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  1. Nick Swisher reminds me of the 1st MLB Draft that I can remember following live being 2002. I listened to an online stream because it wasn't aired on TV yet. It was basically just a conference call of draft picks. Times have changed.
  2. Awesome. The guy most of us have wanted all along, though I was starting to really believe we wouldn't take him... This board would have been a real downer if it had been Singer.
  3. Anthony Miller went to the same high school that I did. Kind of cool.
  4. I have zero problem with Roquan Smith as a player. I do have a problem with the fact that teams were trying to trade up to #8 and we said no. Obviously it depends on which teams and what was offered, but considering Tampa got two 2nds out of it, I'm sure we'd be getting something similar. I'd take that all day to move down some spots.
  5. Not sure there is even a decision to be made here. You decline the option. Zero reason to do otherwise.
  6. Lol. Made me think of hanging out on SoxTalk at 2am in the summers... and being overly excited about Jeremy Reed hitting .400 in Birmingham.
  7. That was some throw back. When I first saw your name, I felt a serious sense of nostalgia.
  8. This is convenient/nifty. Great stuff. Excited for the new site.
  9. QUOTE (SoxAce @ Apr 12, 2018 -> 05:20 PM) This is amazing for you guys to host this. Said this many times, but FS has definitely come a long way. Gonna have to try and make it to see everyone. If dasox goes, I'll definitely go though. My dawg This is pretty awesome. If I was in the States, I would definitely try to make it happen. Hopefully it's a success and happens the following year when I'm back.
  10. QUOTE (bmags @ Apr 11, 2018 -> 04:27 PM) Well I would counter that now we definitely need a WR in draft, with 4 of our 7 picks coming in 4th round or later. It means Kevin White is now relied upon. The conclusion we have to draw is this: - The Bears deemed Cam Meredith was worth an unprotected 2 million dollar tender but NOT worth a protected $3 mill tender - They left themselves open to losing him then for any contract over whatever idiotic middle difference between 2 and 3 million was Just don't tender him if you think he wasn't healthy, don't do this idiotic move. This is the correct take. I can't rationalize this decision by Pace. We are flush with cap space. 2nd round tender and give yourself one year to see what he has. If he's not the same WR, you let him leave next year and all is well. $3M is nothing in terms of giving yourself one more year to see how he comes back. $3M doesn't even preclude you from drafting a mid-round WR and let him provide depth. Worst case scenario, both Meredith and the draft pick suck, but you really haven't lost much. Best case, they both show signs of being productive and you've got a stacked WR corps.
  11. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Apr 10, 2018 -> 12:43 PM) Looking at draft pick scenarios like
  12. QUOTE (iamshack @ Mar 28, 2018 -> 10:29 AM) Jason, No need to apologize. I hope everyone truly recognizes what a privilege it is to participate and read this forum, thanks to your efforts, as well as a lot of others who rarely receive any thanks or recognition. It’s great to have the site back! Thank you to everyone at Soxtalk for all that you guys do. I second this.
  13. QUOTE (maggsmaggs @ Feb 21, 2018 -> 11:29 AM) After declining the option on Sutton, I think there is a real chance the Bears go out and draft Nelson from ND. Guard is a huge weakness now for the Bears depending on where they ultimately play Whitehair and Long is no guarantee to return to his previous level of play. If he does fall to the Bears, I'd be all about it. The interior o-line would be nasty (if Long can stay on the field, and that now has turned into a big "if" based on the past couple years). One thing I do want to say is that personally, I would have kept Sitton until after the draft. Here's the problem I have: we basically have to sign a quality interior lineman now, and that puts us in a bind if we want to draft Quenton Nelson. Yeah, best player available, blah blah blah. Well, who are you going to sit? The starting-caliber veteran who you just gave money to, or the rookie? Either way, you're in a bad spot. Injuries happen, sure. But it's really not ideal from a roster-building standpoint to sign a good veteran and then have to make him a backup, which is what you would have to do because you don't draft Nelson at #8 just to ride the bench.... And if you don't sign a quality OG in free agency, and then Nelson is gone before #8, or someone else you have rated higher falls to #8, then you're downgrading at OG. Not the way you draw it up. With keeping Sitton for now, you ride it out. You ignore OG in free agency (except maybe a backup type). If Nelson falls and you take him (or another quality OG is there in the 2nd round), then great. See ya Sitton. People will say "oh, but it hurts the player." Bulls***. This is a business. You protect yourself. And frankly, Sitton is still pretty darn good. He'd have no trouble finding a job, though he may not make as much as he would if he could have partaken in Free Agency in March.
