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  1. Feel bad for Leury. He's been solid the last few years. Hope he snaps out of it.
  2. YERMIN RIGHT NOW Shoutout to the fellow Bond fans.
  3. Which is why I don't blame him since he isn't an actual left fielder.
  4. Exactly. Jose, Luis, YoYo, Vaughn (and to a lesser extent Nick and Leury) will all wake up eventually. If Yermin, Collins, Grandal, Eaton carry the offense for a week or 2 that's fine by me as long as we are getting W's.
  5. Took Sox -1 & Over 6 Also have a couple parlays still alive that have the Sox -1 Pretty much always betting the Sox against lefties lol
  6. Scratch that just grounded out with the bases loaded in a tie game...
  7. Man this series was a big fucking oof.......Hope we bounce back tomorrow in Seattle
  8. I awoke from my drunken slumber to say LETS FUCKING GO! We win these! LETS DO IT LIAM!!!
  9. Aight, Ohtani has some command issues... Let's see Cease 2.0 tonight
  10. This is un-fucking real. So glad I bought a Mercedes jersey last night. I've LOVED him and was so mad he didn't get a shot last year. Whoever said they'll make a movie about this and his backstory is 100% right.
  11. Yea you get more letters with normal but I'd rather have the black Sox plate. Looks sick
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