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  1. SoxSteve

    General Announcement: Diamond Club

    Can I post about Manny Machado is non SOX news?
  2. SoxSteve

    Have we hit bottom?

    I could not have said it better myself. After the Machado failure I have never been this disinterested and disgusted with the Sox in a long time. I will watch (but not with he same vigor) and hopefully Eloy brings some excitement along with Moncada but I am still so down on them I cant describe it. I cant seem to shake the Machado debacle. And i will NEVER EVER read another thread or story on " what free agents should we chase" in 2020. Does it really matter because we will never have a chance with a 26 year old superstar like we just had. Maybe i'm in the minority and hopefully i shake out of it with some good play by the young guys but at this point i'm not sure. And a few of my friends feel the exact way i do so maybe its just not me. To tell you the truth if i hear Hahn's voice talking about always on the lookout for "premium young talent " i might puke. Oh well just venting but it still doesn't make it better.
  3. Anybody who thought we were a player for Arenado is delusional. The thought of him ever coming to the Sox NEVER even crossed my mind because it was NEVER going to happen. We had our one and only chance to get a superstar at a position of need with none of the big boys involved and WE BLEW IT. It was the perfect storm with his family and friends on team and WE BLEW IT. Enough said!!!
  4. SoxSteve

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Hahn is always using these lines like" we are always looking for premium talent" along with a few others that seem like standard lines he rehearsed for awhile. And if you want to be more nauseated look a overthecap.com and look at next years projected payroll. its gone up a little since the Alonso and Hererra signings but still going to be ridiculously low. Adding Machado salary would still make it probably in bottom 5.
  5. SoxSteve

    Prospects I'm Following

    Madrigal is the guy I’m least worried about. Along time removed from wrist injury and well rested. He should have a big year. Also Sheets another guy not worried about. Power will come and I heard he is working with dad a lot so I expect big things from him. Victor DIaz is someone I want to see. Just a wild card I know but would love to see a full year of what he has other than throwing 100.
  6. How about ten Courtney Hawkins or 5 Keenan Barhams. I don’t like capped ceiling players either but the bust rate is way to high for me on high school players. I have no problem with the Steele walkers or Gavin Sheets or Jake Burgers. For every Gordon Beckham bust there is 10 high schoolers who’s names are already forgotten.
  7. I actually liked the type of some of the players they drafted. The high walk rate is a big positive for me after what we've had to deal with players on the team in the past and the players in minors like Hawkins, barham etc. I think we get to enamored or concerned with low home run amount especially in A and low A ball. I think sheets will have very good power in the future and love the contact of the Steele walker types. I could be wrong but I think those 2 will make big jumps on the hitting front this season. We shall see
  8. SoxSteve

    Anybody else already miss Hawk?

    I do miss the Hawk big time. Benetti is horshit with his snarky sarcastic stuff. Horrible. For the bad teams Hawk had to cover he did awesome. Wish he was back and having to listen to the weasel Bennetti I will miss Hawk even more.
  9. SoxSteve

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    That’s crazy talk. Your never going to have another year where the 4 big boys are out on 2 of the best young free agents . NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. CUBS. DODGERES,YANKEES AND RED SOX ALL WILL NEVER SIT OUT ALL AT ONCE EVER AGAIN. Now is our moment. Hope we take advantage of what has been laid out on the table for us. We shall see.
  10. That is why I never even pay attention to WAR or Steamer .Not trying to discount metrics but I never ever even look at that when am looking at a player. Maybe I am in the minority but oh well. And what was Mariano Rivera average War per season? if anybody has that info I would appreciate it. Thanx
  11. SoxSteve

    Farmer and DJ back on radio for 2019

    Benetti and Stone are two smartass for me; both try to be to clever like two snarky smartasses. I’ll take Farmio and DJ over those two clowns any day. I love DJ and he tells it like it is.
  12. It was a little sobering and you are correct in the assumption that we need Eloy to be a superstar but his monotone deliver has something to do with that, lol. I disagree with all this Madrigal and lack of power crap. I don't care how many homers he hits as long as he is a 280 plus hitter with a 360 plus OBP his homer total is irrelevant imo. The one concern with our system ( besides the injuries) is that it seems like we have a lot of AAA good players and not many close to the majors. Again that is why Machado is soooo important. Yet with all that said we will only go as far as our pitching takes us so we need Dunning, Cease, Kopech, Lopez, to be very good or it is a moot point anyway.
  13. SoxSteve

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Maybe he doesn’t want to play in the mausoleums and boring no fan cities like the ones in our division. Admit it going to play in front of no fans in Detroit , Minnesota, KC and Cleveland. That has to be the worst division for fans in baseball. Then you add Tampa, Oakland , Baltimore , Seattle ( rebuilding) and the small crowds those teams get it is not that exciting. I guarantee that has crossed Harpers mind. I’m a SOX fan and am hoping we get Machado ( no chance for Harper imo) but if the money is equal that might cross my mind. Just saying
  14. SoxSteve

    Least Favorite Sox 3rd baseman over last decade

    Nick Swisher,lol
  15. the two catchers we got rid of were terrible defensive catchers that couldn't frame or throw out a runner and had no pop in their bats. Alonso is a step up from Davidson in terms of OBP and defense at ist base. who give a shit how much money he is he is making. Also a left handed power bat in a lineup full of righties. And a great Clubhouse guy from all accounts. Jay is much better in terms on OBP than Engle and that is exactly what this lineup needs. None of those moves are game changers but the lineup and relief pitching is a big step up from last year imo. And yes do whatever you have to do to get Machado!!!!!!