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  1. Funny how you guys were speculating about what would happen on this board the first time he dropped a routine fly ball. That didn't take long. I am really getting worried about this guy. His season wasn't going that well before he came to the Sox, and now it is spiraling down at a very alarming rate. He doesn't even have decent at bats. Don't you think that there must be something wrong with him? Maybe they should start by giving him another complete physical, including a thorough eye exam. If he passes both of those, maybe they should have him see a Psychiatrist.
  2. The question that keeps nagging me is; could he have been on PEDS during those stellar years? He's still very young, so he can't be slowing down, and he hasn't been hampered by injuries. So, what has happened to him? If he took something when PEDS were so prevelant, he certainly would have stopped after getting the security of that contract, especially with all of the negative publicity over steroids. That might explain the dramatic fall off. Let's hope that there is another explanation, and that the problem can be corrected. If not, the Sox are going to really be hurt by both the bad contract, as well as the realization that they still have not solved the long standing problem of finding a good defensive Centerfielder who can add significant offensive production. If they are going to have to accept nothing but defense at that position, they could have just kept B. A. and saved themselves a lot of money. I'm very worried about this problem.
  3. This little article recalling Hunt's high schoold days is kind of interesting: http://patton.blogs.gatorsports.com/10010/...iss-tyler-holt/
  4. I've been thinking the same thing, and already have my favorite candidate: http://www.seminoles.com/sports/m-basebl/s.../061109aab.html Holt is only 20, and I don't know if he will decide to go pro before completing college, but if he does, the Sox might have a good chance to get him if they end up with around a number 15 pick. I saw one source that had him listed as the 8th best college player in next year's draft. If you add in the high school players, I guess he should be about a middle of the first round pick.
  5. QUOTE (Y2HH @ Aug 12, 2009 -> 08:18 AM) As of late he's been absent minded in the outfield, too. And I'm not talking about his mediocre defense, I'm talking about his recent string of botching EASY plays. Take the Angels game for example, the line drive he put his glove up and just missed...only it took him a few seconds to realize he missed it...he needs a rest because it's getting worse and worse and that wasn't the first time in the last few weeks I witnessed him do something like that. I too have been wondering if there might be something wrong with J. D. There was another recent game where he thought that there were 2 outs, and started to jog in with the ball, after making the catch. Meanwhile, the base runner tagged up and advanced easily.
  6. The whole point of keeping Thome over Dye would be to retain the services of left handed bat. It is very interesting and revealing to note that this year, Dye's stats are comparable to Thome's vs. right handed pitching!! J. Dye Avg. .278 OBP .345 SLG .527 HR 19 2B 11 RBI 49 Thome Avg .256 OBP .392 SLG .512 HR 16 2B 7 RBI 47 That pretty much refutes the one advantage of retaining Thome over Dye. I think it should be a matter of the money. If Dye will take less than the amount specified in the option, and if it is less than what it would cost to retain Thome, I personally prefer Dye.
  7. With all of this discussion of Dye's defense, it might be more useful to think in terms of the total outfield defense when considering replacing Dye with Rios. As I stated previously, with an outfield of a somewhat hobbled Quentin in Left, Pods in Center and Dye in RF, the Sox are fielding one of the worst outfield defenses in baseball. By simply replacing Dye with Rios they could improve the entire outfield, as such a move would also move the other two outfielders to different positions. Rios in Center, Pods in LF and Quentin in RF is a significant upgrade. It provides a true centerfielder with speed and an arm, moves Pods to LF where his arm is less of a negative, and fixes the very poor range factor Dye represents in RF.
  8. In response to the original thread title; no it's highly unlikely that Dye is being traded for Rios. However, is it possible that there is a waiver deal in the works to move Dye to another team in order to make room for Rios? It has to be pretty clear to K.W. that this team is going to have a difficult time realizing his championship dreams with their terrible outfield defense. Which teams would most likely be in line to make a claim on Dye, and what kind of fit might be there for a trade with them?
