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  1. Good to see Engel get his SB after all those pick-off attempts. Robert looks pretty laid back at the plate. Is it me or does Pito look leaner than he did a month ago?
  2. Visited relatives in Chicago in cold late March 1986. I was wearing my brown leather bomber jacket as we made a family get-together at the Ballpark Inn where *everyone* was wearing black leather jackets/surcoats/coats. When finally seated one of my aunts asked me, "OK, so what's up with the brown leather? You were born in Chicago for cryin' out loud. This is Bear-Ditka season." I think everyone made an exception of me, in a good way. The brown sheep of the family.
  3. French Post-Modern philosophy much? Or just some good old fashioned 'To be or not to be?' I really like my coffee. My cat too - even when she walks across the keyboard ad56sckjb$^%#&dfbHUL--.=-fgn\0432W.................!....
  4. As much a fan of Thome as I am, to this day I still don't see the sense of Rowand for Thome. For all purposes, you were trading the heart of the team for a new heart and I still don't get it.
  5. '85 Bears Defense still a solid describer of NFL/CFB defenses. "Well they're not the '85 Bears, but they're still really good." 2005 Sox, not so much. Around the country, the Sox were considered something of a fluke. They weren't, but that was a general impression.
  6. Wasn't Don't Stop Believin' on the jukebox when Tony Soprano flashed to black?
  7. He got all of it. Don't see much of that from the Sox this year.
  8. Bottom third of the order - go after them. Except Zunino - keep an eye on him.
  9. I guess it's possible that TLR doesn't know what inning it is.
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