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  1. Due process is the principle that the government must respect all of the legal rights that are owed to a person according to the law.
  2. raBBit

    2018 catch-all

    Greg is fine. I hope everything is alright with Rock.
  3. Constellation Brands put a $4 billion stake in Canopy Growth ($CGC). The stock went up at least 25% upon the news. Cronos Group and Tilray then followed with huge appreciation in a short period of time. I put a small chunk in Cronos ($500-$1000) because I wanted to ride the weed wave and Cronos has good management. I made over 40% in less than two weeks and got stopped out yesterday. It seems like Cronos and Canopy are in the midst of a significant correction. Tilray has been incredible though. It IPO'd at 22 in July and was trading over $124 this afternoon. Some people made 5x returns in a couple months. I imagine a lot of people getting in now will end up losing a good chuck of money. This is a company valued at over $11 billion with revenues under $21 million in 2017. It's just an obscene valuation driven by conjecture, FOMO and some impressive volume.
  4. That's what I figured, ugh. But thanks. Not sure I am trying to go that new for the car because I am just trying to get something durable that will last me 5 years or so. I think you're right on just ripping the bandaid off and trading my car in. Good call. Chicago has some of the most liberal laws for uber cars though so everything in my focus should make it.
  5. Background: I currently drive a 2007 Dodge Charger RT. I bought it in March of 2014 and was hoping to get 6 years out of it. It has 144k of miles on it. I had to pass my emissions test for July and I couldn't get the damn light off. I took it two shops and the computer always read "oil sensor." I had replaced the sensor and the belt related and the light still wouldn't go off. So the guy at my local shop told me I had to take it to the dealer. I take it to the dealer in the middle of July and still haven't picked it up. When I went to pick it up the check engine light was still on and my stick shift unit was entirely taken apart with the cables all over the place. When I asked the dealership guy what the hell happened he basically just kept telling me it wasn't their fault. They said I need some clip for the cables of the shifter. They told me it was be in on August 4th. They have since delayed the item saying it is on back order. I am supposed to get it back in two weeks. They wouldn't give me a courtesy car. They told me how small my business was to them relative to the dealership. Needless to say I am good on Dodge and really American cars. In the meantime, I have been borrowing an extra car my parents have but it's been longer than expected and they are expecting it back sooner than later so I have to figure something out. Problem 1: Selling the Charger. 2007 Dodge Charger RT with a ~144k miles on it. It runs well but seems to have some sort of electric issues with the lights fading a little bit in the center counsel. The inside of the car is in outstanding shape. I took good care of the leather, always kept it clean and there was little back seat use. The body does have some damage on the bumper under driver tail light that got caved in by a 4 foot metal pole. The only other car I have had was a POS and sold for scrap so I am a little unsure on how to go about it. I got the KBB value and all that. Do you guys think I am better off a.) trying to use the car for a trade in credit b.) selling privately (craigslist, other self listing site) or c.) selling to a dealer, carmax, etc. Any resources or experiences would be appreciated. Problem 2: Buying a new car I am embarrassed to say this but the car I am looking at is a Toyota Prius. I've also looked at a Lexus hybrid that was only available for a few years. I am looking for cars with great fuel economy that typically last a long time. Preferably in the 2011-2016 range. I am planning to drive uber on the evenings/weekends of my non-busy season for work. Any resources or tips would be appreciated as far as sites, experiences, rules when buying would be appreciated.
  6. Moustakas plays for the Brewers now.
  7. I think if the Sox make a trade where they're moving young prospects it wouldn't be for a top top prospect. That's really hard to pull off. The cost for Senzel would be Kopech. Even then I doubt the Reds do it.
  8. To the point of the thread, I think it might be getting better from this week. This may be the bottom point.
  9. But how much better would he be doing if he had 65 at bats in the bigs last September?
  10. Totally. I was ready to call up Kopech in May. Now it's harder to rationalize. Also, Kopech has 15 innings til he reaches his innings number from last year. How many more innings do they have in store? In any case, I agree with your/Law's point generally speaking, but I think at this point in time, Kopech's situation is an exception to the rule of sorts.
  11. On April 20th of 2019 if you are running the White Sox do you want to have Kopech/Jimenez with 6 years of control or 5 years of control? The ramifications involved with this situation aren't nearly as far out as Law is presenting.
  12. I can't task myself with exchanging with Larry but I responded to Nolan.
  13. I know you can't fathom a situation where you're not correct, but whatever they did with Moncada last year doesn't matter. If we were talking about Moncada, then it would matter. Moncada had MLB experience when acquired. They are different players and different situations.
  14. Yes and aren't we the fanbase that b****ed about the team rushing the players for a decade? Now letting them get more time in AAA is counterproductive? Something doesn't add up...
  15. Yeah I agree totally. It's not like every player is the exact same and once you treat one situation a certain way you have to do that without exception moving forward. That would be silly. While you have a point with Kopech, I don't think it matters with Jimenez. Dude will hit and will hit from the start.
  16. Preston Tucker sucks. Adam Duvall is a nice player if used correctly.
  17. No one said let's assume everything goes right. I know that makes for an easier argument for you to take down but it's not what happened. The Bulls have a very young roster. If there is a key positive development or net positive developments throughout the year it's very much reasonable they are a playoff team. The ECF is bad.
  18. Yeah I am with Steve. Past Boston, the '6ers and Toronto the East is shit. If Levine stays healthy and/or Parker/Markkanen take a step forward I really think the Bulls fall somewhere from 4-7 in playoff seeding. While plenty will acknowledge that is NBA hell I don't know what else the Bulls can do.
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