  9. This team needs to improve defensively. The infield should be good and appears to be, at least on paper. Alexei has the range and arm to be a phenomenal SS. The problem is that he is not showing much intelligence. His baseball acumen seemed much better last year at Second, which is a little hard to understand in that he had always been a SS. Beckham is trying to learn a new position, and has not yet demonstrated the first step quickness and cat like reactions required to play the hot corner. Getz seems to be an above average defensive second baseman, but he is not a Gold Glover. So although the defense looks good on paper, the actual onfield performance is not acceptable. The most obvious fix I see would be to move Beckham to his most comfortable position of SS. Although we haven't had a chance to see him there, I assume that he would be alright, and hopefully steadier and more consistent than Alexei. Move Alexei back to Second, where last year he demonstrated he can play exceptional defense. Although it may seem like a waste of his range and arm, it gives the team the potential to turn a lot of double plays because Alexei does make that double play relay throw from the bag as good as any second baseman in the League. The best defensive infielder on this team is probably Nix. Although he is a second baseman by trade, he has played some third and has the tools to be a good one. Nix seems to have enough quickness to play the hot corner. He certainly has very good hands, and a pretty good arm. If he has any weakness, it might be his range which is less important at third. I love his approach at the plate, and wouldn’t be surprised to see him hit with much more consistentcy, given regular playing time. I understand that puts Getz on the bench, but the higher priority now is the infield defense. Konerko is very good at first, especially when it comes to picking throws bounced in the dirt. The outfield is much more problematic. There is no configuration of Pods, Quentin and Dye that could result in an outstanding defense. Dye has a steady glove and good arm, but his range has become awful. Pods has a weak arm, and doesn’t get the best jumps, making him a below average centerfielder. Quentin is more than adequate in LF when healthy, but how well he’ll be able to run on that foot is questionable. If the Sox could make one trade, I would love to see them get a speedy, left handed bat to play above average defense in CF. If Dye could be traded for that player, Quentin could move to RF, Pods to LF. The problem is that I don’t see that player available. Perhaps the next best thing would be to trade Dye for pitching or prospects, while acquiring someone like Rios from Toronto. He could play CF, and while he wouldn’t replace Dye’s bat, he would provide plus offense, and more speed. He is another right handed hitter, but at least he would greatly improve the outfield defense, while not diminishing the offense too severly. These changes wouldn't make this team an odds on favorite to win a championship, but it would at least attempt to address one of its most glaring weaknesses.
  10. Perhaps a pending trade is influencing the stated intentions for Colon and Richard. If the Sox were trying to swing a deal that involved Clayton Richard, wouldn't it make sense to say that he had earned a spot in the rotation? Maybe they are trying to move Colon and think that "keeping him in the rotation" enhances his value. It would probably take a lot more deception than that to create any value for Colon, but I can't think of any reason they would actually favor Colon over Richard.
  11. Even though K.W. publicly dismissed any notion of trying to sign A-Rod, I wouldn't necessarily assume that he isn't interested. It may not take $30 million a year to get him here. If the Yankees and Red Sox aren't players, then that only leaves the two L.A. teams as other realistically potential suitors. Perhaps it wouldn't require quite that much to get it done. Isn't it likely that A-Rod opting out of his contract had more to do with some factors other than the dollar amount? Maybe he is more concerned about extending the contract out several years beyond the expiration date of the old contract. His desire to leave N.Y. and the fan abuse, may also be involved. Then there was always the issue of the tension between him and Jeter. At any rate, isn't it possible that an eight year deal at the same $25 million a year might be enough to acquire him? I'm not sure that I think A-Rod is even the type of guy that we'd want in the club house, however that aside, he would be a huge asset, as so many have stated. Couldn't we fill the rest of the holes without signing another expensive free agent, if we spent the money on Alex? We certainly wouldn't need Konerko anymore, and he could probably net us the players we need to fill the holes at lead off, and in the pen. The Angels would seem like the best fit, as we have discussed many times. Figgins in left, and batting lead off could fill that need. They have a couple of relief pitchers we could really use. The Angels covet Konerko, and