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  1. Carlos Beltran. I wonder whoever it is, will they promote Chris Johnson from the Knights or go outside for the hitting coach?
  2. Is there anyway possible to watch the pre and post game show on NBC Sports without living in the area? I live in the South and would love to watch it.
  3. I saw somewhere that the Dodgers are chasing Freeman. That would be a huge blow to Atlanta.
  4. I don't much about this Twitter guy, but here is something to at least talk about lol.
  5. True, I'm surprised they haven't spent more than they have so far.
  6. Padres aren't gonna sign anyone without getting rid of Hosmer. Phillies sign one of Conforto/Castellanos, then HOPEFULLY we sign the other lol.
  7. All this talk about Conforto, has anyone heard any rumors about him? Not just from the Sox perspective, but any team.
  8. So do I. He will be the only one with his arm still attached to his body next September in that rotation.
  9. Agreed, I mean how would you like to depend on the health of Ohtani & Thor. Also giving a Starting tryout spot to Lorenzen. That Correa thing has to be a Arte thing. If true.
  10. I hope this man never throws another pitch again.
  11. I heard rumors that Baez is pretty close to signing with the Tigers. Anyone else heard this?
  12. Okay, relax. Calling my post idiotic is a little much. 7 years for Semien is way too many. This man has had TWO season with an OPS+ of over 100. He is already 31. He will be going to a big ball park. "locking up for the remaining productive years of his career" how can you project that based on two good seasons? You cannot. I mean heck Conforto has had 6 years of OPS+ so far in his career.
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