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  1. SoxSteve

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    well that's how 3 way trades are done. We give up young assets like Stiever, Walker etc to rebuilding team A who sends a good player to team B who sends a good player to team C( us. ) The thought of getting a player like Andujar is a lot better to think about than some of the names i've been hearing here( Calhoun, Dickerson, etc). Just sayin
  2. SoxSteve

    Trade Candidates: Hitters

    I hear Miguel Andujar from The Yankees might be available. The Yankees don't want him playing 3rd with his horrible fielding and they have enough DH types so he could be shopped. Even though he hits right handed he could be a nice young cost controlled DH for a long time if he is recovered from his injury.
  3. SoxSteve

    Ian Happ?

    You mean to tell me you wouldn’t trade Lopez/ Stiever for Happ/ Schwarber? Are you fu%$#ing crazy? WOW is all I can say. That would solve our DH and right field and lack of left handed hitters in one trade. And cost us no money. We could then sign all the pitching we want. Wow
  4. SoxSteve

    Ian Happ?

    I brought it up instead of talking about things that won’t happen( cole) it makes sense. He might not fit the Cubs plans especially if they like Hoerner and resign castellnos who seems to love being a Cub. The thought of having 8 right handed hitters in the lineup bums me out as much as talking about Calhoun, moutakas, Dickerson or Reddick. Most of them old with bad OBP. Again just talking about what should happen against what won’t or shouldn’t happen. That’s what 3 way trades work because some teams might want young talent and some teams are in win mode now. Not sure what mode the Cubs are in with Ross and Theo but it’s realistic to think if we wanted a young left handed bat with potential he might be attainable. That was it.
  5. SoxSteve

    Ian Happ?

    I’m sure this won’t go over well here after the Kyle Schwarber trade thread, lol but I think Ian Happ would be a perfect low cost high upside left bat( S/H) player for us in right field. I feel he has 25/90/350 potential for sure and the money we save on him we can pay some badly needed pitching. He still has 4 years left on his rookie deal and has the versatility and defense we can use. I think he can make a Anderson like improvement or maybe close with his bat and his defense could be above average in right imo. The thought of signing and more importantly paying Calhoun, Dickerson , Moose is sooo unappealing to me I don’t even want to think about it. Plus he might come cheap especially if they sign Castellonos and keep Schwarber and put Nico Hoerner at 2nd. I think he can be had for some of minor leaguers outside of the Madrigal, Vaughn, Robert and Dunning. A lot of our minor leaguers will be position blocked so why not trade a few for some talent we can use now. Just a thought and not sure if it was new thread worthy but what the hell.
  6. SoxSteve

    Kyle Schwarber?

    Well I know his won't go over well with Sox fans lol but I would try to get Schwarber from the Cubs if we don't have to give up any of our top minor leaguers ( madrigal, Robert, Vaughn, Dunning) He is the perfect DH and plays enough left field to keep Eloy working hard on his defense. Theo loves him so not sure he get moved but I can see 250/350/35/90 at a minimum and probably alot better than that. Don't know if we have the Ammo after those 4 but maybe get creative and do a 3 way trade or as someone else posted take on the Heyward contract. I feel his best ball is ahead of him and he is he perfect age for what we are doing with this end of the rebuild. Just throwing it out there
  7. SoxSteve

    Will the Sox be able to retain J Ben?

  8. SoxSteve

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Looking ahead at our projected lineup we really only have right field and maybe catcher to fill. I know I know there are no guarantees but any trade we make should be for pitching in return and hope we get lucky with what comes back. Also I would not trade Bummer or Fry unless we get our socks knocked off in a deal. Not saying both of them will be good but going forward we have a minor league full of righty starters and relievers and lefties are hard to come by so I would have to be really blown away to trade them.
  9. SoxSteve

    Tired of seeing Yolmer Sanchez in starting lineup

    Yolmer is by far the worst base runner I have ever seen and I have never been a fan but he does add some value as a utility player for a good team IMO. Switch hitter with a good glove and can play all 3 infield positions ( shortstop is a question ) would be a asset on good team. But yes after Madrigal comes up there is no spot for him on our team. Always thought the Cubs should have Traded Russell to someone else and picked up Yolmer. Russell stock has dropped now but Yolmer could be effective on he Cubs and would fit in in he Clubhouse for sure. Wouldn't be against Yolmer for Happ. Also Yolmer could be a good sweetener if we traded Colome or Abreu. Just saying
  10. SoxSteve

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Quick dumb question. Why didn’t they allow trades in the baseball draft. Someone gave clear answer to why not but I can’t remember what it was. If would make a hell of a lot more exciting that’s for sure. Thanx
  11. SoxSteve

    General Announcement: Diamond Club

    Can I post about Manny Machado is non SOX news?
  12. SoxSteve

    Have we hit bottom?

    I could not have said it better myself. After the Machado failure I have never been this disinterested and disgusted with the Sox in a long time. I will watch (but not with he same vigor) and hopefully Eloy brings some excitement along with Moncada but I am still so down on them I cant describe it. I cant seem to shake the Machado debacle. And i will NEVER EVER read another thread or story on " what free agents should we chase" in 2020. Does it really matter because we will never have a chance with a 26 year old superstar like we just had. Maybe i'm in the minority and hopefully i shake out of it with some good play by the young guys but at this point i'm not sure. And a few of my friends feel the exact way i do so maybe its just not me. To tell you the truth if i hear Hahn's voice talking about always on the lookout for "premium young talent " i might puke. Oh well just venting but it still doesn't make it better.
  13. Anybody who thought we were a player for Arenado is delusional. The thought of him ever coming to the Sox NEVER even crossed my mind because it was NEVER going to happen. We had our one and only chance to get a superstar at a position of need with none of the big boys involved and WE BLEW IT. It was the perfect storm with his family and friends on team and WE BLEW IT. Enough said!!!
  14. SoxSteve

    Prospects I'm Following

    Madrigal is the guy I’m least worried about. Along time removed from wrist injury and well rested. He should have a big year. Also Sheets another guy not worried about. Power will come and I heard he is working with dad a lot so I expect big things from him. Victor DIaz is someone I want to see. Just a wild card I know but would love to see a full year of what he has other than throwing 100.
  15. How about ten Courtney Hawkins or 5 Keenan Barhams. I don’t like capped ceiling players either but the bust rate is way to high for me on high school players. I have no problem with the Steele walkers or Gavin Sheets or Jake Burgers. For every Gordon Beckham bust there is 10 high schoolers who’s names are already forgotten.