  14. QUOTE (Tony @ Feb 20, 2018 -> 06:12 PM) Love that they are embracing the tank. Me too. I was legitimately excited when I saw the tweets that Felicio and Nwaba would be starting, and Payne was getting minutes over Grant. They owe it to the fans to tank as much as possible. Do whatever it takes to try to get a top draft pick, but I know it'll still be tough with so many other teams doing the same thing. I'll gladly take ~25 more games of s*** basketball for the potential to draft a star, and put this team in a position to contend in a few years.
  15. QUOTE (2005thxfrthmmrs @ Feb 7, 2018 -> 03:14 PM) Take your time and heal up, Kris. In fact, Lauri should take a few weeks off to enjoy fatherhood. Haha. Couldn't agree more. Let's get a few more L's before the boys come back.
  16. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Jan 31, 2018 -> 11:46 AM) It's not that Alex Smith is bad. It's giving up a solid cornerback and a draft pick to get him, then giving him $23 million a year for 3 years guaranteed. You could have Cousins for much less earlier and I don't think there is a huge upgrade between the two. Yes, exactly this.
  17. It boggles my mind how bad of a move this is. Let a legitimate QB walk away, and instead replace him with an older QB, use draft capital and a solid young CB to do it, and then give that old QB $71M guaranteed over 4 years. How much more would Kirk have cost if they just locked him up last year when they should have? Yeah, if I were a Redskins fan, I'd be pissed.
  18. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Jan 30, 2018 -> 08:50 AM) It's the end of Jan and the NY resolution people are hitting the gym like crazy. I know its annoying to people to have competition for classes and equipment, but try this year to encourage and talk to one of those folks (or even more than one). You never know if that interaction will make them feel comfortable enough to stick with it. This is an excellent thought. I used to get annoyed by the new year folks crowding the gym, but that changed last year. I don't remember what the catalyst was, but I remember thinking what you said. Why not be encouraging and hope they stick with it.
  19. Unrelated to the Sox, but seeing Senzel at #7 makes me happy. After watching him play his first weekend series of college baseball as a freshman, I hopped on the Nick Senzel bandwagon (probably accompanied only by his family). I didn't see him being this good, but I had a feeling. As for the Sox, no issues with the ones who were left out of the Top 100. We need a few guys to have some good seasons and force their way on there.
  20. QUOTE (bmags @ Jan 12, 2018 -> 03:00 PM) This is a great staff. It really is. Fangio coming back is big. I don't think he gets near enough credit for the work he's done.
  21. I'm definitely intrigued by the Helfrich hire. Interesting move, for sure. He has never coached in the NFL, but that doesn't concern me too much. With all of the college stuff that NFL teams are now trying to incorporate into their offenses these days, I think adding some different influences can only help. Also, I'm not sure if it has been officially reported that he's staying, but I thought I read that Dave Ragone was sticking around as QB coach. If that's true, we seem to be following what the Eagles did with Wentz. Hiring several experienced coaches, all of whom played the QB position, to work with our young QB. Nagy, Helfrich, and Ragone all played at the college and pro level (albeit, NFL Europe for Helfrich and AFL for Nagy). I'm not saying you have to have played a position to coach it well - you certainly don't. However, the QB position is unique and the toughest in sports. I think there is certainly some benefit to your coaches knowing exactly what you're going through.
  22. Hiestand is happening. Had my buddy call Hiestand's son to confirm. edit: apparently Biggs just reported it. So much for scoopage.
  23. QUOTE (RockRaines @ Nov 26, 2017 -> 05:54 PM) I love how they also believe they are a blue blood. UT is second or third tier in their own conference. Stop. History of college football doesn't exist since 2008. But yeah, the last decade has been horrendous. No fan base has had it worse. The administration is killing us and is totally incompetent. But bring in the right football coach, and things change. Being the big state school in a state that is seeing an noticeable increase in high school talent, plus having several billionaire boosters and the facilities that we have, not hard to see us getting back to where we were pre-2008.
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