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  1. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 2, 2011 -> 08:33 AM) F*** you Fox TV Yep, Yankees and Mets.
  2. QUOTE (SpainSOXfan09 @ Jul 2, 2011 -> 03:14 AM) Hell I know I will get flamed but what the heck. We have about 30 million coming off the books and should be in the 95-97 million range for next year. It's certainly an interesting concept, but the problem is that one of your guiding assumptions is off. While the Sox do have $30.3 million coming off the books, more than half of that is made up for in raises to 10 current players (16.25 million). So, that leaves roughly a $14 million difference between this year and next year, and that doesn't account for arbitration raises to Danks and CQ (or Pena, but I'm sure he'll be gone). All numbers courtesy of Kalapse's Payroll Resource So the real question is, how do the Sox get better without spending much money?
  3. I don't know how I missed this, but nearby Alcoa appears to be the #1 choice for Sierra Nevada's east coast HQ and a full scale brewery and distribution operation! A nice side benefit is that it has forced TN to deal with it's outdated beer laws, including one requirement that any brewery making beer over 5% have to get a distillery license in addition to the brewery license.
  4. If the Sox can't capitalize on that...come on now!
  5. 3rd straight game for Street...this has to be the Sox's advantage...right?
  6. Sac fly was probably the best case scenario there.
  7. Rockies are going to walk PK here every time.
  8. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 27, 2011 -> 10:38 AM) Exactly. I don't want him bunting, but I don't want him striking out 250 times more. Sure...but I just don't think it'll help him "get his swing back" or whatever he needs to do to get back on track. A few more times on base might help the team win a game or two, but getting his swing back to his "usual" production would help the team win a lot more. In the long run, the most important thing is for "regular" Adam Dunn to come back.
  9. QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jun 27, 2011 -> 09:26 AM) If nothing else it would reduce that cluster on the side of the infield. It would certainly help the batting average, but if you're paying a guy to drive in runs, do you really want him bunting just to get on base?
  10. QUOTE (maggsmaggs @ Jun 27, 2011 -> 10:15 AM) Kinda interesting. http://www.cnbc.com/id/43547482 I presume that's to cover their portion of Pierre's contract?
  11. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 22, 2011 -> 08:44 PM) At the peak, 122000 households were without power out of 199000 KUB customers. Power out for about 24 hours...thankfully back on now!
  12. QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jun 20, 2011 -> 06:10 PM) Perhaps I wasn't clear. Evidence, as in, any indication that the Marlins are interested. Not Rogers or Heyman pulling s*** out of their rear ends because it fits nicely on a piece of paper... but anything at all from the Marlins side, or anything other than someone's idle speculation. Yes I know it was discussed last year, and it wasn't pulled off. Just saying, this thread should be titled "what if the Marlins want Guillen", since there is no information that says they are interested. Nothing wrong with the topic as speculation, I just think its funny that the thread title and people's reactions act as if something is going on here, when there is zero evidence saying there is. Could the Marlins say that publicly about a manager under contract to another team? I know for a player, that would be considered tampering. I have no idea if they could publicly state that they are interested in Ozzie, but it seems to be pretty widely reported by people around the league to be true.
  13. QUOTE (ChiSox_Sonix @ Jun 20, 2011 -> 02:52 PM) My cousin is dumb. Sweet girl, well below average IQ, so if I had used stupid or dumb it would have been an insult to her. And ridiculous doesn't get the point across. I'm obviously joking, but I am fascinated that apparently this is actually that big of an issue. The point is that the "R" word is not a synonym for "really dumb" or "off the charts dumb," it's a clinical term for a group of people with a particular handicap. While slang usage has made it a de facto synonym for "dumb," it is still insulting to those people that are actually retarded. It really is the same thing as calling someone a name as an insult that also refers to someone's race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
  14. QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Jun 20, 2011 -> 12:07 PM) Waiting to see the game Tuesday on WGN, but will be folowing it best I can It sucks that all 3 games aren't on WGN. Booo!
  15. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jun 20, 2011 -> 02:42 PM) I'm convinced that the correct word there is "Can't", not "won't". You're probably right, which is a shame.
