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  1. QUOTE (dasox24 @ Sep 17, 2011 -> 10:59 AM) Boom! Nice spotlight / analysis on Bray by Urban Meyer and Todd McShay on College Gameday a few minutes ago.
  2. QUOTE (Capn12 @ Sep 11, 2011 -> 03:47 PM) Yep, but now a real test vs a real opponent comes. Tennessee vs Florida at Florida should be a game to watch this week. I'm looking forward to that, and Auburn at Clemson, before the Oklahoma-FSU game. Yeah, it's always risky getting too excited about wins over sub-par opponents. Next week should be a really fun day of college football.
  3. QUOTE (dasox24 @ Sep 10, 2011 -> 08:08 PM) Ooh boy, Tennessee's offense looked unstoppable today... If we play like this next week against Florida, we'll win. UT looked really good yesterday. The defense adjusted in the 2nd quarter, Dooley had a good game plan, and I'm becoming a bigger Bray fan every week. The offense looked so much better last year when he started, and he was tossing some great passes yesterday.
  4. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 30, 2011 -> 02:49 PM) Little known fact is that they have his OPS on the wall as well. The problem is that it was so small, no one can see it. nicely done!
  5. QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Aug 29, 2011 -> 03:29 PM) No, see if it happens again. If it's a new roommate, the dog likely kept the others up, too. Saying something after it happened only once seems sort of douche-y. I'm sure others will disagree profusely, but it might just be a one-time mistake. Now that I'm not as pissed off about it, that's what we're going to do. We don't like the neighbors involved, but that's no reason for us to be the jerks.
  6. So, our neighbor's dog was barking loudly until about 4am this morning. Does the nicely worded note from a "concerned neighbor" work? Or should I confront them directly? While the dog barking hasn't been a big issue before now, these are the "toublemaker" neighbors who are always doing this kind of thing (such as starting to shoot off fireworks at 1am, 2 hours after the rest of the neighborhood finished). In short, I want to make sure I say something the first time because it's likely to be a continuing issue since the dog is new to their house (I believe they have a new roommate).
  7. I'd only sign him for less than Weaver. I can't stomach another pitcher making $17 (or more) on the Sox for an extended period of time. While the contract might be below market value (were he to sign it), I just have to agree with JR's typical reluctance to sign pitchers to long term (and presumably high money) contracts. Peavy (and Zambrano and Zito, etc) have pretty much proven how quickly such contracts can become problematic. Since signing him for less than Weaver is highly unlikely, it probably means trading him for prospects in the off-season while trying to re-sign Buehrle.
  8. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Aug 22, 2011 -> 10:10 AM) No way. Weaver chose to avoid free agency, you can't compare the two. In fact, Danks could probably get more money now, as that's one less arm he has to compete with. I just started a poll/discussion on this in PHT since the Weaver deal could be comparable to Danks (if Danks was willing to give the Sox a hometown discount).
  9. There's a discussion on this going on in the Diamond Club forum, but I think it is useful to bring the discussion into PHT. Weaver is a Boras client one year away from free agency. He just signed an extension with LAA for 5 years @ $85 million that is considered below market value, but it also could define what a "hometown discount" might look like for a pitcher like Danks. So, here's the question: what would you do with John Danks if you were KW? This isn't a debate about what Danks WOULD sign for, instead, it is what you would offer to him or do with him between now and Opening Day 2012. Clearly, most SoxTalkers would be in favor of trading him IF he doesn't agree to the contract offered, but what contract would you offer (if any)? Take into account your view of what Danks is worth and what the Sox could afford (in your opinion).
  10. On one hand, it appears that Hahn is well respected within and outside the White Sox organization. However, there is a long-standing view in management theory that real change only comes from changing the GM. Therefore, it really depends on what the Sox want to do. Hiring an internal candidate will only lead to incremental change, at best, not the radical change that some SoxTalkers desperately want. I think a Hahn-as-GM could work, if done properly. He'd have to have the ability to make some changes (e.g., the field manager and drafting) while continuing to do the things that the organization does correctly (e.g., the pre-Rios and Peavy financial decisions, a focus on good pitching). We really don't know his true philosophy for running an organization nor how much freedom he would have to implement changes, so even if he's the best-GM-in-the-world, he could be unable to implement his ideas.
