  8. SoxSteve

    All the Cubans....again?

    Did you ever watch Pederaon throw? No fucking way that guy can play right. He stinks!!!!
  9. SoxSteve

    Parking vas Uber

    So you have to pre pay? I’ve always had parking passes but not for this game. Thanks for the heads up
  10. SoxSteve

    Parking vas Uber

    Question for the board did anyone go to the game last night and if so how was parking? I’ve been to a few games this year and parking was brutal a few times. Wha time do recommend getting there and if not driving how difficult is it to get an Uber after the game? Thanks much appreciated
  11. SoxSteve


    The TEPARA trade looks pretty good so far. He has done a very good on for us imo.
  12. SoxSteve

    Dear Tony (regarding Cesar)

    I was indifferent about the trade and didn’t want to lose Madrigal but if Bummer and Hueur were having better seasons we would not have made that deal. Those guys struggling like they were was the reason it was made.
  13. SoxSteve

    Z.Collins receives online death threats

    I’ve had a couple buckle bunnies in my day, lol. Women who follow rodeos riders in case anyone wanted to know.
  14. As a packer fan I’m probably biased but even some of my Bear fan buddies admitted they thought Rogers was pretty damm good as host. He was smooth for sure.
  15. SoxSteve

    The Yermin-Vaughn-Abreu Conundrum

    That didn’t take long only 8 games in and here comes the trade Vaughn talk. And I thought it was over after spring training. Silly me