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    Birmingham Barons (AA)
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    I have done a lot of lurking between WSI and Soxtalk. I am not sure why, but I feel more at home here. I think the overall mood is not as pessimistic and a little more mature here. I feel like I can relate a little better with some of the older posters. I have never actually met a Chisox fan in person, so I find the information valuable here. I have been a fan since 1960 (missed it by that much). I caught a foul ball in a game in Toronto. I had an old Comisky Park seat shipped to my home in Ottawa. If they ever won, I think I might split in two. Needless to say, I am passionate about them. It is nice to see similar passion, even if only in an electronic sense.
  • Favorite Sox player
    Mark Buerle
  • Favorite Sox minor leaguer
    C'mon Sweeney
  • Favorite Sox moment
    See above. (1) Catching a shanked foul off the bat of 'Wimpy' on a pitch from Roy Lee Jackson. (2) Receiving an old Comisky Park seat.
  • Favorite Former Sox Player
    Tie. Robin Ventura and Pete Ward.

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  1. Reading your thoughts is like having the experience of vicious, golf sized hailstones suddenly missing their mark. The follow up of deep breathing and much needed relief is greatly appreciated.
  2. I find my smile widening when Nick is up there making the opposition pitcher work hard. I half expect the 8th pitch to be tossed up underhanded with an accompanied "c'mon you little pissant, what are you going to do - hit a double?". How does one go about qualifying/quantifying the frustration/anger he surely causes? I can imagine Nick fairly quickly evolving to a point where he does start 'turning' on 1st pitch fastballs that fill up a teacup sized version of his 'power' zone. Ohhhhhhhh Nellie, he's already fun to watch, with the best yet to come.
  3. What conditions exist for the big boys, i.e. the Yanks and the Dodgers, that elude the Chisox, that allow for as many as 5 bonafide major leaguers patrolling the outfield. Bellinger, Betts, Pollack, Taylor and Pederson. Does the likelihood of success counterbalance the desire to maximize the number of at bats for some?
  4. In a world more grey than black and white, I don't know what to make of Tony. Drunken driving and hints of racism. Selfishness and entitlement. Then I see that his name is associated with a non-profit animal rescue and adoption program that has found homes for over 44,000 animals. I really love animals. I'm gonna pour me two fingers of Yukon Jack and give my cats a kiss.
  5. It's too bad Coop couldn't pull another Matt Thornton out of his hat with regards to Cease. I guess one fix doesn't fix all when it comes to command.
  6. I used to grab a ball, the family dog and a transistor radio and head down to the local baseball diamond, where I would use the backstop as my antenna booster.
  7. Bob Elson and AM 1000 were my only day to day conduit to the White Sox for my first 10 years a fan. I've lived my whole life approximately 400 miles and 600 miles from Chicago as the crow flies (Toronto and Ottawa Ont.). Every night I would tune in with varying degrees of success. Often good, frequently 😃crystal clear. I still have a radio tab set to 1000 on my car radio, although now I tape every game using my "too much TV" cable provider. Glad it's back. Now I'll have a better chance to hear some Sox talk on those occasions when I am driving at night. And we all know the glory years are coming. 😃
  8. This is so true. And I also like the name Nicky2strikes.
  9. l don't even remember him hitting the ball hard yet.
  10. Well ............... there 'tis. I think I''ll pull on my Jonathan Toews jammies and call it a night
  11. Smokey Burgess worked for a couple of seasons. It's been downhill ever since.
  12. This might be our best way of 'beating' them
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