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2018 Cubs catch-all thread

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6 minutes ago, SoxAce said:

I wonder if Kris is still pissed off about the Cubs manipulating his service time clock. 

Im sure Boras wont consider a deal until Machado and Harper set the market.

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On Wednesday, ESPN 1000 host David Kaplan suggested that “in the last several months” the Cubs had approached Boras and Bryant regarding “a massive extension,” worth “well north of $200 million” and Boras and Bryant turned it down. However, sources told The Athletic that the specifics of that suggestion (dubbed “whispers”) are “simply not true.” While the Cubs have approached Bryant in previous offseasons about an extension, there has been no new activity on that front. As is their standard way of going about business, this Cubs front office has attempted to extend many of the young players on its current roster in previous offseasons, thus far with nothing to show for it.



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Cubs fans in some of these Bryant related tweets are out of their goddamned minds.  "Trade Bryant, we have Bote"


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