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  1. SoxSteve

    New TV deal? Machado/Harper

    What is the latest on a new TV deal? Doesn't it go in effect after the 19 season and has anyone here heard anything new in regards to how much it might be worth? And I think signing of a Harper and or Machado would generate more money and offset the ridiculous salaries they are going to make. Thanx
  2. Machado might get lazy signing a 300 million dollar deal. Don’t think Harper would. Dont know for sure just my opinion. Could be wrong.
  3. SoxSteve

    Jason Benetti

    He is to snarky for me. Way to snarky and too much of a wise ass. Give me Hawk and day. I miss him already. I like DJ also. He tells it like it is.
  4. SoxSteve

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Dumb question on tiebreakers for worse record. If we tie tigers, padres and or marlins who gets 3rd pick? Thanx and it looks like 2 losses for us tonight which is sweet.
  5. SoxSteve

    Happy Hawk Day Sept 2 game thread

    I love the Hawk and he will be badly missed. Sorely missed imo. If I have to listen to the snarky smart ass bennenti anymore I’ll puke. Him and stone together are awful …- hawk will ways be the best and no ones comes close,
  6. SoxSteve

    8/14 Games

    That’s ridiculous. The last thing I care about with both of those guys are the homers. There both big guys and Rutherford is still a baby in terms of his age and strength. Last year at this time everybody was calling Rutherford a bust now he hitting 306. As long as the guy`s are making contact and hitting for a decent average and obp that’s all that counts IMO. To call sheets a reach is nonsense. Thome didn’t have any power early in his minor league career and look what happened. The play of both of those guys is the least of my concerns and actually pretty damm pleased with both.
  7. SoxSteve

    Seattle has been scouting Soria/Avilan

    You do what we did with the Yankees trade last year. You throw in Soria + + and get one above average prospect then a middle of the roader you would get with Soria alone. We have a minor league full of those guys( along with some exceptional) so I would rather get a potential high ceiling guy. A Shields+ Soria, etc package is the way to go IMO.
  8. SoxSteve

    2017-2018 MLB player movement rumors and reports

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Feb 18, 2018 -> 10:00 AM) At some point the amount of teams tanking is going to self-correct and the prices of free agents will go up. We are already starting to see some last-place teams like the Phillies & Padres make expensive additions. Two years from now I could definitely see Abreu geting something like a 5/$100M deal. Given that would cover his age 33 to 37 seasons, matching that would certainly make me feel uncomfortable. No way is Abrue going to command that at 33 years old. Not even close. Remember Jose at that age can only play for American League team because he is going probably going to be a part time and defiantly full time DH in a few years. And if the Sox want him not a doubt in my mind he will give us a home town discount.
  9. SoxSteve

    Sox sigh Dean Anna

    The White Sox have sighed 31 year Dean Anna.for second and shortstop depth. Local kid who played a few teams in the last 5 years and hit homer for NY against Boston, could be a nice piece if Sanchez gets traded,
  10. SoxSteve

    Keith Law's ESPN Top 100

    QUOTE (ChiSox59 @ Jan 22, 2018 -> 02:38 PM) If you're into counting top 100 prospects, we could very well have 8-10 by midseason as guys graduate. Jimenez, Kopech, Robert, Hansen, Rutherford, Cease, Collins, Dunning, Burger and Sheets are all top 150. I don't expect any of them to lose their prospect status until at least September in the case of Jimenez and Kopech, the rest won't see the bigs this year. They could all be on most mid season lists. Notable players rank include Austin Meadows-70, Carson Kelly -71, Cubs had 2 in SS Aramis Aderman at 78 and Adbert Alrozay RHP at 84.
  11. SoxSteve

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    QUOTE (KnightsOnMintSt @ Jan 10, 2018 -> 10:40 AM) I have been non-stop thinking of trade proposals for Yelich. Thoughts on any of these: 1. Hansen, Dunning, Collins, Low Level Prospect. 2. Hansen, Cease, Rutherford, Collins. 3. Dunning, Cease, Rutherford, Adams, Low Level Prospect. 4. Giolito, Fulmer, Collins, Low Level Prospect. 5. Lopez, Cease, Fulmer, Rutherford. Obviously I could go all day with this. 1. Which of these would White Sox accept? 2. Which of these would the Marlins accept? I would not give up a lot but a Rutherford, Cease Adams, fulmer for sure. again you have to give up less and take on some other high salary players( Chen, etc) to make up for better prospects.
  12. QUOTE (greg775 @ Jan 5, 2018 -> 12:09 AM) whoever edited my post to add that should take a vacation. that's mean. And what's the difference how bad he was the previous year? Albers was hors*** with us in 2016 and a god with the Nats in 17. Same with Rondon with the Cubs and alot of pitchers from one year to the next. The bottom line is we gave away a player who would ever had played never play with us for 2 potential trade pieces. Maybe we get lucky like Kanle or a maybe we get a bust like Holland. And i know for a fact Rockies fans despised Tommy Kahnle but probably wish they had him now. Either way there is no risk so its a mute point saying how bad he was last year.
  13. SoxSteve

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Dec 14, 2017 -> 09:56 AM) Considering what it takes for the Orioles to consider someone damaged goods, that is probably everyone in the White Sox organization. There is no way they would take someone that is actually hurt. Maybe they have identified players, pitchers in particular, that they feel will be hurt soon. I still think it's crazy unless you are trading a guy like Avi and some lesser pitcher like Dunning or Cease. Then, maybe, but why would Baltimore do that? Unless it is totally a steal, I am thinking this whole thing is much to do about nothing. Manny Machado now knows the White Sox plan to be serious suitors next year. I read some earlier post's that Machado has a bad attitude and isn't a team player. Been trying to find some reports on that with no luck. Has anyone else heard that or can provide anything on pertaining to his perceived attitude? Thanx much appreciated.
  14. SoxSteve

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    QUOTE (Tony @ Dec 14, 2017 -> 12:32 AM) It's absolutely risky, and the Sox shouldn't play this game. What is the exact parameters of that 72 hour rule to sign someone? Can we trade for MM and then try to sign him and after 72 hours it doesn't get done the trade is void? Not exactly sure how it goes. And i would put Anderson in any trade for MM. He is a decent player but if we have anything close to the great pitching i think we will have we need a better defensive shortstop especially if Burger is at 3rd. MM at short would be perfect.
  15. SoxSteve

    FutureSox mail bag - taking questions

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Nov 29, 2017 -> 08:42 AM) We are in kind of a mostly dead period in the offseason, so... how about a Mail Bag? Ask your questions about the White Sox farm here, for an article to go up in a day or two. Let's hear them! What is the status of Victor Diaz and do you think he has any chances to figure in the Sox plans down the road?