they have guys we could use to fill the holes in the pen, and at lead off. Moreover, if we had a good lead off hitter, we could afford to let Owens play CF, and bat ninth. Fields could replace Konerko at first. Trading Paulie would be as much about saving the money, as the players you would get back. Crede could be signed to a reasonable one year deal, keeping our infield defense in tact. We could then keep Garland, giving us a potentially solid rotation. Now if you could just exchange those big contracts on Furcal and Contreras, you could finish filling all of the big holes. In that scenario, you could move A-Rod to First Base, and let Fields platoon with Thome. I think that A-Rod is probably destined for First Base down the road anyway. Here's the lineup: LF Figgins 1B Fields SS A-Rod DH Thome RF Dye 3B Crede C AJ 2B Richar CF Owens Under Plan B, you move Furcal to Short, bat him second. Fields platoons with Thome at DH A-Rod plays First. That team has very good speed, and the heart of the order would be among the best in baseball, maybe even rivaling Boston's. My biggest question mark is whether or not A-Rod can still play Short. If not, then you might have to leave him at third, and then you have to figure out how to move Crede, and replace him with a short stop. I prefer moving him to First, and finding a slick fielding short stop. The other short coming would be the weak arms in CF and Left. Maybe the speed out there would offset enough of that weakness, to afford sufficient outfield defense. The exception of course is Dye, who has slowed considerably, but at least still has a good glove and a very good arm.
  12. QUOTE(SSH2005 @ May 28, 2006 -> 11:04 PM) The leg kick probably worked because it helped him keep his weight on his back foot. However, the thing that might help him even more would be to change his stance. I've always hated the way he leans forward. I would love to see him bend his knees and keep his weight centered. Look at that terrific youngster, Alex Rios on Toronto. That is the same kind of stance that Mark McGuire used. It is what some call an "athletic" stance. It helps to keep the body balanced, and utilizes the legs. Of course the other thing that would help him so much, would be to stop trying to pull breaking pitches. It's so painful watching him continue to lung after those breaking pitches that are out of the strike zone. Don't they teach hitters to recognize breaking pitches, and to know that the best breaking balls to hit from a righty to a right handed hitter, are the ones that start inside, and then break across the plate. If it initially looks good, it will end up breaking out of the zone. That is about all pitchers throw to him these days, because they know that he will chase them out of the zone. If he insists on swinging at those pitches, I wish he would at least try to hit it to the opposite field, instead of trying to pull it. I can't understand why he hasn't made any adjustments. How long should it take for him to figure it out? Sorry I included the quote. That was inadvertant. I was just trying to make comments on the general thread.
  13. QUOTE(DABearSoX @ Jan 12, 2006 -> 01:43 PM) So I have decided to take my spring break in tucson this year to spend it with my favorite pastime. For any of you that have gone down there before I could use some info on the lovely city of tucson. Whats the best hotel to stay in pricewise/location? What are the best bars to goto, maybe even some that the players show up at? Is it better to rent a car or just taxi around? What are the best seats to get at TEP? any other info would be great too.... If you don't find the seat that you're hoping for, look at my post regarding a week's worth of games. It's my season ticket, and it's the best seat in the stadium. I'm selling it for face value.
  14. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I have a terrific season ticket for all 15 home games at Tucson Electric Park. I will sell the first, or the last week's worth, at face value ($15 each), if you're interested. The tickets are for a seat in the first section, to the home plate side of the Sox dugout, in the 3rd row. That is right next to the dugout, with a view inside, and very near the plate. You won't find anything that good tomorrow when individual tickets go on sale. I'm not interested in scalping, just looking for someone to help me shorten my stay there, as a whole month will be difficult for me. If you need more than one seat, I'm sure that they would try to get you another seat or two not far from this seat. However, there will likely not be anything this close to the plate and the dugout. It really is an exceptional seat. Your buddy could take turns using it with you. If you're wondering about where to stay, I always stay at the Crossland studio motel. They have kitchenettes, and are about $315 per week. It's only about a mile and a half from the ball park. I haven't figured out how you would contact me through this site, but I will be happy to receive your emails through the "Sox Talk" system.
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