  16. QUOTE (greg775 @ Jun 20, 2011 -> 02:20 PM) That is amazing she won't speak to you. I'm sure if she's that upset, you had discussions with her after the release of the grade. You think she would understand she deserved the B and deal with it. It's not why you gave her the B, but I would think that B will be a true life lesson for her as well. Nobody's perfect even those who are told they are perfect by their parents from Day one until they leave the nest. That's pretty crazy state officials have called you after the fact. Is that ethical? I would think if they raised hell about it after the fact, that'd be a no no. Welcome to the land of teaching! You'd be shocked at the people who think they deserved one grade or another despite logical conversations and ample evidence to the contrary. On the topic, I think it's pretty clear that KW needs another big "win" on his resume, and Ozzie probably needs to win the division this year. I'd still put Ozzie on the hotseat moreso than KW, but we'll see how JR feels about going "all-in" if this team fails to make the playoffs. If JPN is right, it's going to take a JR decision to make something happen (I assume JPN means that KW won't fire Ozzie).
  17. QUOTE (ptatc @ Jun 17, 2011 -> 01:56 PM) By this philosophy, do they get extra credit for winning a world series with a low payroll? If payroll is a dependent variable in the equation than there should be more credit early in the tenure of KW and Ozzie. In a way, yes, they should get more credit...or perhaps less crap for not winning then. That doesn't change the fact that the Sox have a legit advantage over their division that they don't seem to be properly utilizing. $$$ does not = wins, but smart teams ought to be able to utilize their assets efficiently.
  18. Hibbard - I appreciate your post and the sentiments behind it. For a long time, I've been in agreement with you. The 70s and 80s were so bad...so many years with no hope of winning, that I've enjoying that every Spring Training recently, the Sox have had a legitimate chance to win. However, the rules of the game have changed. Baseball economics now give the Sox a decided advantage within the division, and the increase in payroll shows that the Sox can spend more than anyone else. QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Jun 17, 2011 -> 11:22 AM) Sadly, the ALC winners have averaged 92 wins since 1996. The Sox are usually just good enough to finish in second. Exactly - with a higher payroll in a medicore division, there just haven't been enough division winners. QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Jun 17, 2011 -> 12:18 PM) So I just decided to go back and check the winning percentages for Ozzie Guillen and Jerry Manuel. .514 (which equals about 83 wins a year) .525 (which equals about 85 wins a year) Not a big difference. Larry Himes was fired because JR thought he couldn't get the Sox to "Point C." Manual was fired because his teams were always above average but never consistent winners. Milkman shows that Ozzie, aside from 2005, hasn't been any better than Manual. When the Sox won in 2000, then fell short the next couple of years, it was frustrating. KW made a change (Manual to Ozzie). Now, the Sox are once again falling just short most years. Its incredibly tiresome. I like Ozzie, but its time for a change - for someone that can get the Sox back to "Point C."
  19. QUOTE (oldsox @ Jun 16, 2011 -> 01:57 PM) Swisher now leading off for Yanks with Jeter on DL. Marquez part of the bullpen still. If only he'd successfully done that with the Sox, think of how many fewer things we'd have to complain about (the return on the trade with the Yankess, no Pierre...)
  20. QUOTE (Jordan4life @ Jun 15, 2011 -> 10:47 AM) The whole LeBron thing is kinda funny. It'd be a lot funnier if it weren't the Cubs of all teams (even their minor league teams) mocking someone for a lack of rings. 103 years and counting? I've lost track. Absolutely...there's some great irony there!
  21. Maybe Pierre has earned his way into the "Sunday Lineup"? /fantasyland
  22. QUOTE (Milkman delivers @ Apr 28, 2011 -> 04:39 PM) But are the guys that aren't even making the team really getting beat up so badly in their few years there? I seriously don't know the answer to this. It isn't sarcasm. I would just think that the vast majority of these lingering injuries, and the issues associated with them, come during the actual games. Just having been a football player is enough for you to end with sky high insurance rates (health, life, etc). There's no doubt that a ton of these guys could manage their finances better, but the post-football costs are a pretty big issue for them.
  23. QUOTE (dasox24 @ Apr 27, 2011 -> 09:41 PM) We had a ton of golfball sized hail where I live (the Fort). My car is pretty dented up, but thankfully none of my windows broke. Quite a few people in my apartment complex's parking lot did have windows smashed out, though, including my roommate. Looks like the campus area got hit pretty bad (well, bad considering no tornados); north Knoxville didn't get hit as hard.
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