  11. Keeping Thornton and making Sale a starter is a lot cheaper than keeping Sale in the bullpen and signing a starter.
  12. QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Aug 6, 2011 -> 10:22 AM) There is no guarantee that we will. Exactly. We've been waiting for that "run" for months now. With so many black holes in the lineup, the pitching will have to be near perfect for any legit winning streak to occur.
  13. QUOTE (JPN366 @ Jul 31, 2011 -> 11:03 PM) Isn't it crazy how skinny Jose is? That boy is lean. No doubt. He is crazy skinny.
  14. Pretty boring Barons game today. Only two things that stood out to me were Sierra's arm and Jose Martinez's defense. Martinez flashed some good range and an excellent arm. At one point, even my wife commented on a great throw from RF to home on the fly.
  15. ARGH! Wasting Thornton here is awful!
  16. Ozzie leaving him in to die; I hope they don't pull him.
  17. I logged on specifically to complain about Rios...are you kidding me? You get benched, the manager gives you a chance to play, and you can't even play hard for a whole game? Unreal. At least the fans are booing him. At some point, you wonder if the man has any self-respect.
  18. Revenue =/= attendance. While the Sox may sell fewer seats, the new pricing system likely means higher revenue overall. While I can't be sure (clearly, I don't have access to the numbers), the Sox are almost certainly making more revenue this year even with lower attendance. This pricing system has been tried out by several other teams before the Sox.
  19. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 27, 2011 -> 02:14 PM) Crud, now everyone I know is gone right before they come to Tennessee. JPN, can you give me a heads up for guys to take a close look at next week? Alternatively, if Zach Stewart winds up in Birmingham, can you tell me what day he's scheduled to go? You've probably seen this, but here are the probables for the Barons-Smokies games: Sunday: RHP Charles Shirek (2-4, 3.66) @ RHP Ryan Searle (2-2, 4.25) Monday: LHP Hector Santiago (4-2, 4.54) @ RHP Marco Carrillo (4-1, 1.76) Tuesday: LHP Charles Leesman (8-4, 3.74) @ RHP Trey McNutt (1-4, 4.82) Wednesday: RHP Terry Doyle (3-4, 3.68) @ RHP Austin Bibens-Dirkx (1-1, 6.00) Thursday: LHP Justin Edwards (3-4, 4.53) @ LHP Brooks Raley (6-8, 4.23)
  20. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jul 30, 2011 -> 09:57 AM) No, c'mon, get real!!! It has to be tied into Green Lantern, Captain America, Inception, Memento or Churros somehow. Maybe Obama, just for good measure. Don't call me PACO. Damn you...now I'm hungry for churros!
  21. QUOTE (Cali @ Jul 29, 2011 -> 01:38 PM) Well that would stink, 3 way deal with Houston, Philly and Atlanta leaving Kenny out in the cold... There's no way Philly and Atlanta are in the same deal together.
  22. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 28, 2011 -> 02:45 PM) D1 isn't as good as those guys were...but he's also under team control for 1.5 years now, whereas Lee and Captain Cheeseburger were under team control for 0.5 years when they were dealt for Smoak and LaPorta. There also could be literally nobody better than Danks on the market which would make him more valuable. We've heard rumblings of Felix, etc, but we really don't know if any of them will be moved.
  23. The question you have to ask yourself is "if you were KW, would you pay Carlos market value when he's a FA?" To me, the answer is clearly no. If you get a desperate overpaying buyer, it's a no brainer to sell him. If there is no overpayment this week, the Sox should definitely shop Carlos this winter.
  24. Based on this thread, it appears is defense is SO bad that the Sox would legitimately have a "where would he play?" situation considering that 1B and DH are tied up for awhile.
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