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  1. Lol. I have been using Bovada since 2015 and have had 0 issues. Obviously not as good as the major sites since you can't track hand stats of users but its still something. I've cashed out check by courier, wire transfer, and bitcoin.
  2. This inning shoulda been OVAH. Blown call on the strike em out throw em out
  3. Maybe i'm just getting fooled by spring but Engel is lookin mighty hot
  4. Seriously considering heading out to AZ for a couple games next weekend. $147 round trip from Chicago.
  5. Wow he can do it all! Trade Grandal & McCann!
  6. OMG I feel like an idiot I didn't think there was a video feed so i've been listening to the radio broadcast LOL
  7. How hard can it be to set up a static camera behind home plate? Don't even need announcers
  8. UNDEFEATED (at least for one more inning on the other game)
  9. Maybe not. If Gio is pitching OD he really likes McCann catching.
  10. Anyone in AZ think we are gonna be able to get the game in?
  11. Buehrles next game after his perfecto in Minnesota. He started the game with 5 2/3 perfect innings. Really thought he was gonna go back-to-back for a little bit. Also was at the game he hit a homer in Milwaukee (2009 I think?). That was pretty cool. The blackout game in 2008 was awesome, I also remember the game before being electric. Was a makeup game with detroit we had to win to force 163. Alexei hit a slam. Also obligatory, game 2 of the world series. Sat 5 rows behind PK's slam.
  12. Can Saturday come already? I haven't been this excited for Sox baseball in many many years
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